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These 19 German Shepherd Easter Costumes Are PAWsome

These 19 German Shepherd Easter Costumes Are PAWsome

I’m sure that we all can agree that dressing our pups in cute, festive outfits is probably the best part of any holiday. 

With Easter approaching, you’re surely on the lookout for adorable and funny German Shepherd Easter costumes. So, I found some. 

Enjoy some GSD fluffers in the best Easter outfits. Be aware of the cuteness overload — don’t say I didn’t warn you.  

1. Here Comes The Easter Fairy 

Don’t let your kids know about the Easter fairy, though… but this GSD fairy and her special eggs also make Easter sparkle… Yes, it’s a real thing, look it up! 

adorable german shepherd dressed as easter fairy
Photo from: Pinterest

2. Howl You Doing? 

Blop… these ears again…

adorable german shepherd with bunny ears
Photo from: Pinterest

3. Happy Pawlidays!

These are the prettiest bunny ears ever.

gsd with fluffy bunny easter ears
Photo from: Tumblr

4. Please, Hooman… Gib Me A Treato

It’z two chimken nuggs per photo. Take it, or leave it. 

german shepherd with pink bunny ears
Photo from: Reddit

5. Henlo Friends…

This is the funkiest Easter bunny ever. 

a very funky GSD wearing bunny ears
Photo from: Pinterest

6. Life Is Ruff

Every year, I have to pretend I’m an Easter bunny for their picture…

german shepherd wearing easter costume
Photo from: Pinterest

7. This Pupper Is A-Dog-Able

Who’s the prettiest pupper in the world? Yes, it’z you, pretty boi. 

cute gsd puppy wears bunny ears
Photo from: Facebook

8. Here’s Your Easter Basket 

Shhh… pretend you’re an Easter chick…

gsd with bunny ears holds easter basket
Photo from: Facebook

9. Gotta Find ‘Em All

Mom’s gonna be so proud. Look how many eggs we found…

two easter GSDs collecting easter eggs
Photo from: Facebook

10. Thiz Again…

This GSD doesn’t look too happy about his outfit, but he is a good boi and will get a treato.

GSD wearing easter outfit
Photo from: Facebook

11. I’m A Cute Boi

A cute idea — bunny ears, but make it more adorable. 

adorable gsd wears bunny ears
Photo from: Pinterest

12. Bro, We Look So Cool 

Can’t argue with that. 

cool gsds with glasses
Photo from: Pinterest

13. Where’s The Paw-ty At?

This doggo is ready to party, wink-wink.

cute gsd with flower crown
Photo from: Pinterest

14. I Want My Treats Now

Hooman, enough with pictures. You promised lots of treats…

cute gsd wears easter costume and waits for treat
Photo from: @nicothegsd13

15. Mom Made Us Do It

She said we are the prettiest Easter bunnies ever.  

two german shepherd wearing bunny ears
Photo from: @thelifeofschultz

16. I’m So Pretty

Look at my pretty Easter eggs…

german shepherd wears cute head piece for easter
Photo from: @star_the_shepherd

17. Furry Hair. Don’t Care.

Livin’ the vida loca. 

german shepherd poses next to easter eggs
Photo from: @gsd_motherofdragon

18. The Cutest Easter Woofer 

You don’t need a lot for the perfect Easter photoshoot — just the most adorable Easter woofer ever and some props. 

19. Happy Easter Fluffers

Doggies, blink twice if you need help. 

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