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5 Fastest And Easiest Tricks To Teach Your Dog 

5 Fastest And Easiest Tricks To Teach Your Dog 

Every dog owner knows that once you adopt a sweet little pupper, there are certain things you must do.

Apart from introducing them to their new environment and making them as comfortable as ever, it is also important to create a bond with them so that you can truly become best friends.

Let’s start learning!

#1 Speak

chihuahua is waiting for his treat

If your doggo loves to be heard, then this is a trick for him.

The first thing you have to do is get your dog to bark naturally. There are a couple of ways you can do this, one way is by showing your dog a treat, but not giving it to him.

As your dog barks, asking for it, just say “speak” in a clear and happy voice. Then, give your dog the treat and tell them what a good dog he is.

Repeat this process several times until he understands what is going on. 

Please note that if your dog is more on the quiet side, it might take some time for him to learn this trick so please be patient.

#2 Sit

For this trick, take a tasty treat and hold it near your dog’s nose while they are standing up.

When your dog smells it, slowly raise your fist into the air. As your dog follows the delicious smell, it will raise its head and put its bottom on the floor

As soon as it is sitting down, say “sit” and give it the treat.

Repeat as many times as it takes for the dog to understand. 

#3 Shake

the Australian shepherd raises his paw

Since dogs have a natural instinct to raise their paws when asking for something, teaching this trick is going to be quite easy.

First, you need to teach your dog how to sit or do it when they are already sitting on their own.

Take a treat and hide it in your fist, holding it in front of them. When your dog lifts up his paw, even just a little bit, open your hand and give it the treat.  

If your dog doesn’t lift up his paw, you can gently lift it up yourself

Don’t forget to say “shake” as you give him the treat, and repeat these steps a couple of times until he gets it. 

#4 Spin

While your dog is standing up, hold a treat near his nose and wait for him to smell it. As soon as he figures out what you have in your hand, slowly pull the treat to the side, so that your dog follows it with his head.

Keep pulling the treat in a circle, making sure your dog is following it all the way.

Once your dog has made a full circle, say “spin” and give him the treat and a good little cuddle.

Repeat these steps until he understands what you are trying to do.   

Later on, you can even teach him to spin in a certain direction by teaching him commands, such as “spin left” and “spin right”, pulling the treat to the left or right.  

#5 Lay down 

American Staffordshire terrier dog lies on the grass and is petted by a woman

While your dog is sitting down on the ground, hide a treat in your hand and bring it close to his nose.

Once he smells the treat, slowly bring your hand down to the floor, making sure that your dog follows it. 

When he is completely laying down, open your hand, give him the delicious treat, and say “lay down”.

Repeat this process as many times as you need to until he understands. 

Why Are Tricks Important

Teaching your dogs tricks doesn’t only make them look adorable as ever, but it also helps them stay happy and healthy.  

Tricks also stimulate your dog’s brain, which is super important for their overall well-being. 

They assist in establishing communication and social skills. Tricks help dogs understand human cues, making their life alongside their hooman so much easier. 

But, overall, they are a great way to bond with your dog. Dog owners spend a lot of quality time with their dogs, teaching them new things, improving their relationship, and creating memories that will last forever.

A Little Tip

As you can see, it is best to have a couple of treats on hand while you are having your lessons.

They serve as a great motivator and indicator that your dog is doing a good job, and they will definitely want to do the trick again and again.

However, before you start your lessons, it is also important to teach your dog how to nicely take treats out of your hand!

Final Word

There are many other tricks you can teach your dog to do. I just wanted to show you the easiest ones, which are the least likely to overwhelm you or your four-legged friend.

Please remember that not every dog will learn at the same pace. Some dogs need a bit more time to learn certain tricks than others, so be patient. I promise you it will all be worth it.

Happy learning!