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Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans? Detailed Answer

Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted To Humans? Detailed Answer

We’ve all been in a similar situation at some point in our lives, whether with our own dog or with someone else’s pup.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re simply minding your own beeswax and the next thing you know, a friend’s dog is trying to mount your leg or arm?

Or, maybe you once had some friends over to hang out at your place, and your puppy was the one that started mounting an innocent person out of the blue.

Now, you might be asking yourself: is there a reason why dogs try to hump humans?

Can dogs get sexually attracted to humans?

Although this can be an uncomfortable situation for lots of people, it’s not considered to be weird or bizarre behavior in the world of dogs.

The simple answer is that there is, in fact, a method to this madness.

Dogs might exhibit this peculiar behavior for all sorts of different reasons, and it’s most likely not because of sexual attraction to humans.

Sometimes, it’s just a way for a canine to let out some steam and burn up extra energy.

Other times, it can be because they are simply bored and they just want to attract some attention.

However, it can also sometimes be interpreted as a sign that the dog is trying to display dominance.

So, without further ado, let’s go over all the different reasons why dogs try to hump humans, as well as some other questions you might have, such as if dogs can get turned on by humans.

Can Dogs Get Turned On By Humans?

owner playing with golden retriever

The most straightforward answer to the question of whether dogs can get turned on by humans is no, our canine companions do not get turned on by humans.

In fact, apart from being genetically different from humans, dogs do not experience sexual attraction the same way we humans do.

Here are the three main reasons why we humans and dogs cannot procreate.

1. Reproductive Isolation.

The simplest reason why our canine companions don’t become sexually attracted to human beings is because of reproductive isolation.

What this means is that although dogs and humans are both mammals, and we do have genetic similarities, we are, in fact, different species.

We are just simply not biologically wired for sexual intercourse with one another due to our genetic differences.

But wait… since we humans also share DNA with other mammals with whom we have common ancestors like chimpanzees, does that mean that we can reproduce with them?

Again, the answer is no. This is because our two species are genetically separated by thousands of years of evolution, which has naturally led to reproductive isolation.

Every animal species on the planet needs to be reproductively isolated in order to ensure that they remain their own species over time.

This also explains why we humans don’t get attracted to other mammals like chimpanzees or dogs, the biological drive to procreate makes us gravitate toward our own species.

2. Genetic Differences.

The genomes of dogs and human beings are clearly not suited for each other. Even though we share many of the same genes due to having common ancient ancestors, we are far too dissimilar to produce offspring.

Our best friends have genomes that influence their biological development differently than genomes in humans.

The purpose of genomes is to serve as a kind of blueprint of how a certain species is supposed to be built.

Obviously, a dog’s genomes make it develop two pairs of legs, a tail, paws, and a body covered with fur.

Whereas human genomes signal the body to develop only one pair of legs, a pair of arms with opposable thumbs, less body hair, etc.

The other key genetic difference between humans and dogs that prevents both sexual attraction and procreation is the number of chromosomes they possess.

Canines have 39 pairs of chromosomes while humans have 23 pairs.

Chromosomes need to attach to each other in order to create new offspring. Since humans and dogs don’t have the same chromosomes, they are unable to crossbreed.

3. Dogs Experience Attraction Differently.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t have the ability of logical thinking and higher reasoning.

Thousands of years of evolution have influenced humans to develop the mental capacity for logic and reasoning in order to ensure that we are not driven solely by sexual urges, increasing our chances of survival.

When it comes to love, humans have three different categories: attraction, attachment, and lust, whereas dogs experience only attraction and attachment, albeit a bit differently than we humans do.


For humans, physical attraction is based on two factors.

The first factor is competition. You’ve probably noticed that male humans tend to gravitate toward females who have many suitors, and vice versa.

It is biologically ingrained into our psyches to want to procreate with a person of the opposite sex who has multiple suitors to choose from.

The other factor is individual preference. This comes down to sexual orientation, looks, personality traits, and all the other nuances of human behavior that influence attraction.

Dogs, however, experience attraction differently.

The only thing that attracts male dogs to bitches, and vice versa are pheromones that signal fertility.
Pheromones are unique odors that are secreted by a dog’s anal glands to signal different states of mood like the need for sexual contact, fear, aggression, etc.

The reason why dogs don’t feel sexual attraction toward humans is that humans secrete different kinds of pheromones that only turn on other humans specifically.

Dogs are unbiased toward other dogs concerning gender, personality, looks, and competition.

Male dogs will take any chance they get to mate when they sense a female dog’s pheromones.


Human beings experience bonding and attachment as a by-product of spending time with another person, both physically and mentally.

This is due to the hormone, oxytocin, that is secreted by the pituitary gland when we experience sex, affection, and romantic love.

Our canine companions also experience a release of oxytocin during mating, which leads to feelings of attachment and bonding with other dogs.

But, for dogs, this attachment is not nearly the same intensity as it is in humans.

As far as dogs getting attached to humans, we all know that they are extremely loyal and devoted to their owners.

This is because dogs are pack animals, and they will usually view their owners as their pack leaders.

Dogs feel the need to worship and protect the leader of their pack, in addition to being attached to them, but not in a sexual sense.


Desire, or lust, is an unconscious psychological force that is uniquely specific to human beings.

It is the feeling of wanting sexual pleasure without the need to procreate, which is solely found in humans.

Dogs and other animals, however, do not experience carnal lust the same way humans do.

They might exhibit promiscuous behavior and lots of copulation when turned on.

However, this is because they are biologically wired to mate multiple times over the course of several days when a female dog is in heat (or estrus cycle) in order to ensure that they pass on their genes.

Fun fact: Just like we humans do, our canine companions experience orgasms at the point of climax during mating.

Why Do Dogs Hump Humans, Then?

Now that you know for sure why dogs don’t get sexually attracted to humans, you might be wondering why they still feel the need to hump us.

Well, it’s not exactly rocket science, but it can be a bit confusing because there are a few different reasons for this peculiar dog behavior.

It’s fairly obvious that while mating for the first time, male dogs mount bitches from behind, but not a lot of people know that when they first penetrate, their genitals become interlocked.

This is commonly referred to as the tied stage of dog breeding.

But, what about the moments when dogs hump or mount a dog’s owner’s legs or arms?

Although some pet owners believe that this is a sign of sexual arousal, this is definitely far from the truth.

There are several reasons why a dog might want to hump a human, and it’s most likely not out of sexual desire.

Dogs that are not neutered or spayed tend to exhibit mounting and humping more than their intact counterparts.

An interesting fact to note is that contrary to what you might think, female dogs will also hump other male dogs. This usually happens during the courting phase just before the previously mentioned tied stage of dog breeding.

Let’s go over some reasons why dogs exhibit mounting and humping behavior at different stages of their lives.

Why Puppies Mount And Hump

dog humping owner's leg

Young puppies, predominantly male puppies, tend to mount and hump usually due to sexual behavior. They do this as practice for the future when they reach their sexual maturity stage.

In the beginning stages of puppyhood, they will mount anything they can get their paws on. Later on, when they develop into young adults, they will start to mount and hump other pups and humans.

Puppies will also mount and hump because they might be over-excited and playful.

It’s perfectly normal puppy behavior (up until around one year of age) that should not be concerning.

Most dogs usually stop this puppy-like behavior after they mate with a bitch for the first time.

Why Adult Dogs Mount And Hump

Sexual Frustration

Probably the only time you should be concerned about your pet dog humping you is if it’s more than a year old.

When adult dogs exhibit humping, it could be caused by sexual frustration.

Your dog could be sensing a nearby female dog in heat, but it just never gets the chance to court it properly, so it might be using different objects or even humans as a form of masturbation.

Establishing Dominance

Another reason why adult dogs hump other dogs is to establish dominance.

This bully-like dog behavior can quickly escalate into an all out dog fight if not addressed properly.

If this is the case with your dog, you might want to contact a dog trainer to help you curb your dog’s enthusiasm with training.

Irritation Of The Skin

This is not usually a frequent phenomenon, but it could be the case nonetheless.

If your pup has irritated skin around it’s genitals or a skin infection down there that feels itchy, it might hump random objects like blankets or even humans to scratch that itch.

Usually, the most common problems that provoke this are urinary tract infections or merely skin infections.

Make sure to closely inspect the area around your dog’s private parts. If the surrounding area is red and irritated, it might be a sign of infection.

If that is the case, it’s time to take your dog for a trip to the vet.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Our Crotches?

frenchie and girl sitting on a couch

Another common misconception that some dog owners might believe is that dogs get sexually aroused because they sniff a person’s crotch.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions and think this behavior has something to do with sexual arousal, but rest assured that this is not the reason why dogs do it.

For other people, when a dog shoves their snout into their private parts for a quick whiff, it might lead them to believe that something is wrong with the way their pubic area smells.

But again, this is usually not the case.

Dogs sniff our private parts because they can smell the pheromones secreted by our apocrine glands, which are located in a human’s genitals and armpits.

They usually do this because they like you and want to sniff you, and because their nose is very sensitive to smells.

We humans cannot detect a dog’s pheromones, but dogs can certainly sense ours from a pretty good distance.

A dog is most likely to shove its snout into your private parts for a whiff if you’ve recently had intercourse, or if you’re a female owner on her period.

Because they naturally have a sense of smell forty times stronger than humans, it’s no wonder why dogs rely heavily on their olfactory senses.

Should You Stop These Behaviors?

dog sniffing his owner

Now that you know that there is indeed a method to the madness of a dog humping you and sniffing your private parts, the question remains:

Should you stop these behaviors?

Of course, since dogs have no sense of boundaries, they don’t consider these behaviors anything unusual.

However, that does not mean that we should always let it slide.

You should probably commit to curbing these behaviors mostly because people find it uncomfortable.

Rest assured that there are easy ways to make your dog stop humping and sniffing your private parts.

That said, let’s go over how you can curb these behaviors.


The simplest way to prevent your pup from mounting and humping is to spay or neuter your best friend when they are still in puppyhood.

Needless to say, this is an irreversible process that shouldn’t be performed if you plan on breeding your dog.

By fixing your dog, you lower the chances of your pup developing the need to mate, compared to a dog that has not been neutered or spayed.

That said, it’s best to consult with a vet in case you decide to fix your pup because there might be some consequences to the procedure.

Neutering male pups prior to the age of one can increase the risk of them developing hip dysplasia.

Spaying female dogs after the age of two, however, can lead to an increased risk of developing tumors.

So, in order to keep their best interest in mind, fixing is best avoided unless advised by a licensed veterinarian.

Remember never to use negative reinforcement, such as yelling at your dog when they try to hump someone or something.

What you should do instead is use positive reinforcement methods like commanding your dog to sit as soon as they start humping. If your pup obliges, give it a treat as a reward.

Keep up the positive reinforcement technique and we’re sure your pup will behave well in no time.

If that doesn’t work, it might be best to consult with a dog trainer in order to redirect your dog’s behavior and teach it not to exhibit behavior that you don’t approve of.

Crotch Sniffing

This behavior is not as big of a problem as humping, though it can still cause some uncomfortable moments.

It’s not a behavioral issue as much as it’s just a part of normal dog etiquette.

Dogs usually sniff each other’s bums and genitals as a form of greeting, and this also applies to new people they meet.

Most dogs won’t usually smell their owner’s crotch; they just want to sniff a new person to say hi and gather a bit of info on them.

If, however, your dog is an avid crotch-smeller and you or other people find it uncomfortable, tell the person to reach their hand out to your dog’s nose so they can gather information that way.

In Conclusion

Now that you know for sure that dogs can’t get sexually attracted to humans, you’re armed with more information to dish out as soon as someone claims dogs hump because of sexual arousal.

On the other hand, it’s natural for dogs to want to procreate, and exhibiting mounting and humping isn’t always necessarily a bad thing.

If it still persists after your dog reaches young adulthood, only then will you might want to consider doing something about it.

You can find a suitable mate for your dog, or you could go the route of spaying or neutering your canine companion.

Whatever you decide, make sure to give ample consideration in order to ensure that you don’t regret your decision later on.

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