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What Is A Merle XL Bully And Should You Get One?

What Is A Merle XL Bully And Should You Get One?

If you are a Bully lover, the Merle American Bully certainly got your attention. These beautiful dogs are unique in many ways, starting with their appearance and all the way to their personality.

The Merle XL Bully is simply a regular XL American Bully with a different coat pattern – in this case – the merle color pattern.

Being anything but usual, these muscular, oddly colorful, clown-personality Bully dogs are definitely a dog breed that needs a dedicated and loving owner in order to fully blossom into the best version of themselves.

If you are interested in becoming a Merle XL Bully owner, or are just searching for the right info, we will serve some of the most useful information for you.

What Is A Merle XL Bully?

Merle XL Bully looking up

You have already noticed that the adjective ‘merle’ is constantly appearing and that it is given great significance. You may ask yourself, why so?

I can say right off the bat that having a merle coat pattern makes any dog really special. And you guessed it right, it makes the American bully as special as they are, even more special.

The most frequent color pattern that occurs is the blue merle. Many people argue that the blue merle is actually also the prettiest!

Today we have many other dogs with the merle pattern, such as the Merle Corgi, Blue Merle Border Collie, and the Merle Goldendoodle. Now, let’s get back to our merle XL Bully.

What Is The Origin Of The Merle XL Bully?

The origin of the Merle bully is probably connected to the breeders who purposely breed parents in order to have a healthy merle patterned bully.

As we have previously mentioned, this dog breed carries a genetic mutation within their genes, which can result in at least one puppy in the litter being of this pattern.

By selectively breeding certain parents, a breeder can have a litter with at least one puppy of this unique pattern.

The origin of the Bullies is definitely connected to their ancestors, the pit bull, mastiff, and the terrier, which later developed into the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and also the American Bulldog.

The American bully is, however, a direct descendent of – and shares the most features with – the one Pitbull dog type: the American Pit Bull terrier.

Now, since we have broken down the XL American Bully’s ancestry in the most simple way possible, we can start talking about our focus — the XL version of this pitbull bully.

The XL version of the American bully is a subtype of the American bully, characterized by the bigger size of their cousin.

A Merle XL Bully Appearance

owner walking his Merle XL Bully

The Merle XL Bully is characterized by a sturdy, strong, and muscular body. They are literally bred to be fit and athletic companions.

They have a wide face, a pronounced and strong cheekbone structure, which physically gives enough space to their strong jawline to fully form.

Their eyes are usually bright baby blue, hazel, or affected by Heterochromia (each eye being of a different color, for example, one eye is blue and the other eye is brown).

Often, their ears are cropped, which gives them a bit more of a sharper look. Cropped or not, their ears usually stand up straight.

What is also noticeable is their strong and muscular, well-developed chest, held up by straight upper legs and supported by stronger back legs.

Their tails are usually cropped.

We can say that a Merle XL Bully is a gentle giant. His strong body, together with his gentle eyes creates a warm personality in this athletic companion.

Size variants of the American Bullies

As we are focusing today on the XL version of the American Bully, it is important to mention that there are also:

• The Pocket American Bullies (The name says it all. They vary from 13 to 17 inches, depending on the gender)

• The Standard American Bullies (Depending on the gender, they vary from 17 to 20 inches, which makes them a small to medium sized dog)

• Classic American Bullies (The same height as the Standard version, but a bit more lean and slender)

• The American Bully XL (Depending on the gender, they may vary from 19 to 23 inches)

• The XXL American Bully (Can be up to 2 feet tall, at shoulder height!)

You can find more information on the size of these dogs in general in the American Bully growth chart.

Merle Bully vs Regular Bully

The main difference between the XL Merle bully and the regular XL bully is the genetic factor which corresponds with the coat pattern of our bully dog.

We have learned in which ways the merle coat pattern affects the dog itself. However, there are no proven differences between Merle Bully and Regular Bully behavior-wise, which is one of the most important factors. So basically, it is just your preference on the way your dog looks.

We can definitely say that the merle color pattern makes the dog look really special and different from most of the other dogs of that breed.

Variety Of Colors Of An XL Merle Bully

The XL Merle Bully can come in many different color varieties.

• They can come in regular colors such as: black, white, brown, beige, two-coloured, champagne, blue nose, red nose, etc.

• But there are far more unique color patterns that appear within the XL pitbull which are: tri color, fawn, brindle, blue merle, lilac tri, chocolate tri, and tri merle.

The most frequent patterns of the merle are the blue merle and tri merle. Imagine pairing these unique color patterns with blue eyes! You definitely get an eye-catching dog!

Standards Of Merle XL Bully According To United Kennel Club

The UKC, which is short for The United Kennel Club, is an international dog registry for all types of dog breeds out there.

The American Bully has been recognised by the United Kennel Club since July 15, 2013.

What is interesting to me, is that UKC describes the XL American Bully as a child friendly, family dog which is very friendly and warm-hearted. All of those stereotypes embedded into the origins of this breed are considered unwelcome.

Also, ear cropping is left to be a bully breeder’s decision because it is legal, at least in the US. Bullies with long or short ears and tails have equal opportunities to be represented.

But when it comes to the Merle coat of the American XL bully, we have a slight problem. The UKC has still not recognised the merle version as a legitimate one.

Merle, together with albinism, eye-sight and hearing problems are considered disqualifying characteristics.

Behavior: Are Merle XL Bullies Good Family Dogs?

close shot of Merle XL Bully

XL Bullies, as with Merle XL Bullies, make great family dogs. We consider them to be a very valuable family member due to their personality.

American Bullies are bred from breeds that have been very friendly. These dogs are incredibly attached and affectionate. Contrary to their harsh appearance, the American bully/pitbull breed are gentle, appreciate friendship and having contact with humans.

These dogs have a history of adoring kids and loving family and friends instead of just one person. American Bullies and Pit bulls have a high pain threshold and easily tolerate pain and sometimes harsh treatment that kids, during playtime, unconsciously give them.

They never really growl and never bite. Children are their daily playmates and closest buddies, and they are mindful of this. For these dogs and other breeds to interact with kids appropriately, proper socialization is extremely important.

They are nice and respectful if raised properly. While some individual dogs may be suspicious and unaccepting, the greater part of the breed are amiable creatures who see strangers as potential friends.

These canines still need to go through training, though, as their physical musculature makes them impossible to control in a dangerous environment. Although American Bullies are often extremely peaceful dogs, they do have innate protective instincts.

They may make excellent watchdogs and perhaps even greater guard dogs, but they are – by nature – not aggressive enough for this use. They don’t actually need to be aggressive, though, as their appearance is frequently enough to deter.

American Bully Merle XL Health

Generally speaking, the XL American Bully is a healthy dog breed. Occasionally, on becoming older, they may suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, or heart problems.

If you take appropriate care of your best friend, maintaining their regular vet visits, giving them access to regular exercise and healthy food, your dog will be free from any major health issues.

But for merle xl, it is not unusual for them to suffer from eyesight and hearing problems. We have already mentioned albinism, which often occurs in combination with allergies, skin sensitivity, and rashes.

Other than that, all of the American Bullies, merle included, are generally healthy and don’t suffer from any specific biological problems.

Does The Merle Gene Affect The Bully In Any Way?

To answer briefly, yes, the Merle gene affects the American Bully in many ways. But not necessarily in a negative way!

The Merle gene is a genetic mutation that affects the coat pattern of the dog, but also the general health of the dog and sometimes even the eye color. The specific coat pattern is recognisable by uneven patches of color.

The patches of color are usually of a darker shade than the rest of the coat. It is interesting that this mutation does not only affect the fur, but the skin also!

Bullies with this genetic mutation can have interesting eye colors. They often happen to be bright blue, hazel, and not rarely – two different eye colors.

All of the above mentioned ways that this gene affects the bully, don’t mean anything to the merle dog’s health. But, there is something we must think of if we want a healthy puppy, which is a double merle bully.

Double Merle Bully: is it even humane to breed such genetic mutations together?

A Double Merle Bully is what happens when both parents have that unique coat pattern. Puppies in this litter will usually suffer many health problems.

The most common health issue is dogs being born without the ability to hear and/or see. But sadly, in most cases, these health concerns come in pairs.

You can easily recognise the affected puppies due to them being all white (albino), and the lack of spatial orientation due to sense deprivation.

We can say that it is not humane to breed such parents together, because you will usually end up with around 30% of the litter being affected with health concerns, and unable to live a quality, healthy life.

How Much Do XL American Bully Puppies Cost?

Merle XL Bully standing outside

The price of an XL American Bully Puppy varies from one breeder to another. Many things are taken into consideration when it comes to deciding a price for a puppy.

Dog breeders determine the price by the bloodline, pedigree, ABKC class, size and weight of the puppy, and often the color of the pup.

You must know that this is not a cheap American Bully breed. You can find some crossbreeds for around $500, but you cannot find a purebred with good parents for under $5000!

A well established bully kennel can value their bullies for as high prices as $30,000 and up. There is no actual upper limit when it comes to this breed.

I mean, you have probably heard about the ‘OG China Boy’, and his 1 MILLION dollar price!

So yeah, there is definitely no limit when it comes to prices.

But for us ordinary mortals, the expected price to pay for an XL American Bully Puppy with a reasonably good bloodline ranges from $4000 to $10,000.

Don’t be alarmed if your bully puppy looks similar to a Pitbull puppy when you first buy it, but give them 10 months until their body develops, and they will get there.

What Is The Best Merle XL Bully Bloodline?

The best Merle Xl Bully Bloodline is the one with which breeding program you are familiar with. Breeders are usually very communicative, vocal, and transparent when they have nothing to hide.

It is important to have a good relationship with the breeder in order to have quality information about your pup, its parents, grandparents and so on.

You should not be shortchanged when it comes to information about the bloodline of your puppy. That usually means that the breeder is hiding something, which is not a good sign.

Some of the most powerful and famous Merle XL Bully bloodlines are: Kurupt bloodline, Remyline bloodline, Razors Edge, Bully Camp Line, and Gottiline.

All of the previously mentioned bloodlines are exceptional, but if you are looking for an xl bully without any desire to be a breeder or a competitor yourself, and if you live a bit far away from where these bloodlines are located, you may opt for a breeder near you.

How Much Is A Merle Pit Worth?

The answer is simple: they are priceless. This loving companion will shortly become your best friend. And let’s be honest, in today’s harsh climate, having a best friend is something money cannot buy.

These dogs fit into the category of ride or die. They will be by your side until they aren’t alive anymore, literally. They are loyal until the very end.

However, if talking money, a Merle Pit can also be a source of income. Because of their specific colors, they can even model and be cast in different commercials and TV shows.

Even if the AKC or the American Kennel Club does not accept the Merle XL bully as a legitimate breed, they are still very popular for a certain niche of breeders.

You can always opt for starting a bloodline and get into the breeding business of this dog breed, which has to be done with love and care, or not at all.

In that case, you can actually gain financial prosperity by owning this dog, but that is a story for another time.

We can conclude this paragraph just by saying that the feeling of friendliness that you get from this warm-hearted dog is so priceless that no money in this world could buy it.

This beautiful coat-patterned dog is something that can be wished for by any breeder designs.


Merle XL Bully standing on grass

Are you looking for a friend who is both a nice and peaceful creature and a powerful protector? Few dog breeds can be considered this way. The American Bully XL, however, is a canine that we can tell you about.

You definitely need to be close and on clear terms with the breeder of your merle xl bully, and to be familiar with its ancestry, due to the genetically inherited problems regarding the color.

These canines have a particular fierce appearance. Nevertheless, they have terrific behavioral traits and are devoted buddies on the inside.The American Bullies come in different sizes, so you can always opt for one that suits you.

They are a relatively new breed, but dog lovers highly appreciate them for a reason! The American Bully XL is the ideal option if you’re seeking a harsh looking, yet loving buddy.

Overall, we can conclude that the early breeders’ attempts to produce the ideal family pet were extremely successful. The XL American Bully still has the stunning, distinctive appearance of the American Pitbull Terrier, BUT they lack the character flaws of the Pitbull, such as their extreme hunting instinct and hostility towards other dogs and smaller animals.

The outcome of their development efforts is one of the most joyful dog breeds that people can have as a pet. They sincerely love people and can warmly welcome even random strangers into your home, such as thieves. (Just kidding!)

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