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Micro Goldendoodle: The Adorable Poodle Mix You Can’t Resist

Micro Goldendoodle: The Adorable Poodle Mix You Can’t Resist

The micro-mini Goldendoodles are a cross between a Toy or Miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever. The purebred dog breeds joined together to create perfection: a puppy named the micro Goldendoodle.

Without any doubt, the existence of a micro doodle must be linked to hard-working dog breeders. They came up with this designer dog, the freshest of them all, through a long path of breeding back and forwards.

The question is: how ethical was that breeding?

Surely, the micros are pure perfection with their tiny bodies and fluffy teddy coat. But, is it alright to breed them considering many health risks?

How about we snuggle under the blanket with our cuddly teddy pup and find out?

Is A Micro Goldendoodle A Breed Of Its Own?

Micro Goldendoodle stands in a barrel

Going under several different names, such as micro-mini Goldendoodle, Miniature Goldendoodle, micro-petite Goldendoodle, and so on, this dog is the smallest one of all Goldendoodles.

Truly, they can weigh from five to 10 pounds and grow up to 12 inches tall! These dogs are fairly new to the team, and Goldendoodle breeders have been promoting them lately.

Compared to the regular Goldendoodles (the miniature Goldendoodle, the medium, and the standard Goldendoodle), this dog is extremely small even for small dogs! It is smaller than a teacup Goldendoodle, too!

The term micro was added to emphasize their small size purely for marketing purposes.

This toy-like dog might be the cutest one of them all, but the cuteness comes with a price.

So, to answer the question of the hour: No, this is not a breed of its own. The micro is just a small version of the beloved mix-breed, the Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle Sizes: How Many Are There?

Goldendoodles runs around the garden

The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed of a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, meaning there’s no standard sizing when it comes to this dog.

However, dog breeders often list the following doodle sizes:

• Micro Goldendoodle (full-grown five to 10 pounds)

Teacup Goldendoodle (around 13 pounds)

• Toy Goldendoodle (less than 20 pounds)

Mini Goldendoodle (less than 30 pounds)

Medium Goldendoodle (less than 45 pounds)

• Standard Goldendoodle (more than 45 pounds)

So many Goldendoodle puppies, so little space to adopt them all! Well, it looks like the trick is to find your favorite one. How about a teddy bear called the micro Goldendoodle?

Stylish Pups: The Micro Goldendoodle Coat Characteristics

Goldendoodle puppy runs across the field

Goldendoodles come in a variety of colors and textures. However, micro Goldendoodles usually come in a curly coat, which can be colored black, brown, blue, silver, apricot, tan, silver, sable, merle, or parti colors.

There is a trick how to tell which color your micro doodle will be once it’s fully grown. Take a look under his ears!

No matter if the dog is an F1 Goldendoodle or any other generation, he can have either a curly, straight, or loose or wavy coat in any of the aforementioned colors.

The 411 On Breeding the Micro Goldendoodle Puppy

Goldendoodle lies on green grass


Many breeders and dog lovers stand with the same ethical principles. They claim that breeding micro, micro-mini, and micro-petite pups is absolutely unethical!

The breeding process of a micro-mini starts with breeding a Toy Poodle with a small Golden Retriever. The following step is focused on breeding runts exclusively for the next couple of generations.

Only breeding the smallest dog from the litter, a.k.a. the runt, could lead the offspring to become smaller and smaller. The final result will come eventually in the shape of a micro Goldendoodle.

The select breeding is rather cruel on the animals. Such breeders are only thinking of the final result. No one stops to think about the many health issues these small dogs might have.

Health Issues: The Micro Goldendoodle Puppy’s Biggest Problems

portrait of a brown poodle


Designer dogs often have plenty of health problems. The reason behind this is that they were created from at least two different dog breeds. Such breeding usually continues throughout the generations to get the desired result.

A dog that has many traits of other dogs is prone to lots of health conditions.

The micro-mini Goldendoodle has more issues than a standard Goldendoodle.

The practice has shown the following conditions to be among the most common ones:


• heart defects

• seizures

• collapsing trachea

• digestive problems

• respiratory problems

• blindness

Other veterinarians claim they can’t forget about the following conditions:

• liver shunts

• development of dental and gums

patella luxation

• hydrocephalus

Not one of these conditions should be considered harmless. All of them are potentially fatal, yet the health risks could be the only thing that could drive you away from these adorable cuddle buddies.

Money Talks: How Much Does A Micro Goldendoodle Cost?

Goldendoodle lies in the garden

No, unfortunately, the price of the micro Goldendoodle isn’t as small as their size.

The micro Goldendoodle costs, on average, two to three times more than the regular Goldendoodle puppy. It’s not uncommon to see the multicolored micro-doodle pups sell for more than $5,000!

There are two reasons why these pups cost so much. The first one is the breeding process, and the second is the demand.

Breeding a micro Goldendoodle takes time. You have to breed several dog generations in order to get a teensy tiny doodle.

Furthermore, the demand for these puppies is becoming manic. The reason for such high demand, besides being utterly adorable, is the fact that these pups are hypoallergenic, meaning they have a low shedding trait. Those are two of the best genetic features!

Tell Me The Pros of Having a Micro Goldendoodle!

Goldendoodles looks into the distance

Well, the biggest pro of them all has to be that they’re so unbelievably cute! No, that’s not your teddy bear running around the place. It’s the micro Goldendoodle!

Another pro for having these puppies is they don’t need much exercise. Obviously, they’re tiny dogs; they tire easily.

This also means there won’t be any destroyed furniture, missing slippers, or chased cats. Micros are kind and friendly and make lovely family pets.

Last, but not least, you can spend a fortune on dog food. Just imagine if you have some other doodle mix, like the bernedoodle or the Labradoodle.

Luckily, you have a tiny micro who doesn’t require spending much on food, but still eats like a king.


All in all…

adorable Micro Goldendoodle dog lying

Photo from:@dino.thelittledood

No one can say the micro doodle puppy isn’t adorable. They’d be lying if they did. The facts are clear: this is by far the cutest dog in the whole canine society!

Nevermind it isn’t a purebred dog.

What matters is how simply divine these pups are.

Other than some serious health conditions (which, honestly, isn’t them to blame), we can’t find a single con for having a micro Goldendoodle.

These golden teddies will cuddle up with you and charm you forever.

This isn’t something one should complain about, is it?

Micro Goldendoodle: The Adorable Poodle Mix You Can't Resist

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