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Cane Corso Presa Canario Mix: A Word On This Unusual Hybrid

Cane Corso Presa Canario Mix: A Word On This Unusual Hybrid

Although they come from the same family of Mastiff dogs, like the Bullmastiff, the Boerboel, the Bulldog, the Pitbull terrier, etc, Cane Corso and Presa Canario dogs don’t come from the same bloodline or the same country.

Still, they were close enough to meet and create a rather fantastic mixed-breed puppy; the Cane Corso Presa Canario mix. Meet the Corso Presa puppy – your family’s new best friend!

What is this unique creature? Is it a family dog, or a dangerous dog? How do you deal with their wary temperament? And, are you supposed to be afraid of the Cane Corso Presa Canario mix?

Now, you’re gonna know these things!

Four Dogs, Or A Mix Of Two Breeds?

black cane corso presa canario mix

Photo from: @chicofidan

For those who aren’t very familiar with the canine world, let’s clear up some things: the Cane Corso is one dog breed, and the Presa Canario is another. These two dog breeds make the Cane Corso Presa Canario mix.

It may sound like you’re dealing with four different dogs, or crossbreeds making another crossbreed, but these are only complex names of two dogs.

The Cane Corso dog breed, otherwise known as the Italian Mastiff, dates back to ancient times, to the extinct breed of the Molosser. It was a favorite of the old Romans for many tasks, including war actions.

What they used to do is strap flaming buckets to the dog’s back and have them run into enemy lines. The dogs contributed by keeping cattle safe from wild dogs, staying on guard and watching homes and their people.

No wonder why people call them bodyguard dogs! Their tendency to act protective is widely-known.

Despite World Wars almost making them go extinct, the breed rose from the dead in the 1970s and late 1980s, and climbed up the popularity ladder.

Today, the Cane Corso is one of the most popular dog breeds in the States, ranking at number 32 of all popular breeds.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognition came in the 2010s. If you ask me, their position should be far better than this rank because Cane Corsos are sweet creatures that just need to be understood.

As for the other dog breed, Presa Canario, a.k.a. the Canary Mastiff, the Perro de Presa Canario or the Dogo Canario, are large herding dogs. Originally, this interesting dog is from the Canary Islands.

In case you’re not good in geography, these Islands are located northwest of Africa, but politically speaking, they belong to Spain. As you can see, Italy and Spain are very close, which makes these two parent breeds even more connected.

Presa Canario is another ancient dog breed. They don’t go as far back in history as the Cane Corso, but they still date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. These dogs were bred most likely by using the pre-hispanic sheepdog, Bardino Majorero, as a base.

But, unlike the Cane Corso, the Presa Canario has a very misfortunate history. They were used for dogfighting – a cruel “sport” conducted by ignorant people that hate dogs. This made the Presa Canario very dangerous by default, and quite aloof with pretty much everyone but its owner.

Even though dog fighting was banned from Spain in 1940, it still continued to exist far from the eyes of the public.

Eventually, this cruel sport almost wiped out the Presa Canario dog breed from the face of the Earth. The good news is that they didn’t stay extinct for too long. The breed successfully recovered in the 1970s, and arrived in the States in 1980, classified as an exotic dog breed.

Still, the bad reputation of being a fighting dog follows them. Sadly, all we can do is embrace them and train them to be well-behaving dogs that tolerate others around them.

Appearance: What Does This Hybrid Dog Look Like?

portrait of a cane corso presa canario mix

Photo from: @denali.the.canecanario

While it’s uncertain as to what a mixed-breed puppy will look like since they don’t have a breed standard, with this hybrid, at least we know it’s gonna be a large dog. Both parents are Mastiff breeds; hence, their broad body frame. Well, guard dogs have to be big and bulky. I mean, have you ever seen a Maltese guardian? I don’t think so.

That’s why the Corso’s 85 to 110 pounds and the Presa’s 85 to 130 pounds are perfectly okay for this dog breed.

These two have similar height measurements, with the Cane having 24 to 18 inches at the withers, and the Presa having 22 to 26 inches at the withers. Remember, it’s the measurement up to the shoulders that counts, not the head.

The Cane Corso Presa Canario mix (or the Corso Presa) as I like to call them, is a muscular dog with hardly any fat on its body. That is if it’s fed the right way. These dogs are the embodiment of fit and active doggos.

You can expect your Cane Presa to fall in the same weight and height range as its parents. Slightly bigger and slightly smaller dogs are still okay as they don’t have a breed standard to look up to.

We’re discussing a puppy whose parents are very much alike in so many ways. Besides their bulky body and square head shape, which are found in brachycephalic dogs, the Cane and the Presa share the same coat type and some coat colors.

The Cane Corso has a thin undercoat, but the Presa doesn’t. The Corso Presa puppy may inherit this undercoat, but it’s not a big deal as it still won’t shed like crazy.

These mixed-breed puppies will have a smooth, short coat in many lovely colors. Those colors include a range of black, grays, fawn, fawn combinations with silver, red, brindle, and brindle with brown or red.

Since the Presa parent has a signature black mask around its eyes, nose, and lips, it’s very possible that the Corso Presa puppy mix will inherit the same look. No matter which color the Cane Corso Presa Canario mix turns out to be, you can always tell it will be gorgeous, shiny, and silky to the touch.

Some puppies may also inherit the Presa’s cat-like manners. This parent has a long tail and something that dog experts call the “cat foot”. They’re graceful, elegant, and really resemble feline moves.

Presa Canario Cane Corso Mix: Character Traits

cane corso presa canario mix dog with collar

Photo from: @maggiemysweetboo

One thing is for sure: the Corso Presa mix is one smart cookie. They’re highly intelligent dogs that like to have everything their way. Being so stubborn gave them the chance to act so confident.

When you see the Presa Canario Cane Corso mix walking on the street, you’ll notice how they ooze with confidence as if they’re saying: Can’t touch this!

Seriously, their confidence helped them a lot with performing tasks of a guardian dog. They’re extremely protective and territorial. This is not necessarily a bad trait because they only want to keep you safe; not to attack people for fun.

Despite being so overprotective and aloof with strangers, Corso Presa mixed dogs are sociable animals that need human interaction. Interactions with kids, unknown people, and other animals are welcome in a small dosage.

This is a dog for one man with a firm hand that will guide it through life. You, as the alpha, should train your dog not to discriminate against other creatures, and learn how to co-exist in the same household.

As you can figure out, the Cane Corso Presa Canario mix is not as affectionate as you would like him to be. Don’t expect him to snuggle with you in bed. He prefers to love you from a distance, keeping his personal space free.

Is A Cane Corso Presa Canario Mix Really That Aggressive?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

There’s a huge chance that the Cane Corso Presa Canario mix will be an aggressive dog. For example, one of the dog cousins, the Dogo Argentino, has no aggressive traits as they were bred out through selective breeding.

But, the Presa was bred to be an aggressive, fighting dog. He had to fight to the death in order to survive.

I wouldn’t recommend you get an untrained Corso Presa dog. If you’re getting a puppy, make sure that the breeder has spent some time socializing the litter. Training and early socialization are crucial with this crossbreed.

If you don’t listen to this advice, you will end up with a dog you can’t trust. And, that’s not something any dog owner should have.

Can This Mixed-Breed Dog Be Trusted With Kids?

adult cane corso presa canario mix

Photo from: @kelseybronson

I wouldn’t recommend leaving any large dog breed alone with kids, especially not this crossbreed.

With a huge tendency to be aggressive, and having working dog genes, the Corso Presa dog might try to chase down your kids, knock them over, or even do something worse like bite them.

Never leave them alone. I’m not trying to scare you away from this dog. You won’t find a better guardian than the Corso Presa, but you must be cautious.

How Trainable Is The Corso Presa?

Corso Presa dogs are dogs that like discipline. They’re working pups, with a strong desire to have a function in the chain. There is no “if” in training these dogs. You must train them in order to have a properly-functioning dog. Corso Presas that aren’t trained are a danger to society and their owner, too.

Start with simple lessons. Most reputable breeders will introduce the puppy to potty training, so you shouldn’t have many problems there. What you should do is create lessons that will last around 10 minutes and end with treats and praises.

All dogs show their best work when trained with positive reinforcement. That’s a fact! The reason why we keep our lessons short is to keep the dog’s attention on us as they have a short attention span. Increase the duration of lessons when you notice improvement with your dog.

Just in case the Corso Presa puppy inherits more genes from the Canario family, you should train them not to chase down small animals like cats or small dogs.

Their high prey drive will push them like a little devil on their shoulders and make them hunt. It may sound funny, but it absolutely isn’t!

Moving on, train your Corso Presa not to chew and destroy items around the house. A good way to prevent this behavior is to let them have many toys that will keep them busy. A dog that has something to do won’t search and destroy. And, he won’t run away either! If you let your dog stay outside, make sure your yard is fenced and secured because these little masters of mischief can jump up to six feet in the air.

Impressing, isn’t it?

Does The Cane Corso Presa Canario Mix Require Many Exercises?

They’re energetic, muscular dogs, so what do you think: does the Corso Presa need much exercise?


This hybrid dog needs to have its day filled out. They need to have a purpose; a task that will keep them busy. If you can’t spare an hour and a half every day for exercising with your dog, then don’t get a Corso Presa puppy. They need tiring activities like swimming, hiking, or pulling a rope. A brisk walk in the park won’t do for them. At least, if you can’t exercise hard with them, take them on really long walks. This should waste their energy bar.

Along with physical exercise, provide plenty of toys for mental stimulation. You have to keep their brain busy during rainy days.

To keep an energetic dog far from any task would be a tragedy. Such dogs thrive when doing all sorts of activities. Go through some of the most common ones and you’ll find which one suits you and your dog the best.

What Are The Feeding Needs Of This Crossbreed Dog?

three bowls of dog food

The Cane Corso Presa Canario mix can be gluttonous. Go figure!

However, it doesn’t mean your pup or adult dog should eat as much as it can. Three cups of good-quality dry dog food a day will be enough for your dog.

I recommend you don’t serve this as one big meal as these dogs (and their parents, too) are prone to developing a condition called bloat. More on that later.

Dry dog food should consist of real animal protein, good carbs, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients responsible for making the dog feel well both inside and outside.

I would also recommend trying a raw diet. It has proven to work out well with the Cane Corso dog breed. Dogs are carnivores, and raw meat is exactly what they had before dog kibble was invented.

Also, since they’re already big dogs, we don’t need them to pack additional weight in terms of fat. Avoid treats as much as you can, and use other rewards for dog training. An obese dog is not something you’d want since it brings many health issues.

Grooming 101: How To Take Care Of A Cane Corso Presa Canario Mix?

dog brush on a table

Paying for groomers’ visits isn’t something everyone looks forward to. With all due respect to their profession, dog groomers can be pretty pricey for an average Joe. That’s why many people decide to groom their dogs at home. If you own a Samoyed, this requires some skills.

But, if you own a Cane Corso Presa Canario mix, you can groom him at home as much as you want. They’re very simple to maintain, low-shedding, and a delight to have around the house. No stray hair on your living room sofa! No guests covered in dog hair, even if your Corso

Presa mix inherits the double coat from the Italian side of the family.

The Corso Presa mix does require weekly brushing. It would be ideal if you could do it two to three times a week to promote a shiny, knot-free coat. This dog breed needs a nice, soft bristle brush, and an occasional pin brush to massage its skin.

Speaking of skin, it should not be dried out with frequent baths or aggressive dog shampoos.

Choose mild shampoos that are suitable for sensitive skin, and bathe your dog every two to three months. There’s really no point in bathing the dog sooner if he’s not dirty. This mixed-breed doesn’t have that signature doggy odor, so you will know when it’s time for a bath.

Of course, regular hygiene of your pup’s eyes, ears, teeth, and nails is implied. If you notice changes, redness, itchiness, or inflammations, you should seek vet help.

How Healthy Is This Dog Breed?

young cane corso presa canario puppy

Photo from: @luthercanecanario

I’m really happy to inform you that the Cane Corso Presa Canario mix is a healthy mixed-breed dog, with only a couple of genetic health issues that may be avoided. If you buy from a reliable source, you should be able to exclude health issues that can be transferred from parents to the litter.

An average Cane Corso Presa Canario mix may or may not suffer from the following health problems:

– elbow dysplasia

– hip dysplasia

– Osteochondritis dissecans

– Panosteitis, or growing pains

– Dilated cardiomyopathy, or thinned heart walls

– gastric torsion or bloat

Some of these conditions like bloat can be fatal and require immediate veterinary help. Others, like dysplasias, aren’t that severe, but they do affect the dog’s overall life quality significantly.

As a dog owner, you can also have an impact on your dog’s health status. Feed him nutritious meals, take him to vet check-ups, keep good hygiene habits, and exercise together regularly. Believe it or not, if you miss just one of these tasks, it can reflect on your dog’s happiness and, of course, his general health.

What’s The Average Life Expectancy Of The Cane Corso Presa Canario Dog?

Both Cane Corso and Presa Canario dogs have a fairly long and similar lifespan. The Cane Corso can live from 10 to 12 years, while the Presa lives a bit shorter, from nine to 11 years.

The Cane Corso Presa Canario mix will live as long as its parents, on average, for 10 years. Sure, this is over a decade spent with your favorite dog. I know every minute is valuable, and you will always ask for more.

However, when you compare this to other dogs’ lifespans, you’ll see that there are breeds that live significantly shorter than our hybrid pooch.

Presa Canario Cane Corso Mix Puppies For Sale

cane corso presa canario mix puppy

Photo from: @denali.the.canecanario

Sadly, you won’t have much fortune in finding a Cane Corso Presa Canario mix puppy at your local shelter. The parent breeds are pretty uncommon, and so is their mixed puppy.

What you need is a reputable breeder who won’t scam you, and will provide all the necessary health records to prove to you that the puppy is completely healthy.

Corso Presa mix puppies from good breeders can cost you anywhere from $1,800 to $2,500. This price almost matches the price of a Presa Canario puppy, which is $1,500 to $2,500. The Cane Corso parent price is a bit higher, ranging from $2,500 to $8,000.

These initial prices are only the beginning as the first year in the life of every first-time dog owner is the year with the most expenses. You will need a good, orthopedic dog bed, quality dog food, treats, toys, veterinary checkups, treatments, and so many more things that will add up the bill.

Should I Get A Cane Corso Presa Canario Mix?

cane canario

Photo from: @the_gingerbeardman

This is not a yes or no question. Whether to get a Presa Corso puppy, you should first determine your life habits. Are you active? Are you ready to be a leader? Are you even capable of taking care of such an animal?

The Cane Corso Presa Canario mix is… demanding! He wants attention, he wants a job, and he wants guidance.

You and your family members may like him at first, but if working out or keeping them busy is becoming difficult for you, maybe you should consider other guardian dogs like the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler, or the simple Labrador.

The Corso Presa mix is not an affectionate dog. He won’t shower you in wet kisses, and he won’t keep your feet warm at night. He’s a fighter turned protector that will watch like a hawk over your family and help you sleep better at night.

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