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24 Dogs With Pointy Ears That Really Are On Point

24 Dogs With Pointy Ears That Really Are On Point

No one really looks for dogs with pointy ears when finding the best dog for themselves.

But, there’s so much more to these dogs than their sharp, erect ears.

The following 24 dog breeds you’re about to see are simply magnificent in every possible way. Their pointy ears only make them more pawdorable!

1. Siberian Husky

siberian husky lying on the grass

Our Siberian Husky buddy is an ideal example of a dog breed with pointy ears. Huskies feature quite large ears in a triangular shape. They’re thick and always stand erect.

There are no particular differences in terms of appearance when you compare male and female Huskies. Meaning, they both have the same ear shapes.

Huskies are beloved family dogs, excellent guardians, and reliable friends. Before their days as family dogs, they had many other duties that they performed for their humans.

As herding dogs, they used to help humans pull their sleds and participated in hunting choirs.

Siberian Huskies come in all sorts of coat colors, so an extraordinary appearance is guaranteed.

You’re going to love them for their sweet characters, occasional wacky outbursts of energy, and the ability to speak to their humans. Erm, I mean to howl, Huskies howl

2. Chihuahua

chihuahua dog lying on the chair

Chihuahuas are definitely one of the smallest dog breeds fashioning pointy ears. Dogs with pointy ears can seem a bit intimidating.

So, is that the case with our Chi buddy? Well, Chihuahuas can be a bit aggressive and snappy but I like to say that they’re just territorial and have a short fuse.

Still, Chihuahuas have big hearts, just as big as their ears!

There’s something utterly adorable about having a small body, a tiny head, and ears so big they make you look like you’re a four-legged bat.

What’s curious about Chihuahuas is that they’re born with floppy ears. The pointy ears step in when the puppy turns into an adult.

3. German Shepherd

german shepherd in the park

They may have floppy ears as puppies, but these dogs surely grow into them.

Yep, another popular breed on our list of dogs with pointy ears is the German Shepherd (GSD).

Our GSD and many other dogs that look like GSDs, fashion big and pointy ears. You’ll recognize a German Shepherd for its strong, muscular body, long and pointed muzzle, as well as the signature black and tan coat, one of the many GSD coat colors.

All adult German Shepherds have pointy ears. They stand up straight, enabling these doggos to hear everything and complete meaningful tasks with the police and the military forces.

These are loyal dogs, serving humans no matter what the circumstances.

4. Corgi

corgi dog in sunny day

We can’t forget about our Corgi buddies! They’re dogs with pointy ears too!

Even though the big Corgi smile, long body, and short legs are the first things people notice about this breed, pointy ears are still very much there. They give this dog breed a lovely appearance and really elevate their looks.

Both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi have the same ear shape. The differences between the two types have no impact on their ear shape.

Corgis have lots of great qualities, and that’s why people love them. These dogs are terrific with children and love making you laugh!

One characteristic of Corgis that may not be your favorite is that they shed.

So, no, Corgis aren’t hypoallergenic and will cause you minor issues with allergies (if you are allergic to dogs) and tidiness around the house. But, you’re still going to love having them around.

5. Samoyed

samoyed puppy lying on the floor

Oh, what’s that peeking out in that cloud of fluffiness? Those are pointy ears! Samoyeds have them, of course.

The big, white, fluffy dog breed known as the Samoyed is really proud of its appearance that features a thick coat, V-shaped ears, a pointy muzzle, and a fluffy tail.

These doggos are absolute beauties! You wouldn’t notice any difference between a boy and a girl Sammy because they look so much alike.

All Samoyed dogs are blessed with a lovely Sammy smile, which is a true reflection of their kind temperaments. You can bring these dogs into a family with kids with no worries. Samoyeds are sweet and not even close to being aggressive by default.

I sincerely recommend this dog breed as one of the finest family dog breeds.

6. Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog puppy resting on the wooden floor

Otherwise known as the Blue Heeler.

If you’re into herding dog breeds, then you’ll definitely recognize the Australian Cattle Dog. They’re one of the finest dogs used for this purpose. In fact, these dogs are extremely important for the country’s economy.

The Australian Cattle dog is an excellent working dog by day and a sweet companion by night. With its uniquely colored coat, this dog breed really oozes with beauty thanks to its upright ears and charming smile.

The Blue Heller isn’t one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, but lately, they’re on the right path to becoming one. Their hard work and overall friendliness will surely put them among the best ones.

If you’re interested in this pointy-eared dog, then you can contact some of these trusted ACD breeders.

7. Belgian Malinois

belgian malinois lying in the park

Their erect ears, long muzzle, and mighty muscular body makes people think they’re a version of German Shepherds. However, when you compare Belgian Malinois to GSDs, you’ll see that they’re cousins, not brothers.

Belgian Malinois are truly remarkable dogs with one of the most spectacular work ethics in the canine kingdom.

Sadly, they’re not a good fit for first-time owners as Belgian Mals require plenty of exercise daily, and they need a firm hand to guide them. Training a Belgian Mal is no a joke.

The only way you can completely own this dog and become his BFF is if you act as the alpha dog yourself.

But don’t think Belgian Malinois are just big dogs with feisty temperaments. They can be wonderful family dogs if you treat them right.

8. West Highland White Terrier aka Westie

west highland white terrier in the park

Dogs with pointy ears aren’t necessarily big doggos with big ears. In fact, it has nothing to do with their size, small dogs can have erect ears, too.

Usually, small pooches are much bigger in terms of their temperaments than you’d imagine.Our Westie buddy isn’t one of those pawdorable pooches that doesn’t want to do anything other than cuddle.

Sure, they love to cuddle, but they prefer to zoom around because they’re brimming with energy. This comes from the fact that the main purpose of breeding Westies was to have a small dog that would chase rats away from the farm.

Westies need lots of space for playing. They exhibit the typical terrier behavior of chasing down pretty much any small animal.

9. Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher in the forest

There are two ways for a dog to have pointy ears: to be born with them, or for them to be cropped and taped on purpose. Our Doberman is one of those dogs with pointy ears that is not born with them.

Even though you might think that Dobies have naturally spiked-up ears, that’s not really the truth. Rarely does any dog breed have such stiff ears.

I mean, GSDs have pointy ears, but they’re not that pointy and stiff. When you compare the GSD and the Dobie, you can see which ears look more natural.

But the long practice of taping Dobie’s ears has made lots of us think that’s the way they are supposed to be. It gives the Dobie a scarier look and makes everyone believe they’re one of the dangerous dog breeds.

Still, ear taping is just for cosmetic purposes. There’s really no health benefit in taping the ears on purpose.

10. Basenji

basenji dog sitting on a carpet

Basenjis are hunting dogs with an exquisite work ethic. They’re also proud to belong to the club of dogs with pointy ears. Some even claim Basenji dogs use their sense of hearing to hunt better.

Their small, triangular ears help them hear their prey better, as well as praise coming from their owners.

Basenjis are extremely affectionate, although you may not think that at first because they have a pretty dominant appearance, so people often believe that they’re tough.

But, there’s really nothing tough about Basenjis. These dogs are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Basenjis come in lots of lovely coat colors.

They’re considered one of the small dog breeds, so are perfectly fit for living with families that don’t have much space.

Trust me, the pointy ears are just the tip of the iceberg as to why Basenjis are such wonderful pets.

11. Swedish Vallhund

swedish vallhund in the park

No, this isn’t a German Shepherd mix, and it’s especially not a wolf mix.

Meet the Swedish Vallhund, a purebred dog breed recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

This dog breed is pawdorable for many reasons, one of them being their pointy ears. They’re small, triangular in shape, and always stand pointed up so they can hear every sound. Swedish Vallhunds aren’t hunting dogs; they’re shepherds.

These pups were purposely bred as assistants to Swedish shepherds. Even their body is built low to the ground because it was designed to be fast!

Swedish Vallhunds are small and feisty. They do their job quickly and on point. If you want one as a pet, then you will be relieved to hear that they make excellent companions too.

Swedish Vallhunds are sweet, sociable, and just the kind of dogs you need to lift your mood.

12. Bull Terrier

bull terrier in the park

Bull Terriers have come a long way from being used for a blood sport, called “bull baiting”, to today. Sadly the name linked to this so-called sport stayed, but that’s definitely not what characterizes this dog breed.

Bull Terriers are as funny and energetic as any other terrier dog. Today’s Bull Terriers are great family dogs. They’re playful, cheerful, and love making people laugh.

From time to time, they can manifest some mischief, but that’s not because they’re bad to the bone.

Bull Terriers are simply happy-go-lucky dogs.

You’re going to love their unique temperaments as well as their unusual appearance. Besides their long and pointy ears, Bull Terriers are recognizable for their small, round eyes, elongated muzzle, and small body.

These dogs also come in lots of coat color varieties, white being the most common.

13. Akita Inu

akita inu in the park

One of the most recognizable dogs with pointy ears is definitely the Akita. We actually have two different types of Akita Inu dogs, American and Japanese.

When you compare the American and the Japanese Akita, you’ll see they have quite a lot of differences. But, they do have one thing in common: their signature pointy ears.

Akitas are originally from Japan, where they represent happiness, health, and a long lifespan.

The first time I saw an Akita I thought they were some sort of guard dog because of their dominant posture. However, Akitas are closer to herding dogs, used back in the day to hunt boars in pack.

They’re not as tough as you might think. Instead, Akitas are more reserved and think carefully about whom to give their attention to.

It’s not easy to own an Akita. They’re definitely not for first-time dog owners, so keep that in mind before you adopt one.

14. Rat Terrier

rat terrier puppy outdoors

Well, they definitely don’t grow into those ears!

Have you ever seen a Rat Terrier before? Or even a Toy Rat Terrier?

Their ears are simply too big for their tiny bodies. As one of the most unusual small dog breeds, the Rat Terrier doesn’t enjoy the popularity he used to have.

These dogs were extremely popular back in the day when President Teddy Roosevelt promoted their breeding.

Rat Terriers were an extra helping hand in reducing the numbers of rats, and preventing infestations in the White House and all over the States.

Rat Terriers today are fast, energetic, happy, and easy-going overall. They’re exactly what a terrier dog is supposed to be like.

All you need is a firm hand and someone that will show them who’s the boss, and you’ll enjoy life with a Rat Terrier.

15. Yorkshire Terrier aka Yorkie

yorkshire terrier sitting in the grass

In case you haven’t noticed before, Yorkies are dogs with pointy ears. Yeah, I get that it’s hard to notice them because the first thing someone notices about Yorkshire Terriers is their adorable little face, and tiny, silky bodies.

Yorkies definitely have pointy ears. They’re triangular in shape and covered in silky Yorkie hair. What’s so amazing about Yorkies is the fact they’re hypoallergenic.

But their extremely good looks aren’t the only thing that makes Yorkies worth having. These cuties are lap dogs, designed to be your companions. Yorkies are sweet, kind, and highly attached to their humans.

Despite their tiny size, Yorkies make great family pets. Unlike some small dogs (I’m looking at you, Mr. Chihuahua), they don’t have the big dog syndrome. Meaning, they won’t act all dominant, trying to be what they aren’t.

16. French Bulldog aka Frenchie

french bulldog sitting on the couch

They may not have the pointiest ears of all the dogs here, but French Bulldogs still belong on this list.

When it comes to pointy ears, the most important thing you need to understand is that they don’t have to be so sharp. They’re either triangular-shaped and up, or floppy. And, let’s not pick floppy over upright.

The problem with floppy-eared dogs is they’re highly prone to ear infections. Dogs with pointy ears don’t have this issue at all.

Our Frenchie buddy has some really large pointy ears that only point out their quirky adorableness. Also known as clown dogs for their wacky temperaments, Frenchies are a delight to have around and are just the type of dog you need to cheer you up.

So, there’s really no point in wondering if Frenchies can be aggressive dogs.

17. Pomeranian

pomeranian dog running in the park

Hidden in all that orange fluff and cuddliness are two little pointy ears.

Take a good look at our Pom Pom buddy. They are dogs with pointy ears too!

Even though the first thing we all notice about Pomeranians is their sweet smile, the rest of their appearance doesn’t go unnoticed. Pomeranians, whether they’re regular or teacup Poms, are one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

These lovely pooches aren’t just average companion dogs. No! Pomeranians carry the alert gene and can be trained into becoming terrific watch dogs. No one said only medium-sized or large dogs can serve as watchdogs.

In fact, Poms are highly focused on their family members, so they’ll easily notice if something’s representing a threat to them.

18. Great Dane

great dane on a beach

Great Danes are another one of those dogs that get their ears cropped or taped to make them pointy.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s really no point to having this procedure done. Veterinarians all agree that there are no benefits whatsoever for our Great Danes.

The whole point of taping on purpose was to make them less likely to get hurt in dog fights.

I won’t mention how cruel dog fights are. We’re lucky they’re banned almost everywhere. I want to shine light upon something obvious here. The Great Dane is a giant dog.

Why would you make his ears pointy? He won’t fight because he’s far bigger than other dogs. And, he’s the sweetest soul ever.

All Great Danes can have either floppy or pointy ears. You can read the comparison between the American and the European Great Dane to help you decide which type to pick.

19. Boston Terrier

boston terrier lying in the grass

The American Gentleman is probably one of the most unique nicknames for a dog. Our Boston Terrier has its lovely, signature tuxedo coat to thank for the nickname. However, Bosties also come in blue, red, and other color varieties.

It’s not only the coat color that makes these pups so special. They have some pretty impressive dog ears!

Bosties small ears are always standing so upright and proud, listening closely for sounds he may not like, or for familiar noises like the rustling of the treat bag.

I love recommending Boston Terriers to people that have time to take care of active dogs. They do require daily exercises, but they also like snoozing on the couch and cuddling. The Boston Terrier brings the best of both worlds.

I’m not surprised that they’re one of the most popular breeds from the States!

20. Shiba Inu

shiba inu sitting in the forest

I have a soft spot for Shiba ears. They’re small, pointy, and so fluffy!

In fact, the whole Shiba Inu is super fluffy and cuddly.

These Japanese dogs have become more and more popular in the States over the past couple of decades. People love them for their incredibly good looks, bold temperaments, and that X factor they carry.

There’s just something about these dogs that makes them special. I can’t really put my finger on it, but if you’re a Shiba Inu fan, you’ll know it.

Besides their signature orange coat color, Shibas also come in black, which is even more unusual and beautiful.

21. German Spitz

german spitz standing in the grass

No, this is not the same dog as the Pomeranian. Don’t you notice the difference in their size, as well as in their facial features?

The German Spitz is a much bigger dog than the Pom, with a pointed muzzle, a fluffy coat, and erect ears.

This dog breed is extremely alert, playful, and eager to learn. They love their owners more than anything and would bend over backward to make them happy.

22. Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo dog outdoors

Hello there, Mr Pointy Ears!

Would you look at how pointy this dog’s ears are?

In case you don’t recognize this breed, it’s the Portuguese Podengo, a hunting dog specialized for hunting rabbits.

The Podengo is actually an ancient breed that’s reclaiming its popularity again.

You’re going to love them for their cheerful personality and overall pleasant appearance, especially if they’re featuring a wiry coat.

23. American Pitbull Terrier

american pitbull terrier sitting in nature

Actually, it’s quite unusual to see an American Pitbull Terrier (APBT) with pointy ears. Usually, these dogs are subjected to ear cropping.

Sadly, they were also one of the breeds used for cruel sports, which is why their ears were treated with cropping and taping.

Let’s leave APBTs and their ears alone. Let them be floppy! Pointy ears won’t make a difference and they certainly don’t make a dog tougher because Pitbulls are generally sweet and friendly.

So, avoid asking around for Pitbull ear cropping methods, please.

24. Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute in the snow

Lastly, we have another wolf-like doggo on our list.

The Alaskan Malamute is truly an admirable dog breed. Their appearance, almost resembling a wooly Husky, is simply mesmerizing with their thick coats..

However, Malamutes are not Husky brothers and sisters but they are cousins, hence their similar appearance.

The reason dog lovers choose Malamutes as their pets is because they’re loyal, alert, and ready to step in to defend their owners if needed.

My favorite part of Alaskan Malamutes are their small, pointy ears, with rounded tips. Which is definitely because they’re so tiny and adorable compared to the relatively big size of their bodies.


Dogs with pointy ears always have their appearances on point.

They’re all beautiful dogs with interesting histories and even more interesting lifestyles.

I guarantee that the pointy ears will just be a drop in the sea of how wonderful Malamutes, Rat Terriers, Shibas, and all other dogs on this list are!