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Best Harness For Beagle Dogs: Top 12 Products Reviewed

Best Harness For Beagle Dogs: Top 12 Products Reviewed

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

So you just adopted your new Beagle puppy and you are on a major shopping spree for dog supplies? Or maybe your old Beagle harness got too old and it’s time for a new one?

Well, it’s good that you’re here! Finding the best harness for Beagle is easy with these top picks that we’ve prepared just for you. Alongside showing you high-quality harnesses for Beagles, we have also answered some frequently asked questions.

There are many answers to the question “What were Beagles bred for?”, but the most accurate one is – hunting. Beagles make great scent- and hunting dogs which increases their prey drive and energy levels!

They are known to pull their leashes despite having undergone leash training. When Beagles catch an interesting scent, it becomes difficult to keep them calm.

Beagle owners know the real struggles of keeping their pooch close to them. This is why a dog collar and a dog leash simply won’t do and you will need a walking harness for your adventurous Beagle buddy!

The best harness for Beagle adjusts perfectly to its medium-sized body and keeps its spine straight while providing comfort at the same time.

Let’s check out some of the best harnesses for Beagles!

Best Harness For Beagle: Our Top 3 Picks

Browsing through Amazon and Chewy can be time consuming and you might find yourself deciding between two or more products. It’s easy to get distracted by cute dog harnesses that serve better as fashion statements rather than do a good job keeping your energetic Beagle close.

Don’t worry! We went through hundreds of different harnesses to find the best ones on the market!

Here are our top three picks:

Premium Pick: Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Quick-release design
  • Customizable
  • No-pull, no-choke design
  • 5 adjustment points
  • Seat belt attachment

Budget Pick: PetLove Dog Harness

PetLove Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Reflective material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight mesh lining
  • Soft sponge padding
  • Easy on/off experience

Best Value For The Price: Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • All weather breathable mesh
  • Double D-rings
  • Hook and loop fastener
  • Clip & go design
  • Reflective straps

Best Harness For Beagle: Product Reviews

There are some very high-quality and durable Beagle harnesses on Amazon and Chewy. Judging by the reviews, most dog owners are happy with the quality of these dog harnesses.

Besides our top three favorite harnesses for Beagles, we gathered a few more that are among the highest ranked dog harnesses.

Both male and female Beagles are high energy dogs that can be very difficult to train and keep close to you while walking outside. This is why you will need a sturdy and ergonomic harness that will allow you to walk carefree with your Beagle dog.

When choosing the best dog harness, it’s important to keep an eye out for durable material and comfy design that your pooch will love.

Let’s review some of the best dog harnesses for your Beagle puppy!

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • No pull, no choke design
  • 2 metal leash rings
  • 2 fast-release buckles
  • 4 adjustable straps
  • Breathable mesh

The first on our list is the Rabbitgoo dog harness that has taken the internet by storm! As one of the highest ranked dog harnesses, Rabbitgoo harness provides everything you need to walk your Beagle stress-free.

This harness can be attached to a dog leash from both the front and back side. When attached to the front clip, the no-pull design prevents your Beagle from pulling by turning it back towards you. When it is attached to the back clip the Rabbitgoo dog harness puts pressure to your dog’s chest which makes it immediately stop pulling. This is fantastic for dog leash training!

Besides the clever no-pull and no-choke design, dog owners are amazed how durable this dog harness is. Some had it for over three years and it still looks as good as new!

The Rabbitgoo dog harness comes in various sizes (from S to XL). It fits the majority of medium-sized dogs, but it can also fit a medium to large dog like the Boxer. You can choose between a variety of colors — from baby blue to vibrant lime.

Adjustable straps makes it easy to put the Rabbitgoo harness on your Beagle, and its reflective material is sure to provide a safe walk during day and night.

2. PetLove Dog Harness

PetLove Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Reflective material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight mesh lining
  • Soft sponge padding
  • Easy on/off experience

Petlove dog harness is perfect for medium sized pooches like Beagles! It is also comfortable for small dogs. What makes this dog harness special is its soft design that fits comfortably on your Beagle’s body.

The padded chest and back straps provide extra comfort, which makes the Petlove dog harness perfect for Beagles with sensitive skin.

The soft cushion leans against the dog’s chest and prevents choking while walking.

It gives dog owners better control over the pesky pulling activity. It can be used as a training harness in combination with a durable dog leash.

Fitting in this dog harness is pretty easy. The Petlove dog harness has adjustable straps and sturdy buckles to keep your dog in place. The bulkiness of this dog harness may not be for smaller dogs, but it gets the job done in providing a secure fit.

If you choose the right size for your Beagle, you won’t have any trouble with loose straps and skin damage. Your Beagle will perfectly fit inside this dog harness!

This harness is made out of canvas and breathable mesh material which can be washed in a washing machine.

Buyers get a 12-month limited warranty on each Petlove dog harness. And in case you choose the wrong size, the company will be happy to replace it for you.

3. Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • All weather breathable mesh
  • Double D-rings
  • Hook and loop fastener
  • Clip & go design
  • Reflective straps

Not many people think that a step-in dog harness would gain so much popularity. But, the Voyager step-in air dog harness is one of the best selling dog harnesses on Amazon.

Most dog owners give up on step-in dog harnesses because they are usually either too small or too loose. Well, that’s not the case with the Voyager step-in air dog harness!

This dog harness has everything a dog and a dog owner want — from soft padded material, adjustable straps, to reflective strips. The breathable mesh prevents your Beagle from overheating during hot summer walks.

Due to the fact that this dog harness fits cats and small to medium sized dogs, you might want to choose an XL size for your Beagle dog. The Voyager step-in air dog harness is so comfortable that your Beagle might forget that it is wearing it!

4. Blueberry Pet 3M Dog Harness

Blueberry Pet 3M Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Durable dual metal D-rings
  • Dual vests for weight control
  • Excellent pull control
  • Padded chest and back
  • Reflective strips

Next up we have a fancy dog harness from the Blueberry brand. The Blueberry Pet 3M dog harness is a one-of-a-kind harness that will surely steal attention! The first time I saw it, I thought to myself “This is one good-looking dog harness!”

But, besides its chic looks, the Blueberry Pet 3M dog harness is a durable and high-quality product. It is an excellent choice for small, medium, and large dogs that like a comfortable fit.

With reflective strips and a triangle on top, there is no way that you won’t be able to spot your Beagle dog in the dark! Not only are they good for overall visibility, but reflective strips keep your pooch safe from cars.

There are two separate padded vests on the Blueberry Pet 3M dog harness — one on the back, and one on the chest that’s spreading to the belly. If your Beagle is frequently pulling on a leash, these vests will provide extra control and weight distribution.

The four adjustable straps that are made out of high-quality material provide a perfect fit for your Beagle dog! You don’t have to worry about your Beagle detaching from the leash because metal D-rings are here to provide extra security!

5. Eagloo Dog Harness

Eagloo Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Fit chest girth
  • 2 leash attachment points
  • Handle for seat belt
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quick snap buckles

The Eagloo dog harness is a great choice for owners who are struggling with keeping their Beagle from pulling. With 2 metal rings attached on the back and chest, the Eagloo dog harness provides security and dog training!

The V metal ring is located on the back of this dog harness and it is used for casual walks. However, the O metal ring on the chest plate serves as a dog training tool.

When a dog leash is attached to this ring and your Beagle starts to pull, it will spin your dog back towards you. Soon enough, your pooch will stop pulling!

In addition to the clever no-pulling design, the Eagloo dog harness has a durable handle on the back. This handle is used for pushing the seat belt through it. It allows your adventurous Beagle to sit safely in the car.

There is nothing easier than putting the Eagloo dog harness on your Beagle! The adjustable straps and snap buckles make it even easier to take off.

6. Chai’s Choice 3M Dog Harness

Chai's Choice 3M Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Padded chest and belly straps
  • Built-in handle for seat belt
  • Heavy duty nylon Fabric
  • Comes in 5 different sizes
  • Reflective straps

Chai’s choice 3M dog harness is one of the best-selling harnesses on the market. Not only is it durable and easy to wash, but the Chai’s choice 3M dog harness is a chic fashion detail!

It is designed to give your Beagle the best walking experience. The padded straps are made out of high-quality breathable mesh material that features reflective strips for better visibility.

The best thing about sponge padding in the Chai’s Choice 3M dog harness is that it relieves pressure from your dog’s neck. In fact, the straps are located on the chest and belly, which prevents your Beagle from choking or pulling.

This amazing dog harness features a built-in handle that is used to buckle your Beagle during car rides. It is easy to clean (machine wash) and it dries quickly!

Besides its high functionality, the Chai’s Choice 3M dog harness comes in a variety of colors — nine, to be more precise.

7. Sporn Non-Pull Mesh Dog Harness

Sporn Non-Pull Mesh Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Weather proof material
  • Elastic webbing
  • Breathable mesh
  • Fully padded
  • Sturdy and durable

This one is a little different than the other dog harnesses you’re probably used to. The Sporn non-pull dog harness features a breathable mesh that makes your pooch feel comfortable.

It is a one-piece dog harness that goes over the dog’s head and is very easy to put on and take off. If you’re like me, then you’re probably looking for this feature to make your life easier!

The Sporn dog harness is great because it doesn’t put any pressure, nor does it touch the dog’s neck. And you know what that means — no choking or coughing!

When your Beagle pulls, the restraints pull also, but once your pooch stops pulling, they relax. This means that there are no strips that are too tight or too loose!

Additionally, the elastic webbing helps follow your dog’s body movements, which makes this harness super comfy.

There is also not much fabric or material that can get dirty and it is easily washable. You don’t have to worry if you’re stuck in the rain or if you Beagle finds itself in a puddle, because the weather resistant material and sturdy design keep this dog harness durable for a long time.

8. Funfox Medium Dog Harness

Funfox Medium Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Breathable mesh
  • Zinc alloy ring on chest and back
  • 2 quick-release buckles
  • 4 easy adjustable straps
  • Reflective straps

Funfox dog harness is pawfect for medium-sized dogs like Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, and Pitbulls. Big dogs with broad chests may also fit due to its sturdy design and adjustable straps.

The developers behind this comfy dog harness put a lot of effort into providing our pooches maximum comfort!

What’s behind the comfort fit? Waterproof polyester and oxford fabric with breathable mesh! Not only does it endure different weather conditions, but the way it is sewn and designed makes the Funfox dog harness practically impossible to scratch or chew!

Due to the fact that it’s designed with built in sponge padding, the Funfox dog harness provides security and safety. If your Beagle trips and falls down, the sponge padding will assure it doesn’t suffer any injuries around its torso.

The Funfox dog harness features reflective strips that will make any dog shine bright like a diamond!

Moreover, Funfox is a no pull dog harness that will correct your Beagle’s pulling behavior without causing it to feel uncomfortable.

For owners that have small dogs, the Funfox dog harness might be too chunky. But, it is a perfect fit for any Beagle doggie!

9. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness - No Pull Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Comfortable fit
  • Controls pulling
  • Durable nylon material
  • Minimum body coverage
  • Front leash attachment

Easy walk, you say? Well, that’s what both you and your Beagle will experience with the PetSafe easy walk dog harness! This dog harness is one of those simple, but effective ones; without too much fabric but comfy enough for your Beagle to enjoy.

The PetSafe easy walk dog harness is very simple to put on your doggie. All it takes is to put it over your dog’s head and snap the buckles. The high-quality straps fit perfectly on the dog’s belly and chest. These adjustable straps are durable and gentle towards your dog’s skin.

You will know that you have put the dog harness right when the straps form a sideways letter “T” when your Beagle is standing.

You don’t have to worry about your dog pulling on a leash, because PetSafe easy walk is a no pull dog harness that gets the job done. In fact, many behaviorists recommend this harness for dog training.

The ergonomic design puts little pressure on your dog’s chest, which signals the pooch to stop pulling. The PetSafe easy walk dog harness is a great choice for beginner owners who are teaching their Beagle dog to walk easier!

10. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Quick-release design
  • Customizable
  • No-pull, no-choke design
  • 5 adjustment points
  • Seat belt attachment

Lightweight and durable design of the Kurgo Tru-fit smart harness makes walks more comfortable and entertaining. This versatile dog harness can be used in all situations: during long walks, car rides, fun in the park, outings to the beach, etc.

Everything that is needed for a safe car ride is included with the Kurgo Tru-fit smart dog harness.

The main feature of the Kurgo Tru-Fit smart harness is that it has been crash tested using the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. With a high-quality seat belt attachment, your Beagle is going to be safe during car rides. The belt loop has a carabiner attached to it and it matches any car seat belt type.

However, seat belt attachment with crash tested buckles may be a bit more difficult to unbuckle because they do not have quick-release properties like the dog harness itself.

Because of these high-quality belt buckles, many dog owners that purchased the Kurgo dog harness said that their pooches were completely safe and unharmed during car accidents.

When outside the car, you can clip your dog leash onto the harness either on the back leash attachment or the front D-ring. When attaching the dog leash, you don’t have to take the Kurgo harness off your dog!

So, if you are one of the adventurous dog owners whose Beagles are always ready to go somewhere, then the Kurgo tru-fit smart harness is something you ought to own!

11. Bolux Dog Harness

Bolux Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Easy on/off experience
  • Sturdy nylon handle
  • Adjustable straps
  • Flashlight attachment
  • Padded back

Looking for a budget-friendly, secure, and comfy dog harness for your Beagle doggie? Take a look at the Bolux dog harness!

This supaw harness is made from high-quality nylon with reflective strips and stitching that make your shiny Beagle easy to spot during the night and day. The reflective strip is positioned across the chest, right below the dog’s neck.

A really cool thing about the Bolux dog harness is that it has a flashlight attachment! Yes, that’s right! You can hang a flashlight on your dog using this amazing harness.

The ergonomic Bolux dog harness design features adjustable straps that spread alongside the chest and belly. It’s very easy to put on and it shouldn’t take you more than two minutes!

In addition to Beagles being hunting dogs, they are adventurous fellas that love to sniff around and follow their nose wherever it leads them. They can be great escape artists too, but with the Bolux dog harness your Beagle dog is going to stay secured on its dog leash.

The Bolux dog harness comes in a variety of colors and patterns that make your pooch stand out among the crowd! They even have it in a cute Santa Claus pattern!

12. EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness

EzyDog Chest Plate Custom Fit Dog Harness
Key Benefits:
  • Seat belt attachment
  • Comfortable fit
  • Reflective stitching
  • Stainless steel D-ring
  • Stretchy and durable

The perfect dog harness for medium dogs doesn’t exi— hold up! Let me introduce you to the EzyDog chest plate harness! As its name implies, it features a chest plate that is filled with soft foam that provides extra comfort.

This dog harness right here is an award-winning dog harness for both comfort and control. The EVA chest plate foam molds perfectly in accordance with your dog’s anatomy and it can fit dogs of any size!

Small, medium, and large dogs can all fit into the EzyDog chest plate harness. Its size is adjustable thanks to special high-quality straps. The D-ring on the backside of this dog harness is made out of stainless steel and you don’t have to worry about it corroding during wash time.

The fast-drying material of the EzyDog chest plate harness is perfect for any kind of weather! Having said that, with this dog harness you can take your Beagle out on long hiking trips, as well as short walks in the park.

It also features reflective strips that make your pooch flashy and easy to spot. This dog leash is produced by a small business that puts a lot of effort and thought into providing our dogs with the best comfort and security!


What Kind Of Harness Is Best For A Beagle?

The best harness for Beagle dogs is a high-durable and comfortable harness that fits its medium-sized body. Most dog owners would agree that Beagles get along well with padded dog harnesses.

They provide maximum comfort and most high-quality ones are designed with breathable mesh. The padded harnesses are great for Beagles that are in the process of leash training and learning not to pull.

On the other hand, simple dog harnesses with nylon or fabric straps are a good choice for adult Beagles and Beagles that have learned to walk nicely when on leash. They are durable, fashionable, breathable, and very easy to clean.

These dog harnesses are ideal for daily use, but it’s important to choose high-quality nylon material. If you choose the wrong one, the harsh material may leave your Beagle’s skin irritated and scratched.

What Size Harness Does A Beagle Need?

Keeping in mind that the Beagle is a medium-sized dog, you might want a medium-sized dog harness. But, each company’s measurements are different and you will want to measure your Beagle before ordering the harness.

The golden rule about dog harnesses is that if you can fit two fingers underneath it, it’s fine. However, if three or more fingers fit, then the dog harness is too loose.

Since you can’t try it on when you’re ordering online, you should measure your Beagle puppy and choose a dog harness in accordance to its neck and chest girth.

Most sellers include a sizing guide, so you won’t have any issues with finding the perfect fit for your Beagle dog!

Remember, Beagles are those types of dogs that require that their harnesses stay as close as possible to their skin because you do not want these little escape artists to wriggle out of the harness!

If you are not sure about how big your Beagle dog will grow, you can check out our in-depth Beagle growth chart for more information.

Can Beagles Be Trusted Off Leash?

Sorry to say this, but no. Never trust a Beagle off its leash! In all seriousness, their scent and hunting instincts often get the best of them, so it’s no wonder that Beagles often run away from their pet parents. In fact, Beagles are such great escape artists that they are known to jump off fences or dig beneath them.

Not because they are untrained pups, but because Beagles are naturally free-willed and they focus so much on the scent they pick up.

Can Beagles Be Trained To Not Run Away?

Well, yes and no. You can teach your Beagle many commands because they are smart dogs. If it understands the command “come” and if it is food driven like most dogs, your Beagle might just listen to you and stay by your side.

However, this is often not the case. The Beagle’s nose functions as a radar and once it picks up a certain smell, then it is no longer interested in your or you’re silly commands! Not even those yummy treats you’re bribing it with!