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17 Magical Mutts You Must Meet Today

17 Magical Mutts You Must Meet Today

All dogs are special, but mutts are mutts.

As combinations of two completely different breeds, mutts are truly unique and special in every way. They have so many wonderful qualities coming from both sides of the family. 

In other words, they’re definitely the best of both worlds. 

These 17 mutts we have for you today are all sprinkled with magic. If you’re looking for a rather unusual dog that will love you to pieces, and you still want a pup that will turn heads at the doggy park, these are the right pooches for you.

1. Husky And German Shepherd, a.k.a., The Shepsky 

The Shepsky is a goofy nerd among dogs because he got the best from both sides of the family: The Husky’s silly character, and the GSD’s supreme intelligence.

These mutts usually look like Huskies wearing a GSD coat, but their eyes are often piercing blue. They’re a bit smaller than average GSDs, and they have a rather blocky build, similar to Huskies.

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2. Australian Shepherd And Corgi, a.k.a., The Aussie-Corgi

Seated Corgi Australian Shepherd mix wearing a zebra costume and a heart attached to a collar

Imagine an Aussie Shepherd camouflaged in a Corgi’s body. Yup, that’s the Aussie Corgi. 

Aussie Corgis are the ultimate herding dogs because both parent breeds come from long lines of excellent shepherd dogs. They’re super fast, agile, and have an excellent sense of smell and direction.

Aussie Corgis usually have the Aussie’s piercing blue eyes, and they can often be seen featuring the merle coat pattern found with the Aussie.

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3. Pomeranian And Husky, a.k.a., The Pomsky

Pomsky Husky Pomeranian Puppy Dog

One of the most unusual magical mutts you’ll meet today is the Pomsky – smaller and fluffier versions of Huskies!

Just kidding… there’s still a lot of Pomeranian in that mutt!

A word of warning: A Pomsky will shed like no other dog here, so it might not be a good fit for you if you’re a cleaning freak or simply allergic to dog hair.

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4. Doberman And Corgi, a.k.a., The Dobergi

Every mutt crossed with a Corgi comes as a smaller version of the other parent breed. That’s the deal with Doberman Corgis, too! The Dobergi looks like someone shrunk a Doberman to the Corgi’s size, and left him with the most adorable floppy ears.

The Dobergi is a good watchdog, often unaware of his small size. He might not be as mighty as a real Doberman, but he is sweeter and more caring rather than scary and protective.

5. Pug And Husky, a.k.a., The Hug

pug and husky mix
Source: My K9 Life

A Husky and a Pug hugged and created the Hug. 

When two completely contrasting breeds meet, they end up with one incredible mutt. Since the parents are so different, you can expect a range of behavioral traits from both sides of the family. 

The average Hug dog will be active and lazy at the same time. Yeah, that’s possible because once they grow up, Hugs will show off characteristic zoomies and then plop on the floor for a snooze fest like someone switched the off button.

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6. Dachshund And Golden Retriever, a.k.a., The Golden Dox

They look like tiny Golden Retrievers, but they sure have a lot of Dachshund blood in their tiny body.

The Golden Dox is a fairly new mutt on the streets, but I have a feeling that will change soon. Once people realize how sweet and intelligent the Golden Dox is, their popularity will increase. 

I mean, who wouldn’t like a smaller version of the ultimate family dog – the Golden Retriever?

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7. Pitbull And Husky, a.k.a., The Pitsky

People might say that the Pitsky is a tamer version of a Pitbull. But, I have to disagree. If they only knew how sweet and caring Pitbulls are, they would say it’s the other way around.

So, yes… let’s say that Pitsky dogs are calmer and sweeter versions of Huskies. The

Pitsky usually looks a lot like a Pitbull, but the body build is inherited from the Husky side of the family, including those lovely baby-blue eyes.

8. Newfoundland And Border Collie, a.k.a., The Border Newfie

newfoundland and border collie mix
Source: @ruffhaus970

Any fans of large dogs here?

Well, you’ll be thrilled to learn that one of our 17 magical mutts is a big doggo – the Border Newfie.

As the name says, this dog is a combo of a Newfoundland and a Border Collie. Just like Newfs, Border Newfies are gentle giants – dogs with a pure heart able to love everyone.

You’re gonna like these pups for their extremely sweet and calm demeanor. 

9. Rottweiler And Aussie Shepherd, a.k.a., The Aussie Rottie

rottweiler and australian shepherd
Source: Hepper

We have a lot of energetic, magical mutts, and the Aussie Rottie is definitely one of them. 

Generally speaking, the Aussie Rottie is a good-natured dog. However, they’re not as confident as you might think, and could use a lot of socialization. But, I guarantee you they’re one of the most loyal and protective dogs here that always have their owners in focus.

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10. English Bulldog And Dachshund, a.k.a., The Bulldach

english bulldog and dachshund
Source: LizAndRio

The Bulldog side of the family surely calms down the Doxie’s energetic nature. That’s why Bulldach puppies are so sweet and gentle. 

Yes, their temperament matches their energy. You’d expect an active dog from this Doxie mix, but that’s really not the case here. Bulldach pups are pretty relaxed, easy-going, and a bit lazy. They prefer cuddling on the sofa with their owners.

11. German Shepherd And Shar Pei, a.k.a., The Shepherd Pei

german shepherd and shar pei mix
Source: Pinterest

Wow, what an unusual mutt we have here!

I must say, I haven’t seen a Shepherd Pei in person yet, but I still believe it’s a wonderful cross puppy. These dogs look like wrinkly German Shepherds without that rich and luscious coat. 

As you can imagine, Shepherd Peis are pretty loyal and devoted to their families, and they don’t really like talking to strangers.

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12. Husky And Corgi, a.k.a., The Horgi

husky and corgi mix
Source: Animal Corner

Oh, God… here they come!

If you thought we’ve seen all the energetic dogs already, you haven’t seen the Horgi… a combination of two incredibly active parents. 

I can only recommend the Horgi to a pawrent that would be highly active, too. This ain’t the dog for lazy Sundays.

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13. Golden Retriever And Husky, a.k.a., The Goberian

golden retriever and husky mix
Source: Animal Corner

Funny, goofy, energetic, and friendly. Those are the best adjectives to describe this mutt – the Goberian.

The Husky and Golden Retriever mix is a great family dog for those families that enjoy spending a lot of time outside. They love adventures, but they love their families even more. If you could include them in your weekend outings, that would be pawmazing.

14. Border Collie And Dachshund, a.k.a., The Border Weenie

border collie and dachshund
Source: My K9 Life

I know what you’re thinking: these mutts must be fast.

Well, when you have the Border Collie as one parent and the Dachshund as the other, chances that your mutt puppy would be fast and agile are extremely high. 

Border Weenies are unique dogs that love spending their time outside. They’re brave and love exploring the world around them. 

One thing is for sure… Border Weenies are never boring to have around.

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15. Shar Pei And Cocker Spaniel, a.k.a., The Mini Hippo Dog

They’re super rare, but they’re still not impossible to find. Mini Hippo dogs do exist, but they’re not a cross between species. 

This super unique mutt has the Chinese Shar Pei as one parent, and the Cocker Spaniel as the other.

In case you’re wondering… yes, they do look like tiny hippos.

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16. Beagle And Yorkie, a.k.a., The Borkie

beagle and yorkie mix
Source: A-Z Animals

Just like their name says, Borkies do bork. Thanks to strong Beagle and Yorkie genes, the Borkie is a loud and somewhat yappy dog.

But, just because they’re loud doesn’t mean they’re feisty. Borkies are super sweet, affectionate, and caring. They love spending time with their hoomans, and make one of the greatest small pets.

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17. Shiba Inu And Chihuahua, a.k.a., The Shiba Chi 

shiba inu and chihuahua mix
Source: Bijou & Co

Bold. That’s the best way to describe the Shiba Chi. 

As a mutt coming from two contrasting breeds, the Shiba Chi is not a dog you meet everyday. 

They don’t like strangers. They don’t like their entire family. The Shiba Chi will attach itself onto one family member and will prefer him or her over anyone else.

If you want a super confident pet that will always follow you like a shadow, this is the mutt for you.

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