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21 Fun Facts About Rottweilers That Will Make You Go Wow

21 Fun Facts About Rottweilers That Will Make You Go Wow

We know Rotties are wonderful pets and great guard dogs, but did you know that they are one of the oldest European dog breeds? 

The celebrities love them, Tik-Tok loves them, and they even have their own statue in a city in Europe. 

These 21 fun facts about Rottweilers will definitely surprise you and make you get a Rottie right now! 

1. Ave, Canis!

Rottweilers are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds in Europe. They come from Molossus-type dogs, just like Mastiffs. This means Ancient Rome and its people had Rottweilers as working dogs.

They were used as protection dogs and herding dogs

The Romans also had cool names for their Rottweilers. For example, Melapus (Black-foot), Theron (Hunter), Hylactor (Barker), etc.

2. War Dogs

They were more than herding dogs. During Ancient Roman times, Rottweilers would follow Legions during their long marches, no matter the terrain and weather conditions. They would protect the livestock following the armies, as well as the soldiers themselves. 

If there was any trouble, Rotties were ready to die protecting their fellow soldiers.

3. From Soldier To Banker

Whoever thought of putting a coin purse on a dog was a genius. Why? Well, a long time ago, nowhere was really safe to keep your money. Banks were easily robbed, people were mugged, and houses were broken into, without much to do about it.

But, then people saw Rottweilers and realized they looked like perfect walking safes. Burglars and thieves had to think twice before reaching for the money guarded by a set of sharp teeth.

4. Unbelievably Strong

Rottweilers are very strong dogs. They are powerful, muscular dogs that can pull more than 13,000 lbs (6,000kg)! The champion is a Rottie from Lithuania. Look at this video and see for yourself.

Their strength leads us to the next fun fact about Rottweilers…

5. Pulling Carts

Rottweilers can do almost anything. So far, I’ve told you they were herding dogs, protection dogs, soldiers, bankers, etc.

They were even cart-pulling dogs, which comes as a natural thing to do after reading the previous fun fact.

They would pull carts with people on them or with boxes and barrels full of goods.

rottweiler pulling carts

The American Rottweiler Club keeps the carting competition alive by having annual competitions since 2000.

rottweiler dog pulling carts
Photo from:

6. Butcher Dogs

Because of their strength, loyalty, and great guard-dog qualities, butchers in the Middle Ages used Rottweilers as their all-around dogs. 

They loved them so much that the dogs soon became named Butcher dogs.

rottweiler carries the meat in cart
Photo from:

The dogs would carry the meat, protect the shop and the owner, and keep the money safe at the same time. And, they were so well-behaved that they wouldn’t even take a bite from the meat they were carrying.

7. No More Carts, No More Rotties

After a while, carts and dogs were replaced by trains and wagons. People had their first motor vehicles to carry goods. 

This almost led to the Rottweilers’ extinction. But, the German Rottweiler Club was formed in the early 1900s, which saved the Rotties from forever disappearing.

8. Rottweiler Is A Town

The Rottweilers got their name from a town in southwest Germany. This is where the early breeding programs took place, and this is where this dog breed became popular.

There is a Rottweiler statue in front of the city museum.

rottweiler statue in front of museum
Photo from:

The town gets even more beautiful during the Rottweiler Dog Show when they put Rottie statues all around the city square.

rottweiler statues in the city square
Photo from:

9. U.S. Vs German Rottie

They are the same breed, but with different bloodlines. Because of that, the German Rottweiler is a bit larger and more stocky-looking than the U.S. Rottie.

They also have a bigger and broader head than the U.S. version.

german rottweiler vs american rottweiler
Photo from:

10. Stina Von Felsenmeer

Even though Rottweilers are very old, they became officially recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club in 1931.

That first Rottie was Stina von Felsenmeer. She was a one-year-old Rottie when she became part of the AKC.

11. Double Coat?

They do have a single coat type, but not on the thighs and around the neck. These parts are double-coated.

And, the coat is waterproof, which explains why this Rottie in the picture doesn’t mind getting all wet.

rottweiler dog in the water playing at sunny day
Photo from:

12. One Marking For All

The AKC recognizes three Rottweiler coat colors, and one coat marking. The marking includes tan/rust/mahogany marks on the:

  • Eyebrows 
  • Muzzle 
  • Cheeks 
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Beneath the tail

The rest of the body is black.

13. 328 PSI

This is how strong a Rottweiler’s bite is. They have a stronger bite force than Pitbulls (235 PSI), German Shepherds (238 PSI), and English Bulldogs (210 PSI). 

This puts them in 9th place on the list of the dogs with the strongest bite force. The Kangal holds first place, with an astonishing bite force of 743 PSI.

14. Bad Reputation

Unfortunately, their size and the job they had to do put them on the list of dogs with bad reputations. Their strength and bite force don’t help either.

People often see them as dangerous and aggressive dogs that cannot be trained.

That is not true. Dogs are not born aggressive – we make them that way through improper training and socialization.

15. Therapy Dogs

To prove how wonderful these dogs actually are, here’s a fun fact: they are excellent therapy dogs! They don’t have to be born and raised in a dog trainer’s home to become like that.

Dante, the Rottweiler, is proof of that. He was just a stray pup in Texas that became an excellent therapy dog.

16. 9/11 Rescue Dogs

This is another proof of how wonderful they truly are, and how their bad reputation is ridiculous. Rottweilers were one of the first rescue dogs deployed to Ground Zero after the 9/11 tragic events.

You can see their heroic acts on a documentary made by Black Beauty Breed Film.

17. Lean On Me

If you have a Rottie, you know they love to lean their big body against you. That’s just their instinct coming from the cattle herding dog genes. 

No, they don’t think we’re cattle… they do it as a sign of affection.

18. They Can Get Really Big

Rottweilers usually weigh from 85 to 140 pounds. That is a big dog. But, they can get even bigger! Meet Blondie… one of the biggest Rottweilers. She weighs 195 pounds

But, as you can see, she’s a gentle and friendly giant.

According to the AKC annual breed popularity ranking from 2021, Rottweilers are in 8th place. Labs and Frenchies are the most popular, but that changes from year to year. However, Rottweilers have been in 8th place since 2016.

20. Celebrity Pups

Their popularity is so huge that even celebrities love them! Some of the famous people with Rotties as their loving pets are: Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, Will Smith, etc.

bruno mars holding rottweiler puppy in his arms
Photo from:
will smith with two rottweiler dogs
Photo from:

21. Tik-Tok Pups

If a dog wins over Tik-Tok, that means they truly are popular doggos. And, that’s exactly what Rotties are – Tik-Tok Pups.

Here’s a compilation of cute and funny Rottweilers from Tik-Tok!

In The End

If you have a Rottweiler, I am sure he has something special about himself, too. Maybe they eat in a funny way, maybe they “talk” to you as if they understand everything, or they sleep in a funny position every night.

Or, maybe you have a rare red Rottweiler?

red rottweiler
Photo from:

Whatever it is, share your story with us! We’d love to hear it.

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