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11 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog, Indoors And Outdoors

11 Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog, Indoors And Outdoors

I am sure you adore spending time with your furry companion, and I am also sure this is vice versa. But, you might feel that you two should change something in your routine. 

If this is the case, you are in the right place, since I gathered together 11 fun activities to do with your dog!

Dogs will enjoy your company most of all things, but, you will need to provide your dog with some fun and diverse activities, too. 

See, all dogs, especially high-energy dogs need different activities on a daily basis. If their owners don’t provide them with this type of exercise and entertainment, they might show unwanted behaviors.

So, let’s see what kind of activities will make all dogs happy!

What Are Some Fun Activities To Do With Your Dog?

dog catching a ball while his owner looking at him

Your dog is certainly excited every time you come home from work. I bet he’s wagging his tail excitedly, and he’s overjoyed as soon as you pet him and give him his favorite treat.

You have probably thought many times how little our dogs actually need to be completely satisfied. But, don’t be fooled. Dogs love our company, but they will need more than that to stay healthy, happy, and satisfied.

Even dogs that can be classified as lazy dog breeds need various activities. Well, if you have run out of ideas, take a look at some of our suggestions on how to spend quality and fun time with your pet, both indoors and outdoors.

1. Hide And Seek

One game all dogs will enjoy is hide and seek. This is a pretty simple game, but it will make your dog use his sense of smell to find you.

So, things are pretty simple – you just need to tell your dog to wait, and when he stands still, you should go and hide. 

Every time your dog finds you, you should reward him with his favorite treat. This is a good way to engage your dog both physically and mentally.

There are so many activities you can do with your dog that will not cost you a penny – you can play hide and seek with your furry friend at every moment, both inside your house, and outdoors.

I am sure all dogs, both small and large ones, both males and females will have such fun playing hide and seek with their owners!

2. Fetch

beagle dog running with stick in mouth

Fetch is another basic game for dogs, but you should use it often to entertain your dog.

All you are going to need is a ball or a stick. Yes, dogs love sticks just as they love balls, so, they will have a fun time bringing both stick and ball back to you!

If your dog is not yet an expert in playing fetch, even better! You two can have so much fun while you are teaching your dog to fetch.

3. Make Their Mealtime More Fun

Your dog’s meals can also be a way for them to have fun. How to do this?

You should get a dog toy that is hollow in the middle, and you can fill it with dog food or treats. 

This is a great way for your dog to play with a favorite toy while also trying to get to the food. Using this method, you can be sure that the dog will have fun for a while, will not get bored, and will not show destructive behavior.

4. Walk

jack russell dog with owner walking in the park

Not all dogs need the same amount of walk on a daily basis. How often you should walk your dog greatly depends on the dog breed.

Dogs with high energy levels obviously need a lot of exercise, so, dogs like these should walk more often than some low-energy dogs.

Anyhow, you might not even be aware of this, but a walk is one of the most fun activities to do with your dog.

Walk is a perfect way for your dog’s potty breaks. Also, this is an excellent way for your dog to retain healthy body weight, and a great opportunity for your dog to sniff around.

Walking is also a good way for you to spend quality time with your dog. If your schedule allows you to do this, you should make early morning walks, as well as evening walks, a part of your daily routine with your furry companion.

5. Tug Of War

Tug of war is another pretty basic game to play with your dog, but it can have great benefits for your pet.

All you need is a rope, or even a t-shirt, or socks. You sure know how dogs love socks

All you have to do is hold one end of the rope, or any other item, and your dog should have the other end in his mouth.

Tug of war is also a great way to train your dog – you should do this as many times as necessary until your dog learns how to release the rope when you order it to.

6. Beach Time

dog running on the beach with owner

If you live on a seaside, lucky you! This is not only so great for you, but also for your dog.

Taking your dog to the beach is a wonderful way to spend time together. This is the place where you can play fetch with your dog, or just chill while your dog runs around.

Of course, you should always check whether dogs are allowed on the beach you plan to visit.

I am sure there is at least one beach for dogs near you, so, go and have fun with your dog buddy!

7. Dog Parks

Dog parks are another great place to spend time with your dog. This is a place where you can walk with your dog and let him investigate his surroundings.

Dog parks are also great places for dogs to socialize with other dogs. Of course, you should always act responsible and hold your dog on a leash.

No dog should be left off leash in dog parks – the things are the same no matter if you have a German Shepherd, or a French Bulldog.

Your dog can be perfectly trained, but you cannot know how he will react to a certain occurrence in a dog park.

Therefore, all dog owners should put safety first and always walk with their dogs in a responsible way. Only in this way will all dog owners have a fun time with their furry friends without worrying about potential dangers.

8. Pet Time

woman petting with her dog indoors

There is one thing you can do anywhere – while chilling on your sofa, or spending time outside with your dog. What am I talking about? Petting, of course!

I am sure cuddles are some of your dog’s favorite activities. So, pet your dog as often as you can! While you do this, you can also talk with your dog, because, if you have ever asked whether your dog likes when you talk to him, the answer is – yes!

Dogs might not be able to understand all of our words, but, one thing is sure; your dog will have a lot of fun while you pet and talk nice things to him.

9. Hiking

If you are looking for some more interesting activity, one that will be totally new for your dog, hiking might be a great option.

This activity can be especially useful for highly energetic dogs. Both you and your dog will enjoy spending time in nature, away from all the crowd. Hiking is a great way to, for example, get away from the city noise and recharge your batteries in nature.

Always make sure you bring enough water and food for you and your dog when hiking. Also, choose a hiking route that will be the best option for both of you.

10. Teach Them New Tricks

corgi standing on his two hind legs doing a trick

All dogs enjoy learning new tricks, not only the dogs that are considered the smartest breeds. So, no matter what type of dog you have and how old he is, there is always a new trick you can teach him.

This is a great way for you and your dog to spend time together, and for you to keep your dog mentally engaged.

Always remember to use praise and rewards while learning your dog new tricks!

11. Swimming

The last thing on our list of fun activities to do with your dog is – swimming.

This option will not be equally fun for all dogs, of course. For example, French Bulldogs cannot swim, and this should not be an option with these dogs.

On the other hand, there is a high chance that a Border Collie will like water, so, if you have this dog – you might find swimming as a great way for your dog to have fun, and to exercise at the same time.

If there are no physical barriers to swimming in your dog, as is the case with brachycephalic dog breeds, my suggestion is to definitely try taking your dog swimming. Maybe he really likes it, and you discover that your dog is actually an excellent swimmer!

Final Words

I hope you had a nice time reading about fun activities to do with your dog.

You have probably heard of most of them, but maybe you have neglected some of these, and now you have an opportunity to remind both you and your dog of some interesting things to do together.

In most cases you will not even have to spend any money, or even to go away from your home for you and your furry companion to have a great time together.

I wish you many interesting moments with your favorite pet!