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25 Bull Terrier Mixes You Need To Check Out

25 Bull Terrier Mixes You Need To Check Out

Bull Terriers are breeds that come with a lot of misconceptions. Why is that? One of the reasons is the way they look. They are quite unusual, and because of that, a lot of people think of them as intimidating.

Secondly, they are often used in dog fights and owned by people who don’t have good intentions.

They have been presented in a bad light, but we are here to set the record straight and prove differently. Bull Terriers are one of the goofiest dogs you can get.

These dogs are energy balls and there will never be a dull moment when they are around.

The most popular thing they do is catch their tails. Even the toughest people would laugh till they cry.

They often have zoomies, and they mostly occur when they are either excited to see the people or animals they love or when they get too excited during playtime.

As with any dog, early socialization and training are immensely important for this breed.

If you give your Bull Terrier enough discipline and love and show them that you are the leader, you will have a perfect pet and a big snuggle buddy. They are truly child-like dogs.

Now, can you imagine mixing any breed with this one and what amazing dogs can come out of it? Some people can’t imagine it, while others will find it very interesting. We are here to present the best Bull Terrier mixes that will surely steal your heart.

25 Best Bull Terrier Mixes

Mixed dog breeds are interesting. One of the reasons is that you never know what you will get, especially when you are mixing two breeds that don’t look anything alike and are worlds apart when it comes to their looks and personalities.

When it comes to Bull Terrier mixes people might assume that they are only mixed with dog breeds like a Pitbull, Boxer or Staffie, but that is not the truth.

They are mixed with many breeds that are totally different from them and don‘t fit in their category of dogs.

This is always exciting, especially if you have another breed that you really like besides a Bull Terrier. You never know, maybe the mix of your two dog breeds might be the perfect fit for you. Having a two-in-one is always a better option.

Now we can start with the list of mesmerizing Bull Terrier mixes.

1. Aussietarre: Bull Terrier X Australian Shepherd


Photo from: @junipmakespuppymoves

This is one of those mixes that people find strange because they don‘t have much in common.

The unusual thing about this breed is that they are very calm for the most part. Since both parents are energetic dogs, you need to make sure that they get enough exercise.

Throwing them a ball is the thing they enjoy most, so we advise you to do it throughout the day, especially if you live in a house. Regular walks and playtime are needed. For this mixed breed, early socialization is very important.

Another thing you need to know is that they don’t like to be left alone for a long time. Australian Shepherd colors mixed with interesting Bull Terrier colors result in a dog with amazing color patterns on their coats.

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2. Bull Terrier German Shepherd Mix

bull terrier german shepherd mix

Photo from: @wilson_the_wolfdog

When it comes to their appearance you never know what you might get. They can look like a German Shepherd that inherited the Bull Terrier’s characteristic snout but this isn’t that common. Their appearance feels like playing a DNA jackpot.

When it comes to their personality they can be a bit feisty. It is super important for you to show them that you are the pack leader.

If you don’t, they will for sure try to take on that role. They can be considered working dogs so you need to provide them with a lot of exercise.

A lot of positive reinforcement will be needed with this mixed breed, especially during training.

They are intelligent dogs that are pretty obedient but have their stubborn side. When you socialize and train them properly, you will end up with one loyal dog.

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3. Bullhuahua Terrier: Bull Terrier X Chihuahua

Bullhuahua Terrier

Photo from: @hundetrenerellen

Now, this is an unusual mix that you probably thought you would never see. We can agree on the fact that this is quite a unique mix.

Keep in mind that there are Miniature Bull Terriers and they are the ones mixed with breeds that are as small as a Chihuahua, especially the Teacup Chihuahua.

They usually look like a Chihuahua that is a bit bigger than they usually are, more muscular, and with a longer snout. These dogs really like to be surrounded by people and can’t take being alone.

This is a relatively new breed and they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

They are courageous dogs that love to protect their owners which makes them good watch dogs. You need to slowly introduce them to kids and other animals since they can get a bit snappy.

But with good early socialization, they will get along with everyone in every environment and climate.

4. English Bulldog Bull Terrier Mix

english bulldog bull terrier mix

Photo from: @lola_kennels

Here we have two breeds with unique and totally different snouts. Their snouts aren‘t the only different thing; these two purebred dogs also have totally different personalities.

A Bull Terrier dog has high energy while a Bulldog is a breed of dog that can be considered a couch potato. Some people like to call them English Bull Terriers.

Their appearance might be intimidating which usually makes them good guard dogs, but their personality is different. They are caring and loyal to their owners and are sweet, playful, and friendly dogs.

They can be a bit careful when meeting new people and dogs but they always end up making friends.

They can live in an apartment but only if you provide them with enough exercise, which is at least an hour a day. It doesn’t need to be anything intense, a long walk will be just fine for them.

They love to receive a lot of attention so you need to be prepared for a lot of kisses, snuggles, and positive reinforcement.

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5. Labrabull: Bull Terrier X Labrador Retriever


Photo from: @_olyah

When thinking about these two breeds you probably can’t find a connection between them. This might sound strange, but when it comes to their goofy, friendly, and loyal sides, they are actually quite similar.

You can expect that a Labrabull will inherit all those traits.

They tend to look like a Pitbull, but of course, their appearance varies. They can either inherit Labrador colors or a mix of colors from both breeds.

They are bigger dogs with high energy levels so an apartment wouldn‘t be the best option for them. A house with a big yard is perfect for them. They are perfect family dogs, even for families with kids.

They are gentle with kids and smaller animals even when they play a bit rough. They are highly intelligent just like both of their parents and, because of this, are eager to please their owners.

They are easy to train and they are happy to perform any trick you teach them.

6. French Bull Terrier: Bull Terrier X French Bulldog

french bull terrier

Photo from: @cassius_enzo

This mix is similar to the English Bulldog Bull Terrier mix, both appearance-wise and temperament-wise, because French and English Bulldogs are pretty similar. However, French Bulldogs are a bit more energetic than the English ones.

As a Mini Bull Terrier is used in this mix and the French Bulldog is also on the smaller side, they are medium to small dogs. They are regarded as a source of joy because they are goofy and playful dogs.

They love to be around people but can also live with one person as long as you give them lots of attention.

Having another dog besides this mix is great because they will keep each other company and will always have a play buddy. If you ever have guests over they won’t react too much, but they will probably be by your side just in case.

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7. Bullmatian: Bull Terrier X Dalmatian


Photo from: @badgerthedallybullterrier

This is also one mix that is on the stranger side. They inherit the Dalmatian’s black spots and white fur, even though there are Dalmatians that are of different colors. Occasionally, they will inherit a mix of all the colors both parents can be.

They are extremely social and loving dogs. They love to spend time with people and kids and will probably be the center of attention at any social gatherings. Both mental and physical simulations are very important.

They need to be exercised daily for at least an hour. They have a stubborn side to them so it is important for you to be the leader. This can be solved when they are puppies and you start the training early. But all in all, they are eager to please.

However, it’s important to know that one of the health problems this breed can have is deafness.

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8. American Staffordshire Terrier Bull Terrier Mix

american staffordshire terrier bull terrier mix

Photo from: @xena_the_purpleprincess

Since the parent breeds are both terrier breeds you can expect these to be high-energy dogs with the trait of guarding their owners and the people they love.

Since both breeds have some bad clouds following them this mixed breed isn’t thought of as a family pet by some people.

But, we are here to prove you wrong. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, just like any other dog, needs to be socialized from a very young age.

This is necessary because they have a strong personality and, if they are left to do what they want, they will probably take on the leadership role and be overprotective.

If everything is done correctly though, you will have a pet that will love you with all of its heart. They have muscular bodies so the correct dog food needs to be given to them to maintain that muscular figure.

Always check your local shelters; maybe one of these cuties is waiting for a forever home.

9. Bull Terrier Shih Tzu Mix

bull terrier shih tzu mix

This is for sure one of the most unusual breed mixes. These cuties look more like the Shih Tzu parent but with a slightly longer snout. But it all depends because they do vary in looks.

This crossbreed can be a bit spunky since both parents have strong temperaments.

These dogs don‘t like to be left alone and love to be around people. But not just anyone; their owners are the center of their lives. Because of their spunk, they need to be socialized as soon as possible.

Try to teach them various different tricks so they are always mentally stimulated.

Future dog owners that are considering getting this breed need to know that they might have some potential health problems, such as deafness, hip dysplasia, and heart diseases.

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10. Boston Terrier Bull Terrier Mix

Boston Terrier Bull Terrier Mix

Photo from: @bostonbullterrierce

This medium-sized dog is perfect for families that live an active lifestyle. They are not really recommended for first-time dog owners as they are really hyper and stubborn and need someone that has experience with being a pack leader.

But, once you establish that you are the leader, you will have a perfect life companion. They are amazing with kids and other animals and make fantastic watch dogs because of their alertness and love towards their family.

Even though they aren‘t big dogs, they aren‘t suited for an apartment. They need to let go of that energy regularly so a house with a yard is perfect for them.

An interesting fact is that they get mistaken for a purebred Boston Terrier because they have a similar look to them and color patterns on their coats.

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11. Poodle Bull Terrier Mix

poodle bull terrier mix

Photo from: @mabi_the_dog_ion

If you’ve ever heard of two things being so different that they look like they are from different planets, these two dogs fit the definition perfectly. Their looks and personalities are pretty different.

They can look exactly like a Poodle with the Bull Terrier snout, which some people find either strange or unique.

Since Poodles come in different colors, like a merle Poodle, and sizes, the appearance of this mix will vary as well. They also differ in personalities.

Not every dog will be the same but they have some common traits, such as being loyal to their owners and they will do anything for them.

Another thing is that they are high-energy dogs that love any type of activity. Whether they will be stubborn, calmer, watchdogs or goofy depends on the mix of inherited traits.

You never know what your Poodle Bull Terrier Mix will look like and what personalities they will have.

12. Australian Cattle Dog Bull Terrier Mix

australian cattle dog bull terrier mix

Photo from: @kris_nicole86

This is a very rare mix and there is not much information about this breed. One of the parents is a herding dog, while the other is more of a goofy dog. This dog can look so many different ways.

They can have brindle coats, a mix of colors, or one single color from either of the parents.

They are dogs that have high energy levels and love to spend time outside. They are suited for a house with a yard, and an even better option for this dog is living on a farm.

They need to be on the move constantly, so it is preferred for their owners to be active.

They can be good with kids, but because of their herding instinct, they can feel the need to put them in one room and protect them more than play with them. But, with proper training, they can be best friends.

If you like herding dogs as the Australian Cattle or, often called, the Blue Heeler is, check some other Blue Heeler mixes!

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13. Bull Terrier Pug Mix

bull terrier pug mix

Photo from: @macchi_thepup

This is also one of the rare crossbreeds. Their appearance varies but they mostly look like a bigger Pug with slightly flatter snouts than a Pug normally has. But of course, this depends on the DNA mix they inherited.

Since both Bull Terriers and Pugs have skin problems you can expect this mix to have them as well. These dogs can also have some breathing problems, but that depends on the type of snout they inherit.

This is why they should go for walks rather than long playdates.

If you let them play with other dogs for a long time, make sure they have some time out and drink a lot of water. They love their owners and are willing to do anything for them. They are also intelligent but aren‘t very fond of learning new tricks.

14. Bull Terrier Rottweiler Mix

bull terrier rottweiler mix

Photo from: @mara.anarchy

These dogs can look like a purebred Bull Terrier or can come in the colors and color patterns of a Rottweiler. They sometimes look like a Pitbull that has a black and brown color pattern.

Just like the Bull Terrier, people tend to think that Rottweilers are dangerous, so a mix of these two can sound intimidating. But, just like the parents, these dogs have a friendly nature if they are treated right.

They have a strong and muscular build that makes them look scary, but they can end up being the biggest cuddle bugs.

You need to introduce them to various dogs and animals if you want this mix to play with other dogs as well as exposing them to different people and sounds when they are young.

Try to give them as much attention as possible because they love to be surrounded by people.

15. Bullboxer: Bull Terrier X Boxer


Photo from: @figgis_n_charly

These dogs can be medium or big and have a memorable face because they can inherit a bit of both unique snouts from their parents. They will have muscular bodies and might look intimidating but are super lovable.

They usually have the colors of a Boxer but can also have a color mix of both parents. Both of these breeds are energetic, so you can expect your Bullboxer to be a high-energy dog. You need to exercise them every day for at least an hour.

They are able to play almost the whole day if you let them. Because of this, you should consider this breed only if you live in a house that has a yard. They also have a calm side and love to just lay around with their owner and receive many cuddles.

16. Bull Terrier Corgi Mix

bull terrier corgi mix

Photo from: @hank_the_bully21

These dogs are super cute. They usually look like a purebred Miniature Bull terrier, with either short or slightly longer coat lengths. Both dogs have big pointy ears, so this mix will for sure inherit this trait as well.

Some of the health issues these dogs can have are deafness, kidney disease, joint dysplasia, and glaucoma.

This does not mean they will definitely get any of those, but they are more prone to them than other breeds. Regular vet checks are needed.

Since both Bull Terrier and Corgis shed, this mix will shed as well. If you live in an apartment, you need to be prepared to have hair all over the place. The vacuum will be your best friend, especially in the season when they shed a lot.

17. Bull Terrier Dachshund Mix

bull terrier dachshund mix

Photo from: @shortymisteryoda

These dogs have such an interesting look. They have the body of the Dachshund with a bigger snout and head which make them look more like a Bull Terrier. Of course, this can vary, but in our opinion, this is the most unique-looking version.

They are small dogs that have a lot of personality. They are super sweet and friendly dogs that just love to play and spend time with their owners. They also like to play with other dogs but are always a bit careful.

If they inherit the small legs of a Dachshund, they will get tired quickly.

Depending on their appearance, they will either need just a short walk or a bit more intense exercise a day. Make sure you get to know your dog well and fulfill any needs they might have.

Since Dachshunds are needy, you can expect this mix to have a needy side as well.

18. Bull Terrier Beagle Mix

bull terrier beagle mix

Photo from: @heatherricquel

These dogs are super rare and, unfortunately, we don‘t have a lot of information about this crossbreed. Their appearance is never the same, and there aren’t many examples of all the varieties they can come in.

As far as we know, these dogs are super friendly and more like outside dogs. They need a lot of exercise because they have a lot of energy, but there are some examples where they are a bit more laid back.

These are the things we know about this dog. We certainly hope they will become more popular and people will see the potential of this mixed breed.

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19. Bull Terrier Mastiff Mix

bull terrier mastiff mix

Photo from: @localdogrescue

These dogs usually look like Mastiffs but with smaller and more compact bodies. Both of the parent breeds are strong and muscular dogs, so this mix will be as well.

They make amazing watch dogs because they love their owners and have a protective side to them.

They can be stubborn, so it is important for you to set the rules. When you establish your place in the pack, you will get a dog that respects you immensely. Mastiffs are considered to be gentle giants.

As we already said, this mix has a protective side and makes amazing watchdogs and prefer to be beside you on the couch receiving cuddles. When it comes to energy levels, they can be everything from low to medium to high-energy dogs.

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20. Bull Terrier Shar Pei Mix

bull terrier shar pei mix

Photo from: @moni__612

These dogs can have a really unique look to them. It can get especially interesting if you mix a Bull Terrier with a bear coat Shar Pei. Unfortunately, they aren‘t common and there isn‘t much information about them.

They can be amazing guard dogs since both dogs have the instinct to be careful somewhere in them, and they have a big ego and temper when needed. Because of this, they need to be socialized early on when you can shape their character a bit.

Because of some potential health problems, their lifespan might be shorter than usual. But don‘t worry, with regular vet appointments your pet will live a long and healthy life.

Read more about other interesting Shar Pei mixes!

21. American Pit Bull Terrier

american pit bull terrier

Photo from: @bull_terrier_rescue_inc

This is a mix of American Pit Bull and Bull Terrier. These dogs have been banned from some countries and are considered dangerous. Unfortunately, they are used and bred to be dangerous by bad people, but this is far from the whole story.

Both breeds have amazing personalities and can even resemble a small kid. This mixed breed will also have a loving and caring nature, but if needed, they are there to protect their families.

They do need a firm hand because they have a strong will.

They are highly intelligent and will listen to your every command. These dogs love to play. The best type of exercise they can get is letting them play with other dogs.

22. Bull Terrier Border Collie Mix

bull terrier border collie mix

Photo from: @stayshie

Since both of the parents are very intelligent this mix will be just the same. They love learning new things and being on the go, so they need an active family.

If you aren’t an active family, you will need to set aside time to take your dog out so they can let all their energy out.

They usually have the colors of a Border Collie but this can vary. They are rare and we don‘t have too much information about them. We hope that this breed will gain popularity because they are astonishing dogs.

23. Bull Terrier American Bulldog Terrier Mix

bull terrier american bulldog terrier mix

Photo from: @miro_thor

Both of these breeds have an intimidating look to them, and so does the mix of these breeds. They need that one owner they will admire and listen to the most. If they don’t have that one person, they will try to exert their dominance over everyone.

They are energetic dogs and need a lot of exercise. Since they are really playful, playing fetch is something they enjoy a lot. They don’t like to be alone and will always need a companion.

This is the reason why you can own another dog that will keep them company.

Because of their appearance, they make great guard dogs but don‘t really enjoy that role. They make good family pets and can form amazing bonds with kids.

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24. Jack Russell Terrier Bull Terrier Mix

jack russell terrier bull terrier mix

Photo from: @jennwehrle

These dogs are rare, but they have such a unique look to them. In some cases, they look like a young Bull Terrier with bigger and sloppier ears. Since there aren’t many dogs of this breed out there, there isn’t much information about them.

However, when you look at their parents, you can be sure these dogs will be super high-energy dogs. They will need a big yard to be able to be active whenever they need to.

They are good with kids, but because of their energy, they might accidentally hurt them during playtime.

These dogs are not for people that love to lounge around or want to cuddle with their dogs all the time. Only on rare occasions will they calm down enough for cuddle time.

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25. Cocker Spaniel Bull Terrier Mix

cocker spaniel bull terrier mix

This mixed breed dog is very rare. The only thing we know about them is that they are super friendly, love their owners, and are highly intelligent dogs. They will do anything for their owners.

They love to play and spend time with the people they love. But, they can get a bit careful when it comes to other dogs. We truly hope that more people will hear about this breed and appreciate their beauty and smarts.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, the majority of the Bull Terrier mixes are super rare. A lot of mixed dog breeds have interesting names, but these mixes don’t yet. This means that as there aren’t many of them they haven’t been given an official name.

It is extremely hard to find a reputable breeder for a Bull Terrier, so finding breeders for these mixes is almost impossible.

You have a better chance of finding some of these breeds in shelters, or from people that breed these dogs for hobbies but, because of the low demand, can’t pursue this more seriously.

If you like any of these, we hope you will find your future dog and that you will be together as soon as possible. We hope their popularity will grow and we will be able to see them around more often.

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