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Top 5 Golden Retriever Haircuts And Grooming Styles

Top 5 Golden Retriever Haircuts And Grooming Styles

The ideal family companions, friendly, active, and just so lovable. Of course, we’re talking about Golden Retrievers!

They are considered to be the number one most popular dog breed in the United States, and that’s no coincidence.

The delightfulness in their eyes and the waviness of their shiny golden coats are making people around the world fall in love with them instantly.

And don’t even get me started with naming all the funny stuff these goofy troublemakers do, filling our lives with laughter every day.

A Golden Retriever’s body shape can range from broad and thick to thinner and more sporty, the color of their beautiful coats varies from beige cream and light golden to a healthy-looking reddish and dark golden.

If we think about a dog’s coat, especially in the case of a Golden Retriever, what first comes to our mind?

Well, they shed a lot, and by a lot, we mean constantly and far more often than you think – so they demand regular brushing and dog grooming

On that note, let me motivate you to take a peek at our five best picks for Golden Retriever haircuts that you might find interesting.

Golden Retriever Haircuts

Besides their big heart and golden soul, the thing that Golden Retrievers are famous for is possessing such an enormous amount of hair. And if you find yourself as a new owner of a Golden Retriever pup, that can be a massive struggle.

The first thing you need to know is that you should never shave your dog’s hair, not even in the summertime.

Their thick coat and long hair play a big role in keeping your pup’s skin healthy and protected from external influences like overheating, sunburn, allergies, and hot spots. And that’s not all, their outer coat is water-repellent, so no matter what you do, don’t mess with their golden fur.

Now, we suggest you take a look at some examples of how different haircut styles can enrich the look of your Golden Retriever.

1. The Simple Trim

Beauty Golden retriever dog in the park

The Simple Trim is one of the simplest Golden Retriever haircuts because it doesn’t really demand a lot of work. A groomer actually just removes any long and dead hairs. The coat is then feathered, and if you want to, he can thin out your dog’s coat around the chest and neck areas.

The entire point of a simple trim haircut is to maintain your Golden Retriever’s natural shiny coat while at the same time preserving the dog’s health.

Because this haircut style doesn’t require a lot of trimming and cutting, your dog’s hair will stay just the way it needs to be, so that it beautifully complements the figure of the dog.

Your best friend won’t feel any different, it will still have the coat that protects it and keeps it warm – but its new look, as the name says itself will be simple and chic.

2. The Summer Cut

Golden retriever sitting on the sand beach

Summertime is right around the corner, and just like most dog owners, you probably want to help your pooch feel comfortable and stay cool through the summer months.

The idea of getting rid of all their furry double coats seems like a good one at first, because it might help lower their temperature and relieve them from the burden of carrying all their heavy fur around – but it really isn’t.

That same double coat actually protects them from sunburns and all other external influences.

So, since you can’t shave your Goldie, the summer cut is the perfect solution for you.

The summer cut is very similar to a simple trim because it also closely follows the body figure of the dog, except that in this case, the long hair is trimmed way shorter.

The groomer also needs to pay special attention while trimming the chest, paws, hock, and ears, as well as your Golden Retriever’s personal areas, in order to allow your dog to feel comfortable and clean.

3. The Show Cut

golden retriever sitting on the bench

The next haircut on our list is the show cut, which is also very similar to the simple trim.

It demands minimal trimming and cutting because a Golden Retriever’s most recognizable sign is its shiny golden hair.

It is very important to pay a lot of attention to detail, the groomer needs to be careful with following your dog’s coat formation and how it will be presented.

To complete this trim your groomer also has to be cautious around certain areas like the ears and the paws. For these final touches, it is recommended that the groomer uses thinning shears.

This Golden Retriever haircut is perfect for conformation dog shows, but in order for the haircut to be done perfectly, you will most likely need a professional groomer.

If you choose this style for your pup’s hair, it is most definitely going to turn a lot of heads wherever you go.

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4. The Puppy Cut

 cute golden retriever puppy dog having fun at the park

Moving along, we have the puppy cut which is viewed as one of the simplest haircuts and it is the same for all dogs, not just Golden Retrievers.

The puppy cut is probably the favorite hairstyle for dogs among dog lovers, because of its simplicity and absolute cuteness.

Although this hairstyle doesn’t prevent shedding, it does reduce the number of hairs you will find all over your house, especially on your furniture.

With this haircut, your Golden Retriever’s coat is cut to the same length all over its body, which is around half an inch.

It’s a pretty short trim, but you shouldn’t worry because it’s just the right length to still protect your puppy’s skin.

We suggest this look if you want your Goldie to look fluffy, cuddly, and clean while staying comfortable and healthy.

5. The Teddy Cut

Dog playing with old orange soccer ball

People tend to choose this style because who wouldn’t want to have a dog that looks exactly like a real-life teddy bear.

Here we have another haircut that is ideal for summertime, especially because it helps Golden Retrievers to regulate their body temperature and keeps them cool in the scorching heat.

Groomers often suggest the teddy cut specifically to Golden Retriever owners since this hairstyle can prevent and decrease the risk of damaging their long double coats.

Even though this cut is very short, it is also different from shaving and it doesn’t have a negative influence on the undercoat, so you don’t have to be concerned.

Important Facts About Your Golden Retriever’s Hair

Thanks to the fact that they were bred as hunting dogs in the Scottish Highlands, their double coat and even the undercoat are extremely thick, which enables them to repel water.

The Texture of a Golden Retriever’s hair ranges from wavy and curly to stunningly straight.

You can also find heavy feathering on the back of their legs, under the stomach, and on the base of the tail.

This rich feather actually refers to a specific type of fluff, that differentiates Golden Retrievers from other dog breeds and presents them with that classy look while they run and hunt.

Of course, it goes without saying that Golden Retrievers are not hypoallergenic dogs.

Basic Golden Retriever Grooming Tips At Home

We’ve found some basic pet grooming tips to help your dog’s coat stay healthy, shiny, and soft.


Tangling and knotting are common in long-haired breeds like the Golden Retriever and especially common in curly-haired breeds like the Poodle.

Brushing is very important for your furry friend’s hygiene, it extracts all of the dead hair and skin cells from their coat and helps detangle the hair – which in turn helps their skin breathe.

Natural oils that your Golden Retriever produces play a key role in keeping their majestic coat shiny, and that is one more reason why you should brush your dog regularly.

By doing that you spread their natural oils across their entire coat.

It’s best to use a quality bristle brush or a slicker brush and an undercoat rake when grooming your Goldie yourself.


Another thing that is very important is bathing. It’s necessary to keep your pup clean, but you don’t want to over bathe your dog, and therefore cause unnecessary damage to their coat.

Nowadays you have all sorts of dog shampoos that contain various chemicals that can harm your dog’s skin and hair. You can use shampoos that contain chemicals only in case when your dog has fleas, which is common for Golden Retriever puppies and puppies in general.

In every other case, you should be looking for shampoos that contain more natural ingredients, like Vitamin E and Oatmeal. The best dog shampoo is one that can also be used as a conditioner because it helps decrease the amount of matting and tangles in your puppy’s hair.

Ear Cleaning

The ear cleaning procedure is very simple and also very important.

Dogs, mainly Golden Retrievers, who often have an ear infection can develop an irregular amount of ear wax and have infectious waste in their ears.

We recommend you clean their ears while bathing them, it’s more practical.

You should clean their ears using an ear-cleaning solution, which you have to pour into your dog’s ear, and then you need to gently massage that area for about half a minute.

The next move is finally letting it shake its head in order to get rid of any leftover fluid and wiping its ears with a soft towel.

Nail Clipping

Golden Retriever dogs are generally very active and playful. Because of their energetic nature, they spend a lot of time outside running and exploring which wears their nails down naturally.

In addition to that, while they’re young you don’t have to clip your dog’s nails often, but as they get older, their daily activities diminish, and they will need a nail care routine.

Every few days clip off just a tiny part, barely an inch and your dog will be thankful. Ignoring regular nail care can cause serious problems to your dog’s footpads.

Nail trimming is done using nail clippers, but you always have to be very careful not to injure your dog’s paw. We have to warn you, they don’t like clipping nails at all, and because of that, they will be very restless, so good luck with that!

In Conclusion

Golden Retrievers are considered the number one most popular breed in the US. They have big golden hearts and we love them for that.

Their coat is something that makes them special and majestic, so we need to take good care of their furry coats.

Now you know everything you need to know about taking proper care of your Golden Retrievers haircuts.

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