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Is Toy Bernedoodle A Dog For You?

Is Toy Bernedoodle A Dog For You?

You are an absolute dog enthusiast, but your family members are not? Do not be discouraged! Here we have the perfect way to cuddle your new puppy’s way into their hearts!

The Toy Bernedoodle dog won’t leave absolutely no one apathetic. You simply can’t be neutral about this adorable bernedoodle puppy!

For starters, you need to know that toy bernedoodle is a rare dog breed perfectly crossbred between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Toy Poodle. However, their breeding process does not just end there.

These cute canines have a long history of perfecting their social and behavioral skills. This was possible only because of their purebred predecessors’ unique character and intelligence.

Also, this is not a large dog! However, I’m sure you’ve already got that by now!

Sounds interesting enough? Buckle up, because you’re about to meet this adorable, heart – melting bernedoodle puppy!

Meet the Toy Bernedoodle!

toy bernedoodle sittign on a lawn

The Toy Bernedoodle, as it already gives a hint in its name, is in fact – a toy dog! Aside from this crossbreed, the toy bernedoodles have two bigger brothers – the mini bernedoodle, or miniature bernedoodle and the standard bernedoodle.

The difference between these three is in their first dog parent – the poodle. Based on the poodle size – these three got their own categorization.

The Miniature Bernedoodle comes from Mini Poodle and it is considered the medium – sized bernedoodle. The Mini Bernedoodle puppy is eighteen to twenty two inches tall and weighs around thirty to fifty pounds.

On the other hand, the Standard Bernedoodle’s parent is the Standard Poodle. This is the biggest of the three. It is a twenty five to thirty inches tall dog breed and weighs around 80 pounds in its ideal form.

They all share common values and traits in essence, but there are several, sometimes crucial differences among them about which you can find out further below.

Now that we know the difference between bernedoodle puppies, let’s focus on our first-mentioned – The Toy Bernedoodle, also known as the Tiny Bernedoodle, or Micro Mini Bernedoodle.

This cute teddy bear-like dog is a tiny crossbred dog that derives from two amazing dog parents – the Toy Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog.

It is just 12 – 16 inches tall and weighs only 10-25 pounds. Due to this fact it is often recognized as a ‘‘Teacup Bernedoodle’.’ And yes, it can, indeed, fit into a teacup. Before we uncover anything further, meet the teacup bernedoodle’s parents!

A Small Tour Throughout Bernedoodle Puppys’ History

Dog breeders experimented a lot with this breed. We can see that in various categories of the bernedoodle puppy. However, the tiny bernedoodle was originally bred for indoor family life. This merle puppy is a sociable and true friend of a dog parent.

Although it might resemble a matting fur toy, just like any doodle, like goldendoodle – its coat is of non-shedding nature. That’s why dog parents just adore having this puppy indoors.

Toy Poodle

toy poodle standing on the grass

Now if we talk about its non-shedding coat, it is really the trait of a poodle dog breed. Just like bernedoodle breeders, the poodle breed is categorized into several smaller categories, like miniature poodles, or toy poodles.

There we also have the biggest one – the standard poodle is the most represented around the world. However, the smallest one – the toy poodle, is the true base for our furry puppy – the toy bernedoodle.

The toy poodle breed is characterized by its unique appearance and character. Under ten inches tall, this puppy belongs to small dog breeds.

Although it appears to be the micro version of a poodle, these dogs are extremely active and their lifespan is up to 18 years long.

What they left to their successors in dog breeds are two most important things – their hypoallergenic fur and their intelligence.

Toy poodles are perfect for homes and big families. If you suffer from any sort of hair allergy – not a problem!

Poodle puppies are non-shedding dogs that won’t mess your extremely sensitive couch surface, or your floor. You can cuddle and be at ease, too!

Now, when we say that they are intelligent – it does not only refer to their natural behavior and simple house tricks. No! Toy poodles are one of the most famous show dogs that can learn extremely complicated and demanding series of tricks.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, your tiny bernedoodle puppy has probably inherited this trait, too!

Also, one really essential thing to know about poodle breeds is that they are AKC – registered dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog sitting in the grass

This dog parent is another reason why you should definitely consider having a toy bernedoodle by your side! Bernese mountain dogs are known to be one of the least aggressive dog breeds in the world towards humans.

They are excellent watchdogs and belong to the family of large dog breeds.

Their most famous trait is their affection and calmness, which is totally opposite of a poodle. Bernese puppies are hardworking and strong dogs. Dog owners use them even as nanny dogs, due to their intelligence and hyper-developed senses.

One thing you should be aware of is that Bernese mountain dogs can suffer from heart disease. This is not so rare in the Bernese breed, especially in the latter stages of their life. However, if properly vetted and trained, you should have no worries.

This Kennel club registered breed has left a good heritage to their successors.

The Toy Bernedoodle Charming Look

cute toy bernedoodle sitting on the lawn

Photo from: @lonestarbernedoodles

Aren’t all doodle puppies charming? Exactly! This is indeed the trait of a doodle. The toy bernedoodle, while being a mixed breed, kept this trait as one of the most affectionate stamps in their appearance.

This tri-color and merle puppy appears in various colors, of which white, black and brown are most represented. They usually appear in a tri-color variant which gives them a sassy, yet elegant look.

How big do Bernedoodle Puppies Get?

Not big enough to mess anything around the house! Just kidding. Bernedoodle puppies are not taller than 16-17 inches and the smallest you can get is probably around 12 inches.

This physical feature positively correlates with their weight – they are up to twenty five pounds heavy puppies. If anything below 10 pounds – there is a red flag and you should consider renewing the feeding chart.

This is indeed a miniature version of a dog and anything but affectionate and cute would be a wrong description for the toy bernedoodle.

Bernedoodle Hypoallergenic Coat

Hypoallergenic coats are the trait of a few dog breeds. Among them – the poodle is the most represented. This trait makes the dog resistant to various types of allergies and preserves their health. On the other hand, a dog owner should be relaxed, too!

They do not leave so much maintenance to do – grooming them a couple of times a month would be sufficient.

Here I should probably emphasize that no one can guarantee a hundred percent allergy-free fur in dogs. However, the AKC recognized dog breeders as the insurance you can get in this regard.

Find more information in our article on the topic are Bernedoodle hypoallergenic?

Tiny Bernedoodle Charming Nature

tiny bernedoodle sitting on the carpet

Photo from: @beccaspector

If we say that not so many dog breeds have a direct correlation between their physical appearance and their behaving nature – that would be an accurate statement! The tiny bernedoodle fits into this rare dog club.

As charming as they appear on the first look, the toy bernedoodles have the qualities of a good-behaving dog, too.

Their nature is, as referred to – charming! The affection of Bernese mountain dog and the socializing nature of a toy poodle characterizes this puppy.

They require exercise and lots of activities, but at the same time they won’t have trouble being curled up in your lap just enjoying the moment. Tiny bernedoodles are the true mollycoddlers!

This is an excellent trait in a dog if you have kids in your house. In a way, the bernedoodle puppies have so much in common with babies. They seek attention and love and do not take separation as a choice.

They even suffer severe separation anxiety if left alone for more than 8-9 hours. Tiny bernedoodles are therapy dogs, but at the same time their dog parents are therapy to them!

The Bernedoodle Puppy – A Family Dog?

Absolutely! Bernedoodle puppies are nothing but family dogs. This is what dog breeders had in mind when crossbreeding their two dog parents.

Both of these breeds – the toy poodle and the Bernese mountain dog – grew up around people. The latter even served as a watchdog and a working dog for so many years .

Their successor – the tiny bernedoodle – continued to preserve this brand as their most important behavioral characteristic.

The bernedoodle breeders wanted to increase the family-affection trait by bearing in mind that socialization of the two parents is high-leveled.

Of course, this demanded a lot of work, too. At least forty percent of their affectionate nature belongs to the hardworking training process.

In a nutshell, the bernedoodle breeders made sure you get a good, healthy and well-behaved family dog perfect for all ages. Not only kids get along with this adorable puppy. The tiny bernedoodle has a special place in its heart for the elderly people, too!

The Tiny Bernedoodle Training Process

tiny bernedoodle dog sitting on the road

Photo from: @tinylittlepenny

Bernedoodle breeders love having the opportunity to work with bernedoodle puppies. They are easily trained and adapted to new things, especially in their puppy age.

Since the genetics of the dog belongs almost 75 percent to a poodle, this is not strange at all. Poodles are the kings of training!

Phase 1

The bernedoodle training process begins in the first couple of months. The breeders emphasize the importance of not rushing into things! The adaptation process in any stage of life is the key for a perfectly trained bernedoodle puppy.

To put it this way – do not demand from your puppy things that naturally do not go along their age.

The puppy phase is when the breeder puts everything into showing love and affection. This is where the emotional development of the dog begins.

Phase 2

Phase two is the training phase. Here their activity level is tested. The breeders make sure their physical fitness is in order, since the bernedoodle breed is sometimes susceptible to hip dysplasia issues.

However, the puppies are regularly health tested, which is considered to be a regular training procedure.

When their capability assessment is established, the breeders make sure you get a well-trained, social and well-behaved puppy.

Their training contains various exercises, such as intelligence testing, physical development exercises and following commands exercises. The adult tiny bernedoodle learns new stuff easily and adapts to them without any problems.

In fact, bernedoodles love challenges and their training can be a good way for positive reinforcement. The adaptation of their feeding chart towards the amount of their physical activity is the key.

Why? Simply because an active bernedoodle puppy demands bigger amounts of food. The proper representation of macro nutrients is essential, too.

Phase 3

The last phase of the training process is maintenance. As a future dog parent, all you need to do is keep moving forward.

Regular daily activities and positive reinforcement will keep your bernedoodle puppy in an ultimate, positive behavioral position.

Is this Dog Breed Aggressive?

Not at all! The toy bernedoodle puppies are known to be harmless. One reason is their physical predisposition, because bernedoodles in their essence are almost incapable of doing any serious harm.

However, that’s definitely not the main ‘‘Why!’’ The toy bernedoodle puppy’s nature is friendly and affectionate. Being an alert dog when in danger is the most serious trait they inherited from the Bernese mountain dog.

They appear to be fearless when put against bigger dog breeds, but they are definitely not aggressive.

The Toy Bernedoodle Health Issues

tiny bernedoodle lying down on the carpet

Photo from: @pawsbydesignn

If you are keen on buying a toy bernedoodle – you should be at ease when it comes to potential health issues! This dog breed is healthy and athletic.

This is the trait inherited from the poodle – a breed known for its athletic, well-developed physique. It especially refers to standard poodles, the biggest among them. The poodle heritage is precious for the toy bernedoodle puppies.

Considering their lifespan, these cute, furry canines do not have serious obstacles along the way. They easily age up to 15 years even though they belong to the small breeds.

However, no dog is healthy by default and irregular feeding charts filled with junk food can do no good to them.

So beware! Allow your bernedoodle to eat healthy food that will suffice its nutritional needs. It needs proper amounts of protein and carbs in order to preserve its activity levels.


The bernedoodle puppy lives between 12-15 years. This is the standard of the breed.

The lifespan of bernedoodle puppies is the trait picked up from their purebred predecessors – poodles.

Since this is a mixed breed originally crossed as 75 percent a toy poodle and 25 percent Bernese mountain dog, their life expectancy is leaning towards the poodle life expectancy.

On the other hand, Bernese mountain dogs, even though considered as large dogs, live only up to 8 years. In fact, their regular lifespan is between 6 and 8 years.

The longest the Bernese have ever lived is 15 years, according to the UK research conducted in 2004. The long lifespan is not really a good friend of Bernese mountain dogs.

Heart Disease

It is highly unlikely that your tiny bernedoodle will ever face a heart disease. However, there might be cases when this issue occurs.

Even though the Bernese breed is only 25 percent represented in bernedoodle puppies, there are times these little canines suffer from heart disease.

Heart disease is essentially the trait of a Bernese mountain dog. They are subjected to cardiac issues, such as a stroke.

Considering their lifespan, which is only 6-8 years, this is not a rare issue at all.

However, regular medical checks and vet visits should suffice your concerns. Also, any kennel club registered dog breeder will make sure you get a healthy dog in the beginning. So, no need to worry!

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is not uncommon in poodle breeds. We can mostly see this issue around standard poodles which are considered as large dogs. However, smaller mixed breeds, such as the tiny bernedoodle, do not have so much to worry about.

However, if hip dysplasia occurs, there is not much a dog owner can do about it. It is mostly genetic and an exclusively vet diagnosed disease.

If you notice anything irregular in your dog’s behavior, such as crawling and decreased levels of activity, go straight to your vet!

One thing to bear in mind is that hip dysplasia develops in early stages of a puppy’s life. It causes joint malfunction and pain, which is easily detected.

Adult toy bernedoodles usually do not meet this issue at all. So the advice is to be aware of your dog breeder in the first place!

Frequently Asked Questions

toy bernedoodle looking into camera while lying in the grass

Photo from: @pawsbydesignn

Aside from being adorable and affectionate, toy bernedoodle puppies have a plethora of other uncovered virtues. In the below part of this article find out a few of them!

Are There Toy Bernedoodles?

Certainly. This mixed breed is originally and professionally bred by a plethora of reputable breeders all over the U.S.

There are several categories of bernedoodle puppy, and the toy bernedoodle is one of them. Funnily, the last one in size.

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Are Tiny Bernedoodle Therapy Dogs?

Definitely a big yes!

Have you ever wondered if it is at all possible that your dog can feel your emotions? Well, the bernedoodle puppies can do that to a large degree! Tiny bernedoodles are extraordinary therapy dogs.

Since this is an intelligent dog breed, it can easily detect the range of emotions commonly used by their dog owners. So, if you’re having a bad day, your puppy will easily detect it. It goes further than that.

These puppies are extremely connected to their owners. They will instantly sympathize and try to make you feel better.

Can Toy Bernedoodle Endure Separation?

No. If you are willing to buy one of these bernedoodle canines, be aware of their low separation tolerance. The toy bernedoodle is a family dog used to human voice and human company.

Once they are on their own, they start to feel separation anxiety which can be destructive.

However, there is a reasonable number of hours the bernedoodle puppy can prevail. Here we talk about 7 to 8 hours in a day.

So make sure the puppy is properly entertained during this period of time. Dog shows and a moderate TV sound will do it.

It would be best if you could adapt your working schedule to the bernadoodle daily routine. But if you’re not someone who can easily put away his professional lifestyle, do not purchase this puppy!

How Much Is A Toy Bernedoodle?

The price goes from 2000 USD up to 5000 USD.

The average price of the toy bernedoodle puppy is around 4000 USD. This is considering the bernedoodle puppy is bred by a reputable breeder.

Otherwise, you can find toy bernedoodles for much less, but the quality of the breed is not guaranteed.

What Does The F1B Mean?

The F1B is a professional label for the cross between the mini bernedoodle and a toy poodle. It represents the micro version category of the bernedoodle puppy.

Pragmatically speaking, the F1B is a code used to identify this breed easier, since we have the f1b mini bernedoodles, too – the cross between bernedoodle and the mini poodle.

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The toy bernedoodle is a must-have puppy in your neighborhood. They are easily maintained, professionally bred and adapted to indoor, family life. This AKC puppy has an amenable nature and only one agenda – to make everyone around them happy.

The tri-color bernedoodle canine with a positive attitude and zero umbrage took will perfectly fit in your home.

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