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Black And White American Bulldog – A Superstar Athlete

Black And White American Bulldog – A Superstar Athlete

The black and white American Bulldog is one of the most beautiful variations of the American Bulldog breed, which is itself a very popular and beloved dog breed.

The American Bulldog is built to aid with farm work and is stocky and robust while also being nimble. Some people have even been known to jump up to six feet in the air.

Although American Bulldogs have high activity needs and need a knowledgeable, involved pet parent, their intelligence and compassion make them wonderful, protective family dogs.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors, one of which is the black and white American Bulldog. But what exactly are the things that set the black and white American Bulldog apart?

What Is A Black And White American Bulldog?

black and white american bulldog in the forest
Photo from: @bobbi.harrison

The predominant background coat color of the white and black American Bulldog is white, and it has black markings all over its body. Each dog has its own unique markings, which can also come in patches.

Every single white and black American Bulldog is unique from the others in that the black markings are not in any certain location or size.

A black and white American Bulldog is incredibly attractive to look at because black and white are contrasting hues and they just go so well together.

The American Bulldog Breed

The Old English Bulldog, which was introduced to North America by immigrants from the working class who wanted to maintain their working dogs to help on the farms, is the ancestor of the American Bulldog.

These dogs quickly established themselves as imposing herding dogs and working dogs, similar to what Rottweilers were in Europe at that time.

However, the history of the American Bulldog also has a sad chapter.

Initially, they were used in the heinous sport of bull baiting. The American Bulldog was all but extinct by the end of World War II, but the effort of a few breeders saved the breed.

Thankfully, the American Bulldog is no longer in danger of going extinct and is now primarily considered a companion.

They usually come in two different types, the Scott and the Johnson American Bulldog.

The Scott type, also known as the standard type, is an athletic dog with a muscular build similar to that of an American Pit Bull Terrier or a Staffordshire Terrier, typically solid white in color.

The Johnson type, on the other hand, is stockier, has dark patches across its coat, and resembles an American Bully.

American Bulldog Colors

There are numerous colors available for American Bulldogs. Although they are often white with patches of brindle, red, or black, the breed also comes in a wide range of other hues.

They could have coats that are fawn, red, brindle, brown, or even solid black.

The nose and eye rims of American Bulldogs are typically black, however, they occasionally have pinkish undertones. Their eyes are typically brown in color.

Despite the fact that these are breed criteria, some American Bulldogs have been reported to be merle or to have coats with blue undertones.

Is The Black And White American Bulldog Recognized by The American Kennel Club (AKC)?

The black and white coat color combination is listed in the AKC breed standard, but it is registered as a non-standard variation.

So that indicates that the black and white American Bulldog is a part of the AKC, but it almost has an asterisk next to it. This is probably due to the rarity of this particular pattern and the rarity of the black patches in general when it comes to the American Bulldog breed.

Wondering where to get an American Bulldog? Here is a list of some great breeders!

Black And White American Bulldog Appearance

black and white american bulldog sitting in the yard
Photo from: @neytiriamericanbulldogs

There isn’t any difference between the appearance of the black and white American Bulldog and any other American Bulldog, apart from the color pattern.

The white and black American Bulldog has a white base coat that is predominately covered in black patterns. Every dog has distinctive markings that can be found in various patches across its body.

Black And White American Bulldog Size

The size of the black and white American Bulldog falls within the same range as any other dog of this breed.

On average, the height of this breed is noticeably greater than that of English Bulldogs or French Bulldogs. American Bulldog puppies will mature into adults that range in weight from 60 to 120 pounds and 20 to 28 inches in height.

Although these measurements are thought to be typical for the breed, American Bulldogs can vary greatly in size.

Black And White American Bulldog Personality

cute black and white american bulldog looking into camera
Photo from: @hailstonekennels

Black and white American Bulldogs are affectionate, kind, and intelligent, yet their nature frequently causes them to become territorial and unduly wary of strangers.

They make wonderful family pets and watchdogs, even for households with young children, but they will require socialization training, especially as puppies, to get along with strange people or other dogs who drop by for a visit.

Fortunately, they are extremely adaptive and trainable due to their intelligence.

The American Bulldog, in general, is a playful breed with high exercise requirements. They thrive in households that can keep active through frequent walks and lots of playtime.

They aren’t the ideal breed to keep in apartments or other cramped quarters where they can’t get enough exercise. They can become destructive and chew on things they shouldn’t when they aren’t physically or mentally engaged.

Black And White American Bulldog Nutrition

beautiful black and white american bulldog in nature

A diet for a black and white American Bulldog should be designed for a large to giant breed, taking into account their high level of energy. From puppyhood through adulthood, their demands will change.

Growing puppies can prefer three or four smaller servings throughout the day instead of two larger meals. As your dog gets older, you can cut this down to two meals each day.

The suggested serving amount will vary depending on your dog. You must consider its age, metabolism, and amount of activity. Make sure your black and white American Bulldog consumes a healthy, balanced diet and receives plenty of exercise to prevent weight gain.

The best person to question about your dog’s unique nutritional needs is your veterinarian or a qualified nutritionist. You should talk with them about creating a suitable diet for your black and white American Bulldog.

Black And White American Bulldog Exercise Needs

black and white american bulldog standing on the ground in the park

Meeting an American Bulldog’s needs for exercise and mental stimulation constitutes the majority of the care required for their health. If you don’t, your dog could experience stress, boredom, and harmful behavior.

The American Bulldog enjoys living indoors with its owner but, because of its working history, it is accustomed to being outdoors.

It should therefore regularly engage in physical activities, such as walking, to burn off energy and stave off boredom in order to prevent harmful conduct.

Black And White American Bulldog Grooming

Black and white American Bulldogs don’t need a lot of grooming because they have short coats that shed lightly all year. It can be kept under control with weekly brushing and occasional baths.

Additionally, you should make a habit of keeping up with regular vet appointments, weekly ear checks, monthly nail trimmings, and standard dental care.

One problem you can have is the likelihood of drooling, which is typical with bully breeds. If you don’t want a lot of dog slobber all over your house, be sure to wipe your dog as needed.

Black And White American Bulldog Health

american bulldog sticks his tongue out while playing outdoors

The American Bulldog has a life expectancy of 10 to 16 years and is a relatively healthy breed.

Some of them are prone to specific illnesses, such as hypothyroidism, mange, cherry eye, or cataracts. Early-life obesity also increases the risk of developing elbow or hip dysplasia, which are conditions that can impact the dog throughout its entire lifespan.

The breed has short snouts and is rather brachycephalic. Because of this, they could have a harder time handling the heat, especially when exercising.

Make sure that they drink enough water, keep an eye on them, and make sure they are not having trouble breathing.

Black And White American Bulldog Training

It frequently takes a patient and understanding owner to train an American Bulldog. Instead of harsh punishment or reprimand, they respond better to encouragement, praise, and plenty of rewards.

Bulldogs need socialization training because of their height and power so it’s important that they learn how to act around other dogs and strangers.

If your American Bulldog is properly taught, it will get along with kids and other pets and grow to be a devoted and caring family member that doesn’t engage in destructive behavior.

American Bulldogs will begin to approach new experiences with caution when they are around 12 weeks old, as is the case with all breeds. Therefore, it’s crucial for their development that they encounter as many diverse circumstances as they can.

Introduce your Bulldog to other dogs, people, and pets as well as car travel and strange noises while they are still so young and receptive.

You can do the dog training yourself or seek out a professional.

Black And White American Bulldog Price

black and white american bulldog puppy sitting on the bed
Photo from: @zero_the_american_bulldog

Depending on the breeder and the area in which you live, this kind of puppy will often cost between $1,800 and $3,500. For comparison, that is more expensive than a Labrador or a Great Dane puppy, but about the same as a Pug puppy.

But for that price, you typically receive a dog that has been checked for temperament and health problems.

You can also check with your local animal shelter to see if they perhaps have a black and white American Bulldog puppy, as they will usually sell it for a much lower price.

However, there are more expenses associated with dog ownership than just buying a puppy.

Consider the following expenses when estimating the lifetime cost of owning a black and white American Bulldog: dog food, veterinary services, grooming, toys, etc.

A rough estimate of the monthly expenses related to owning one of these dogs gives us the range of $100 to $150.


One of the most stunning variants of the American Bulldog breed is the black-and-white American Bulldog.

Apart from their striking looks, they also have great personalities, which makes them great family pets, whether you want to use them as companions, watchdogs, or even working dogs.

If you choose to adopt a black and white American Bulldog, we’re sure you’ll be rewarded with a lifelong best friend that will never leave your side.