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Help, My German Shepherd Has Diarrhea, But He’s Acting Fine!

Help, My German Shepherd Has Diarrhea, But He’s Acting Fine!

I knew it would happen.

I always expected it to happen after eating lots of my homemade raw-diet meals… my experiments.

But, no!

Of course, it happened while we were out of town!

Of course, it happened right outside my hotel.

I couldn’t be more thankful it was in the tall grass in the park, and I was able to wash it down somehow. 

My dog got diarrhea. 

He was looking at me like he had no clue what he’d just experienced. I guess it sprung on him, too.

Poor Bobo got the runs while he was running after some birds. What irony! 

I was lost, completely surprised, but I managed to pull myself together. I immediately started Googling emergency vet clinics in the area, just in case it happened again. Of course, I was able to find some doggy diapers in his size.

Can you imagine a German Shepherd wearing a diaper? Bobo looked like a real bobo. 

We had to check out from the hotel and drive back home because he was still having the runs. Good thing my business trip was over early. And, good thing we only lived an hour and a half away!

The runs continued, but Bobo was still acting fine. He wasn’t lethargic or anything! He even tried to steal my burger! So, I figured out: he must be okay. 

We’ll just wait it out.

So, we did, and here’s what happened to Bobo and my favorite house slippers.

Why Was Bobo Having Diarrhea?

german shepherd dog lying on the ground

This was a mystery for me, but I think I figured it out.

When we returned home, the moment I took off his diaper, Bobo did it in the hallway, right all over my favorite house slippers. 

Sorry for the graphic images. I still miss those comfy Birkens. 

So, I contacted my buddy who is our vet and notified him of Bobo’s situation. 

As I imagined, the vet put Bobo on a strict, bland diet, and under my sharp eye. He asked me if Bobo ate something bad, or something new. But, lately, he has been on a combination diet consisting of premium kibble (which suited him well), and raw ingredients like meat, fruits, and veggies. 

He was eating similar meal combos for a while and not a single change with his stool happened.

So, we excluded any dietary change as a reason behind the diarrhea.

Bobo didn’t eat anything strange either because he was wearing a muzzle the whole time we were out, finishing my tasks on the business trip. Also, he’s extremely trained and will not eat a thing unless I tell him.

Parasitic infection was also excluded because Bobo bounced back pretty quickly and didn’t show common symptoms of such infections like high body temperature, lack of energy, lack of appetite, etc. 

So, what was wrong?

Both our vet and I suspect it was the change of the environment and a bit of stress. We live in a rather small town, but we had to go to a big city for my trip. It was the first time Bobo saw so many cars, trains, trucks, people, and different noises in one place.

I guess it stressed him out a bit and he got temporary IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). 

Bobo isn’t normally an anxious dog, but everything was too much for him all of a sudden. Even though I showered him with attention and didn’t neglect him for a single second, his body didn’t like the change of the routine, and this is how he reacted.

I’m super thankful that the runs only lasted for two days in total. His body calmed down, and Bobo was still Bobo. 

Well, the only thing that really got hurt during this little adventure were my slippers. May they rest in peace.

How I Helped Bobo With The Runs

german shepherd dog eating from a bowl in the yard

So, I mentioned earlier that Bobo was put on a special diet during the runs. I kept him on that diet a day longer than his runs lasted just to be sure. 

Bobo’s an omnivore, and he will eat pretty much anything, so the diet didn’t fall too hard on him. He just wanted more of everything I gave him in little amounts!

As our vet recommended, I got him some doggy probiotics because good gut bacteria can only help his bowels, and do no harm.

The first 24 hours of his diarrhea adventure went by in fasting. Bobo fasted for the first time, and I bet that helped a lot… probably more than the probiotic. 

The next day, I started giving him small meal portions of plain food. I cooked up some unseasoned chicken breasts and rice, then some turkey and potatoes, and again, chicken and rice. Turns out he liked chimkem more… what a surprise!

Bobo doesn’t really like Pedialyte, but he drank a dosage of it anyway. Fresh water was consumed, too, and Bobo was acting fine other than the diaper on his behind.

Our recipe for success was simple: a bland diet, probiotics, Pedialyte, and most importantly – fasting for the first 24 hours! 

Ask For Veterinary Assistance If…

vet examining a sick german shepherd lying on the table

Our diarrhea wasn’t too severe, and Bobo bounced back after three whole days.

Still, there are cases where dogs won’t recover that fast. 

Pardon my graphic language, but Bobo’s runs were watery stools and nothing else. I say nothing else because there can be many other things, too!

Ask for immediate veterinary assistance if your dog has more than three watery stools in 24 hours, and if it keeps on happening. 

I didn’t rush Bobo to the vet because he was acting fine. I’m a vet, too (but I don’t like treating my dogs), and I got all the guidelines I needed from his vet. Other than his runny stools, Bobo was happy, eager to play with me, steal food off my plate, etc.

You should worry if you notice your dog’s stool has:

  • Fresh red blood
  • Fresh pinkish blood
  • Black, tarry, and jelly consistency

Also, if your dog is acting:

  • Lethargic
  • Depressive
  • Too anxious
  • Stressed out
  • And, without a desire to do anything

… contact your vet asap!


My Dog Has Diarrhea But He’s Acting Fine