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​​​​50+ Cute And Popular Samoyed Names – Adorable Name Ideas

​​​​50+ Cute And Popular Samoyed Names – Adorable Name Ideas

When you think of something pure and lovely, chances are the Samoyed is among the first things that fall on your mind. When you hear that one of the other breed Samoyed names is the ‘Smiling Sammy’, this will no longer surprise you.

While Siberian Huskies are the most well-known ‘snow dogs’, they are far from being the only ones. The Samoyed is another dog that comes from the Siberia region, and it is equally adorable!

According to the legend, the Samoyed people would travel forever across the never-ending snow together with their faithful companions with cloud-like fur. These dogs were used for pulling sleds, herding reindeer, and ensuring that their owners were warm at night.

As you can see, Samoyeds were always described as faithful companions that stayed by their humans’ side no matter what.

If all of this is enough to make you want to get a Samoyed puppy for yourself – then believe us, you won’t go wrong if you make this adorable watchdog with a snow-white coat your new companion.

First, you have to find a reputable breeder and choose the Samoyed color. Don’t let the price turn you away – it is always better to purchase a healthy pup from a bit more expensive breeder than to risk getting a sickly pup for cheap.

The next step would be to pick a unique dog name for your new pooch. We have gathered some interesting ideas to help you out!

Without further ado, here are some fun Samoyed names for your new family pet:

Famous Samoyed Dog Names

Before we give you some classic Samoyed names and name ideas, here are the names of some of the famous Samoyeds, both male and female, that have made this dog breed so popular:

Moustan of Argenteau

white Samoyed dog stands on a large boulder

Moustan of Argenteau is known for being the first dog registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1906. While the breed was then known as the Samoyede, it instantly became the dog owner’s favorite due to its white fur and lasting smile.

The Moustan, just like the Samoyeds after him, had a pure white double coat, with a thick undercoat that some people claim could protect these snow dogs from temperatures as low as -60C!

While there were many crossbreeds of Moustan’s descendants with dog breeds such as the Retriever, the Poodle, the Spitz, and even the Bulldog, not a single mixed breed ever reached the popularity of the original.


Etah was the name of the Samoyed of the explorer, Roald Amundsen, and he was one of the 52 dogs that Amundsen took on his expedition to the South Pole in 1911.

Out of those 52 dogs, only 12 survived, and Etah was the first canine that ever crossed the line. What makes everything even more memorable is that this was the first successful expedition to the South Pole, ever.

While it is unknown what happened with Etah afterwards, this is still a reason for this to remain one of the most well-known Samoyed names for as long as possible.

Harvard Dangerfield

white Samoyed dog stands in a beautiful forest

Harvard Dangerfield was one of the most popular dogs worldwide, thanks to the profile on the social media platform, Instagram, led by his mother, Dana Sullivan. This is the reason why Harvard is among the Samoyed names that is rising in popularity.

Sullivan is a Samoyed breeder who fell in love with the puppy’s attachment to her. The pup wouldn’t leave her side for a split second! She decided to keep it, and a few years later, she created an Instagram profile for her pet to share their adventures with the world.

While Harvard, sadly, passed away in 2019 at the age of 15, the Instagram profile has been ‘taken over’ by his great-grandnephew, Baby Blue, and has over 23,000 followers.

Maya, the Samoyed

Maya is probably the most famous Samoyed in the world, with her Instagram profile having more than 2 million followers!

Maya’s owner, Lingli Ye, opened the profile for her beloved pet in 2016, so she could share all the cute moments the two have spent together. It didn’t take long for everyone to fall in love with this beloved doggie.

While there are many other popular Instagram Samoyeds such as Disney, Felix, or Ryder, no one has ever reached Maya’s fame.

Today, Maya is one of the most popular Samoyed names, and it’s all thanks to Lingli Ye and her cute ‘Polar Bear’!

Good Names for the Samoyed

Now that we’ve mentioned several popular Samoyed names, it’s time to go over some of the cute ideas for naming your adorable puppy.

Here are some of them, together with their meanings:

Female Samoyed Names


Couple Samoyed dog in in green field at sunset

This is the name of a character in the famous play, “The Taming of the Shrew”, by William Shakespear. It means ‘white’ or ‘pure’ in Italian.


Latin name for the moon.


While the name is most commonly associated with the tale of Sleeping Beauty, this is also the name of the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis, making it the perfect female name for your Samoyed.


A clear, beautiful, sturdy gemstone that is usually imagined to be transparent or icy in appearance.


Another precious gem that is pure and transparent.


A green gemstone associated with the Northern Lights due to its beautiful, shiny color.


Yet another gemstone name. Opal is the white birthstone of the month, October.


A Russian name that means ‘People’s favorite’. Considering these pups are from Siberia, it’s no surprise that Russian names are a common choice for the breed.


A Slavic name – while usually used for boys, it became one of the more popular female Samoyed names in the last couple of years.


Samoyed Dog in autumn park

A Russian name that means ‘light’.


A Russian word for ‘breath’.


Another Russian name, commonly connected with the Romanov princess.


A Russian name that means ‘hope’.


A Russian name that means ‘defender’, a good choice for a watchdog such as a Samoyed.


A female name that resembles mist – a perfect name for the fluffy, white Samoyed fur.


Greek winter goddess – a popular name because of the Samoyed’s connection with winter.


Greek goddess of the moon – popular because the moon can be white, just like the Samoyed’s coat.


Another popular name, this time without any special meaning. Iclynn is a made-up name that resembles the word ‘ice’, making it a great choice for this snow dog.


A female name made from the word ‘Frost’.


beautiful Samoyed Dog outdoors

A Latin word for ‘bright’.


A cute name that is the perfect fit for a Samoyed’s white and fluffy coat.


Another adorable, food-related Samoyed name that fits these dogs perfectly.


While pepper isn’t something you’d associate with Samoyeds at first glance, it can resemble these dog’s black eyes contrasting their white fur.


A more obvious choice than the name, Pepper.


A small, white flower that is as cute as these dogs.


A popular female dog name, no matter the breed. Why not name your Samoyed like that?


A fun way of writing the word ‘sky’ and turning it into a cute female name.

Male Samoyed Names


Funny Young Happy Smiling White Samoyed

One of the classic Samoyed names that goes perfectly with the breed.


A popular male dog name because of Disney’s movie, “Brother Bear”. It means ‘My little bear’, and a lot of dog owners think of their Samoyeds as polar bears.


A logical choice for a dog that comes from Siberia, but it became even more popular after the Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow.


Since Samoyeds have a fluffy coat, all variations of the name Bear are quite common.


Another perfect name for a pure white dog that comes from the north.


The side of the world that is believed Samoyeds traveled to with their owners.


USA’s most northern region, and one of the coldest states worldwide. Also, one of the places famous for its sled races.


Winter-related names are a popular choice for Samoyeds.


The perfect name for a pup that might be a bit more wild-spirited!


Durable and mighty, Glacier is the perfect name for a regal dog.


samoyed dog on the grass in the park

Samoyeds are dogs that are connected with the North Pole, so this name shouldn’t be a surprise.


These doggies do look like cute balls of snow, so the name is fitting.


Let’s face it. If a word is connected with the sky, it’s perfect as a Samoyed name. However, it goes without saying that Samoyeds can look like clouds on legs!


Nimbus is the type of a specific cloud that resembles a sheep – and a Samoyed dog!


Another mighty name for a mighty dog.


As most ghosts are pictured in white color, it shouldn’t be a surprise as to why this is a popular name for Samoyeds.


The name of probably the most famous ghost in the world.


A Russian name that means ‘light’.


‘Star’ in the Russian language – the perfect white dog name!


A Russian name for a fighter.


Funny Samoyed puppy in the summer garden on the green grass

An Eskimo (Inuit) word for the polar bear.


A wild region with mountains in northwest Canada.


A seemingly ordinary name until you remember the character, Jack Frost.


Coconut is a fruit that is white and somewhat fluffy on the inside – just like Samoyed’s fur!


If light shines on it, Samoyed’s fur might just dazzle you!


Another name that is related to the shiny white Samoyed coat.


This name is the perfect fit for Samoyed’s soft, white coat.


While not dog food, marzipan is a sweet treat, and Samoyeds are sweet dogs. The perfect match!

Can Dogs Recognize Their Name?

Many dog owners spend a lot of time thinking about future Samoyed names they’re going to use. However, will this be of use to your dog, or do you name him just for your own sake?

So far, there isn’t enough definite proof to conclude whether dogs can remember their name. One thing is certain, and that is that some dogs truly understand their name as well as many other words. Others simply respond to the tone of your voice.

Of course, dogs don’t look at names the same way as we do. They don’t know that a certain word is actually their name. However, they’ll know that they need to respond to it.

This is why, while picking a good name for your pooch sounds important, all Samoyed names will have the same effect on your dog as long as you stick to it.

Dogs can learn their name through repetition and through training. If you pet them after they respond when you call them, then they’ll know this is the adequate reaction.

Keep in mind that whether or not a dog will truly learn to remember his name is up to that individual dog. Not all dogs are capable of learning this – and some are simply too stubborn to listen to you!

Fortunately, Samoyeds are loveable dogs that will do anything to please their owners. Therefore, learning their own names should be effortless!

Pick Your Favorite!

White Samoyed dog on a green spring grass

No matter which Samoyed name you prefer, you can hardly go wrong. These cute dogs will look adorable no matter what you call them. Still, names that resemble snow, winter, or white things are overall connected with the Samoyed breed.

Samoyeds are loyal dogs that make amazing companions. There isn’t a single bone in their body that is mean or aggressive, especially if you train them properly and dedicate some time to them.

Just keep in mind that their long, white coat requires regular grooming. In fact, you might want to take them to a professional groomer every few months just to make sure their fur stays as fluffy as possible.

Be creative with your Samoyed name and be the best dog owner you can be, and this amazing dog will repay you with pure and unconditional love.

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