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Is TJ Maxx Dog Friendly? Going Shopping With Your Dog

Is TJ Maxx Dog Friendly? Going Shopping With Your Dog

Sure, shopping on Amazon is great, but I know a much better way to spend our money getting fabulous things. It’s called TJ Maxx, and I know you’ve all heard of it!

This chain of stores is known for low prices and great quality. What else can a shopper wish for?

Oh, a dog-loving shopper may wish to bring their dogs along. That would be great.

It is great, because they don’t have to wonder is TJ Maxx dog friendly. Tj Maxx IS dog friendly.

Also, it’s cat friendly too, but there are some ground rules you must follow before entering this store with your canine.

You’re welcome in almost all TJ Maxx stores, depending on the location and State laws, but there’s a catch. Your dog has to be… polite? Is that what we’d call it?

Stay tuned to see exactly what’s expected from your dog visiting TJ Maxx with you!

Is TJ Maxx Dog Friendly?

TJ Maxx store and parking

Generally speaking, TJ Maxx is one of those stores that have a dog-friendly policy. But, unlike some other stores, it doesn’t mean the policy applies everywhere. Some TJ Maxx stores won’t allow you to enter with your dog, and that’s with good reason.

I get it, you want to go shopping with your dog because the weekend is your only time off, and you’re already not spending a lot of time with your four-legged friend.

Going to TJ Maxx isn’t like going to the park, but you can’t always do what your dog likes.

Shopping is, sometimes, necessary. In most cases, you can shop online, but some clothing items need to be tried on first. Or, you should really see the color of those bedsheets in person. And, where else would you go furniture shopping? That’s right: TJ Maxx.

Your dog doesn’t care about shopping for homegoods. The only thing it cares about is spending time with you.

If your dog refuses to go for a walk, maybe it’ll enjoy TJ Maxx!

A lot of TJ Maxx stores will have stickers on their front doors, claiming they’re dog friendly and eager to see your furry buddy. However if you don’t see a sticker on the door, that doesn’t mean they’re not dog-friendly. Maybe they haven’t put it out yet.

It’s best to contact the store and check with the store manager. No one likes to be stopped at the door.

What Is TJ Maxx?

The prices at TJ Maxx are super low, and that’s one of the reasons the whole USA likes this chain of stores.

If your city doesn’t have this store, chances are, it will have one soon. TJ Maxx is proud of its 1000+ stores across the States. And, they’re still growing.

TJ Maxx has been a place where you go shopping for clothes, and other home goods since 1976. This store also sells furniture, toys, home decoration, cool home gadgets, toys, amazing gifts, accessories, bath and beauty products, etc.

Tj Maxx is a soul sister of Marshalls, as TJ Maxx bought this chain back in the 1990s. Both stores have excellent prices and have become people’s favorites in a short period of time.

This chain of stores is popular even outside the States, where it’s known as TK Maxx.

Having great prices, excellent products, and an overall friendly approach to their customers is what makes TJ Maxx a nightmare for a lot of other stores like Macy’s.

Technically speaking, they’re a lot alike, so you get zero friendliness between them.

Personally, I like shopping at TJ Maxx, and a lot of my friends and family like it too. The first time I went in with my dog I was a bit skeptical, but no one chased me out. In fact, they were all very warm and friendly.

What Does TJ Maxx’s Pet Policy Say?

TJ Maxx department store shopping mall entrance

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the official TJ Maxx pet policy to quote it. Seems like the good people that run their website aren’t really into sharing information.

This pet-friendly store definitely allows dogs in, but it’s always a better idea to check with each store individually.

There were cases where two TJ Maxx stores in the same area disagreed on the pet policy. It’s up to the staff and the store manager to decide whether they want to see you come in with your dog or not.

I can’t help but wonder: is TJ Maxx more cat-friendly than dog-friendly?

Luckily, I was able to figure that out from the experiences of regular shoppers at TJ Maxx.

The store likes animals, but in controlled conditions. Still, it’s one of the stores that allows pets inside. Stores like Costco are still against bringing dogs in.

If you stay with me, I’ll tell you in detail all about Tj Maxx’s pet-friendly side and give you a heads up on going in with your dog!

Bringing Service Dogs To TJ Maxx

Of course, having a service animal with you is sometimes necessary. There are people that rely on the help of our canine buddies for some reason. Unfortunately, this means those people are impaired in some way.

Usually, visual impairment is linked with seeing-eye dogs. These kinds of service dogs are welcome everywhere. No one should check the store policy when bringing a seeing-eye dog along with them.

However, I’d recommend you check out the store policy with each individual store manager in case you have a service dog for another cause. Some people need them to help them walk around, or to navigate better.

I won’t go deeply into why someone might need a service animal. What you should know is that emotional support dogs are treated as non-service animals. The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA doesn’t recognize them as official helpers, because a lot of people have misused the term emotional support dog for their own benefits.

Even though you claim your emotional support dog is super helpful (which it is) some stores might refer to the official ADA rules of service animals and deny you and your dog entry to TJ Maxx.

Does TJ Maxx Allow Other Pets Inside?

cute dog in a store

Dogs are our loyal companions. They’re designed to follow their owners everywhere they go, including local stores.

But, not everyone’s a dog person, or a dog person exclusively. Some pet owners like other animals too, like cats, guinea pigs, or birds. That’s great, but are they allowed into TJ Maxx too?

This is a rather odd question. For starters, why would you bring a bird to TJ Maxx? It’s not like you walk around with a cage and shop with your birdie. Some pets are not meant to go inside the store, even if it is a pet-friendly store.

The only exception to this rule may be cats. Our feline friends are also welcome to visit TJ Maxx, but rarely does any cat want to go shopping. We live in a pretty cool time where you can buy leashes, carriers, and even a backpack for cats. Bringing one to the store wouldn’t be a problem.

If only they liked anything else but snoozing and judging.

Okay, I’m only joking, but you know how picky cats are. They’re not easily entertained, and they can get scared pretty easily. All the noise, bright lights, unknown people, a trip to the store might confuse your kitty cat and frighten them.

If I were you, I wouldn’t experiment with bringing a cat to TJ Maxx, because they’re so unpredictable. You know, we find dogs better than cats!

You can’t train a kitty to go potty like you can do with dogs. They’re better off at home, sleeping until you return. After all, they spend most of their lives sleeping.
Of course, there are some cats that behave quite nicely when leashed. In fact, they like to go everywhere with their humans and act more like canines than felines. If you have such a cat, you can definitely visit TJ Maxx together.

How Friendly Is TJ Maxx To Dangerous Breeds?

beautiful german shepherd running in the grass

The term dangerous breeds refers to dogs that are big and mighty, often categorized as scary too.

What are those breeds?

People find German Shepherds pretty intimidating and aggressive, but the truth couldn’t be further from that. German Shepherds are actually highly intelligent and trainable, making them one of the best pets ever.

The same goes for their buddy, the Rottweiler. These dogs are excellent watchdogs, but that’s all. Rotties are sweet, never aggressive if trained properly.

I could go on and on about such breeds, but nothing will change. Dogs like Pitbulls, Bulldogs, Dobermans, Rotties, and German Shepherds will always remain as ‘scary, big dogs’. I get it. People are traumatized by poorly socialized and untrained doggos. They believe every dog that is bigger than a Chihuahua is aggressive.

That’s why some US States, or cities, have official local laws on owning dangerous dog breeds. Some regulations even go so far as to ban certain breeds from some States. So, not only you won’t be able to visit TJ Maxx, you won’t be able to own a specific dog breed if you live in such State at all!

Depending on the store location, some shops allow you to bring along a dog only if it’s wearing a muzzle. It’s mostly because some shoppers have reported they feel unsafe around such dogs.

Our furry friends should all get the same treatment, without any favoritism.

If you own a big, mighty paw, I recommend you call in and check if you guys are welcome at TJ Maxx. In most cases, you will be, but better safe than sorry.

How To Behave When In TJ Maxx With Your Dog?

Beautiful brunette woman with her French bulldog puppy in pet shop

Every trip to the department store, no matter if it’s TJ Maxx or any other, should be allowed, but only if you own a well-behaved dog. This means your dog will be socialized completely and trained properly.

Doggy socialization is the most important training every dog owner must do for their dog. Without socialization, dogs are simply too wild and too unadjusted.

Socialized dogs are calm around other dogs and unknown people. You can easily bring them anywhere and they’ll know how to behave.

In the case where you’re not sure about how socialized your dog is, it’s better not to bring it into a store like TJ Maxx. First, check the level of socialization and work on it if there’s room for improvement. It’s not easy to socialize a dog prone to aggression, but it’s something you have to do.

Now that your dog is ready, let’s see what you guys have to do before entering TJ Maxx.

It would be best if your dog is not hungry or thirsty. So feed your Fido before you go in, give it water, and make sure it goes potty. The last one is crucial. No one would like to step in dog poop! You’d be awfully embarrassed if that happens, and you’ll even get kicked out of TJ Maxx.

A dog pooping inside the house or inside the store is definitely not okay!

Make sure your furry friend is always on the leash. No matter if the stores are pet friendly or not, they can still scold you for not bringing along a leash. The leash serves to make other shoppers more comfortable around you and your dog.

Some stores will demand you put a muzzle on your dog too, but that’s mostly because of some State laws.

What I can recommend to you is to bring some dog treats in case things become ruff. Sometimes, a dog’s attention span will wander off and it’ll begin to act restlessly. Treats are there to help retain focus on you.

No matter what you do, don’t let your dog wander around the store unsupervised. It’s not polite, nor appropriate. TJ Maxx does have a great dog policy, but let’s respect their stores and keep an eye on our pooches.

Does TJ Maxx Sell Dog Items?

little dog near different variation of goods for animals in pet store

Yes, TJ Maxx has a pet section too!

However, how well-equipped that pet section is depends on the store and its location. Not every TJ Maxx store has the same range of products, but all of them have basic doggy items, great for first shopping for your puppy.

TJ Maxx can offer you anything, from dog beds, to grooming supplies.

Every first-time owner has several important tasks to finish before the new puppy arrives at its new, furever home. One of those tasks is going on a big shopping spree to get all the necessary dog accessories.

As a dog-friendly store, TJ Maxx has a rich selection of all kinds of dog beds, leashes, harnesses, food, and water bowls, not to mention toys and doggy clothes. It’s a little heaven for puppy fashionistas there!

Sure, there are other retailers that focus on pet equipment, especially pet-oriented stores, but rarely can anyone top the prices at TJ Maxx.

As far as the quality goes, I’m not that competent to comment on that because I haven’t tried everything from their selection. But, the few items I’ve tried are pretty good and durable. My dogs go through toys rather quickly, but they still haven’t destroyed some from TJ Maxx.

Also, I have some of their dog beds around the house because I often foster dogs, and they’re still in pretty good shape.

Wouldn’t it be sweet to bring your dog along when shopping and let them pick up a toy from the shelf they like the most?

Where Else Can You Go Shopping With Your Dog?

Mother and daughter with their poodle puppy in pet shop

Even though TJ Maxx is a wonderful store with lots to offer, sometimes you just need to go elsewhere to find exactly what you’re looking for. That’s totally fine. No one says you have to shop in one store, just because they’re known as a dog-friendly place.

Fortunately, we’re blessed with plenty of other stores that will be more than happy to see you and your Fido waltzing through their doors. Back in the day, purse pooches were all the rage and fashionistas used to shop with them all the time.

Those dogs are tiny and quiet, so no one really notices them easily.

However, it’s finally time for bigger doggos like Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds to go shopping.

The stores I’m about to mention are fine with dog visits as long as they’re leashed and well-trained.

You and Fido can go shopping together at:

Home Depot


Apple store

Pottery Barn




Tractor Supply Co

Old Navy


Bass Pro Shops

Half Price Books

And, when you’re done with shopping, you guys should treat yourselves at Starbucks. One puppuccino for your buddy, coming right up!

To Sum Up…

So, is TJ Maxx dog friendly?


Is TJ Maxx a great place to go shopping?


Then, what are you waiting for? Grab your keys, your credit card, and your dog’s leash, because you guys are going shopping together. Have Fido or Fiona help you pick out your new clothes, or a piece of furniture for your home.

Who knows, maybe your dog won’t chew on your sofa if you let them pick it. That’s why bringing a dog to TJ Maxx is a really good idea.

Of course, a well-behaved, polite dog!