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Boerboel Price: A Big Dog With A Big Price

Boerboel Price: A Big Dog With A Big Price

The Boerboel dog is one of those dog breeds that when you look at it, you will most likely feel a bit intimidated. And, we have to be honest, we are also one of those people.

These large dogs are covered in muscles, and they look like the perfect dog that can protect you and your family – this is completely true. But, there is much more to this dog than it being a guard dog.

These gentle giants are amazing family members, and people are deciding on getting them more and more. Well, finding a dog breed that suits you, and finding the perfect breeder are not the only things you need to think about.

The Boerboel’s price is something you need to think about as well, along with how much this dog can cost you during its lifetime. If you want to know more about this, then continue reading.

Boerboel Price: How Much Will This Dog Cost You

Boerboel dog walking in the water

Before we talk about the price, we would like to talk about this dog a bit more, so you can get to know it. If you see the phrase ‘the South African Boerboel’ or even ‘South African Mastiff’, don’t get confused; this is the same dog.

Why is this name also used? Well, these dogs were originally bred in South Africa by the Dutch/Afrikaans settlers, and they were used as farm dogs. Today, these pooches may not be farmer’s dogs, but they are still working dogs, and they enjoy every task and title you give them.

‘Watchdog’ is the one that is mostly used because of its appearance. The good thing is that these dogs don’t really need to work much when it comes to protecting their family. Any intruder that sees this dog will most likely run for their life.

They adore human companionship. This is one of those dog breeds that like to be around their owner and spend a lot of time with them. When you look at this dog, you might not think that it is the best thing to let them be around kids.

This is completely different from the truth. These pooches are amazing with kids, and because of their gentle nature, kids adore them and love to play with them.

They will probably need a dominant owner, and they might not be the best for first-time dog owners… not because these dogs are difficult, but you will need a lot of time, money, patience, and space to keep up with this dog.

Now that you know all of this, you can expect that this comes with a certain price.

The Boerboel’s price can get very high. You can expect this dog to cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000.

Yes, we know what you are thinking. These dogs will make you open your wallet quite a bit.

There are a couple of factors that can determine the price. But, before all of that, you need to know that the most important step is finding a breeder who is reputable.

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Factors That Can Determine The Boerboel’s Price

Boerboel puppy playing with ball in the grass

There are some factors that can determine this dog’s price, and this includes almost every dog breed as well as this one. You need to know that some people can be scammers and price their dogs higher because they made up some lie that makes them sound more special.

This is something that every future dog owner wants to avoid. But, there are also some things that truly determine the price, and they are justifiable.

It is believed that large dog breeds are more expensive only because of their size. This is not completely true.

Here is the list of factors that can determine how much you will be spending on your Boerboel puppy.

Whether Or Not The Breeder Is Reputable

When you are in search of reputable breeders, you need to know that you will be paying more for your dog than when you find a breeder who is not that reputable. What is considered a reputable breeder?

Well, these people will do everything that is in their power to make sure that they are breeding the best dogs possible. This includes a lot of things like the health of their puppies, bloodlines, accommodation, nutrition, etc.

Reputable breeders will spend a lot of their own money and time to make sure that they are producing the best puppies that everyone is looking for.

There can be a difference in the Boerboel’s price even among reputable breeders. If you are looking for these types of dogs, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,500 to even $7,000 for your Boerboel puppy.

The Gender Of The Dog

This is something that is based on the preference and decision of the breeders. You will be able to see that sometimes, the female Boerboel or the male Boerboel might be pricier than the other.

Some breeders will price the female ones higher because they know that they can produce litters, and they put a bigger value on them.

Other breeders might think that the males are more expensive because you can always use them as stud dogs, and usually the demand is bigger when it comes to male dogs than the female ones.

Some people consider this as a bad thing while others think that this is completely normal and fair. This is something that is up to you to judge.

The Color Of The Dog

Boerboel dogs with cute alert facial expression standing behind a fence

Dog breeders have developed a way to breed dogs that are a certain color, and this is also the case with the Boerboel breeders. But, is pricing a certain color higher the right thing to do?

The easiest answer that we can give you is NO. A dog that is the same dog breed, but of a different color should never be valued higher. Color is something that future dog owners might prefer, but it should never be the main thing that will make you get a certain dog.

This loving dog should be chosen because of its personality and any other traits rather than its color.

Sometimes, brindle dogs might be priced higher because they are more interesting and appealing to the eye. There are a couple of Boerboel colors that you can choose from, and they are all equally beautiful.

You need to know that a breeder who cares deeply about the Boerboel dog breed and producing the best dogs will never base the price of the puppies based on color.

The Perfect Bloodline

Breeders spend a lot of time choosing the perfect bloodline that will make their puppies amazing. When it comes to bloodline, it can determine a lot of things, including the appearance, trainability, activity levels, health, etc.

This also includes whether or not the dog is purebred. Usually, people who are mixing breeds might not perfect the bloodline as is the case with purebred dogs.

A Purebred Boerboel will cost you a lot more than a mixed one.

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Health Condition And Certificates

Boerboel puppy lying in the grass

A reputable breeder will know that the health of the dog is the most important thing. Nobody is willing to spend a lot of money to get a dog that is sick. Well, in our opinion, no amount of money is worth producing puppies that are not healthy.

When it comes to making sure that the puppies will be in the best health condition, you need to know that breeders will spend a lot of time and money. It is not easy maintaining the perfect health of all of the litters that they produce.

Finding a reputable veterinarian is very important, and it can take some time. All the necessary health checks cost money, but true breeders will not care about that.

You will be provided with health certificates, and you can expect the price to be higher. African Boerboel puppies that come with a lot of health certificates can cost you $4,000 to $6,000.

Here are some of the health issues that these dogs can face:



– Hip dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia

– Bloat

It might seem appealing to see that the Boerboels that do not have health certificates can go anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000, but trust us… it is not worth it. You may end up with vet bills that are very high later on in the dog’s life.

The lifespan of this dog can be anywhere from 7 to 11 years, and this depends on the general health of the dog.

Is The Dog Trained And Socialized

When you decide on getting a dog that is trained and socialized, you need to know that the puppy’s price will be very high. Most of the time, if you decide on this, you need to know that you will be picking up your dog a bit later than you would usually.

This means that the breeder will need to take care of the dog longer, and that will cost them money as well, so that is included in the price.

Dog training is something that is not easy, especially for people who might not be that experienced, and purchasing a dog that is already trained is the perfect solution for them.

Socialization is key for these pooches, so getting a dog that is almost fully socialized is amazing. You will probably still need to do some socialization, but your job will be much easier than when you do it from scratch.

The average price of this kind of dog is around $5,000. This, of course, depends from breeder to breeder.

The Age Of The Dog

Boerboel puppies for sale will always be more expensive than the older ones. The reason for this is that people tend to ask for puppies more than they ask for adult dogs.

There might be some exceptions that are usually connected with whether or not you choose a trained dog. An adult dog that is specifically trained for something can be more expensive than a puppy.

Costs That You Can Expect After You Get The Dog

Standing boerboel dog in a summer meadow

There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to some additional costs. There is no way to be 100% sure with those costs because it depends on the quality of the things that you are getting.

One of the main costs that you will be having as long as the dog is alive is dog food. This is the thing you should not skimp on – only choose the best food. When talking about dog food for giant and large breeds, you need to know that a big bag of food may cost you around $40.

If you want to know how much these dogs really eat, you can always check out the Boerboel feeding chart.

Since they eat a lot, you will be needing a new bag every month… now, you do the math. This can cost you quite a lot, and you need to know this before buying the dog.

There are some things that you might think once you buy them, you will not need to change them for years and years, but you may be wrong.

Bowls for food and water might endure for a long time, but it is suggested that you change them every year. The cost of them can be around $25, but this is not fixed because you have cheaper and more expensive options.

A leash and a collar are also something that you will probably need to buy every year, or even twice a year. You will be paying approximately $20 to $25 for these, but it can get much more expensive than this.

Toys and beds might also be a bit more expensive. Toys might be a bigger shock because these dogs can chew through any toy in a heartbeat, so you will need to buy a lot of them throughout the year. This might end up being $100 or more just on toys.

Beds are hard to determine when it comes to price because it depends on your choice, and whether or not it is a crate or a regular dog bed.

Grooming tools are something that will also depend on you. Since this dog is a shedder, you need to know that you will need a good brush, but you probably won’t need to change it every year. As for other grooming tools, you might not need them, but you will probably need to pay for the grooming bills.

What About Adoption?

Boerboel puppy in human hands

Adopting a dog is always a good option, but not a lot of people choose to adopt, especially if they have a certain dog breed in mind. Dogs that are not mixed, and that are AKC registered are not that easy to find in a shelter.

When it comes to adopting a Boerboel, you need to know that you might wait for a long time because they are not that common in shelters. There are a lot of breeds that might not pop up in a shelter like a Bulldog, a Golden Retriever, a Poodle, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and many more.

Some are so rare that people who get them are sure of the commitment that is needed for owning a dog, while others are really popular, and even if they end up in a shelter, they get adopted very quickly.

You can always find some sites where people dedicate their time to giving a home to a certain breed. Giant paws Boerboel rescue is something we recommend checking out if you are looking to adopt and rescue a Boerboel.

To Sum It All Up

The Boerboel’s price is no joke, but we agree that the quality of the dog needs to be matched with the price, and this is the case with this pooch.

These dogs are amazing and versatile, and because of that, they are on the expensive side. We listed all the things that can make a Boerboel very expensive, and what to keep an eye on.

We also mentioned some of the things that will be an annual cost when it comes to this dog breed, and we know that they are also a bit expensive to maintain, but you can always find some cheaper alternatives.

We, for sure, applaud you for doing thorough research and making sure that you are up for any challenge, even the cost, before getting a dog. We hope that this dog is not that expensive for you, and that you are able to get the dog of your dreams.