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9 Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd: Let’s Find Out

9 Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd: Let’s Find Out

The dog breed that has both, the beauty and the brains, is definitely our beloved German Shepherd dog. There are a lot of benefits of having a German Shepherd, and quite frankly, I had to narrow down my list a few times because it had the potential to be miles long.

Our beloved GSDs are ranked among the top of many dog breed listicles, from being the most intelligent dog breed, the most athletic, the best working dog breed, the best guard dog breed, and the ranks go on and on…

There are many reasons behind why our dear German Shepherds are so popular, and all of their beautiful personality traits are definitely behind those reasons.

I can safely say that if I made a pros and cons list of owning a German Shepherd dog, the pros list will be pretty long; however, the cons list will be so small that it could be considered as non-existent.

These dogs are among the large dog breeds, there are 7 distinct types of them, and they have different variations of their coat color.

They are not sickly dogs, and they don’t suffer from many hereditary diseases. You won’t be spending your money going from one vet to another – rather, you will happily be spending that money on some dog treats and toys.

GSDs were bred to be the ultimate working dog, which alone stands for a dog breed that will be powerful enough to complete any task that is asked of them.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A German Shepherd?

There are many benefits of owning a German Shepherd dog, and we will cover the most common ones, and I know you will emphatically agree with my choices.

So, let’s go through them together!

1. They Are One Of The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

German shepherd with a ball

Many of us tend to solely consider a dog’s capacity for learning tricks when considering their intelligence, but there are numerous additional factors that affect the degree to which a breed is clever.

Why is that breed so intelligent? Well, their genetic makeup is mostly to blame. These canines were therefore developed to be intelligent and attentive. They were created specifically to be livestock dogs, or more specifically, to herd sheep.

This explains why the word “shepherd” appears in the breed designation of this clever dog. They needed a wide range of skills, all of which fall under the category of intelligence, in order to do this work properly.

Even if you don’t have a significant amount of experience, you won’t need to instruct these dogs on obedience. When they have to introduce their dog to anything new, dog owners may occasionally feel overburdened.

One of the aspects assessed in Coren’s test is how quickly a dog picks up new information. This assessment of canine intellect was developed by a man by the name of Stanley Coren. You won’t be surprised to learn that German Shepherds performed best in this exam.

Numerous canine breeds possess what is referred to as innate intelligence. This implies that a specific breed was developed to carry out a specific function. They acquired something in their DNA as a result… something they will understand and do on instinct.

There are numerous skills that German Shepherds have learned over time. They have been defending sheep for many years, which accounts for their protective nature. They acquired a new set of abilities as a result of their protectiveness, which they simply got better at.

2. They Are Easy To Train

Your German Shepherd has to have training sessions for the rest of its life. For senior dogs, you might be able to reduce the amount of time spent exercising to just one session per day, although you should never stop completely.

Long into their senior years, German Shepherds still enjoy training, and they profit from the mental challenge. These dogs weren’t created to be lazy all day. Their well-being depends on providing them with activities, including training.

German Shepherd training doesn’t always have to lead to a specific outcome. The most complex commands and all the fundamental ones should be mastered, but this doesn’t imply that you should stop practicing altogether. 

German Shepherds were developed as training dogs. They are highly intelligent, and they comprehend orders with ease. They desire to please their owner; thus, they are receptive to them! If you ask yourself if the German Shepherd is the right dog for you, the answer is yes.

These canines are frequently simple to train as long as you’re utilizing the right training technique. The German Shepherd is obedient because of your bond with him; therefore, training should emphasize developing that.

As soon as you bring home your new dog, training should start. In around 9 weeks, you will probably have mastered all the fundamentals, but you shouldn’t stop there!

3. They Are Low-Maintenance Dogs

German Shepherd dog lying on the grass and licking his paw.

GSDs need about the same amount of routine upkeep as the majority of dogs – more in certain areas, but much less in many others, making them a pretty low-maintenance dog breed. 

However, when it comes to correct upbringing and care, they stand head and shoulders above the competition, thanks to their energy drive and intellect. They will need a lot of mental stimulation, and they will be unhappy and stressed, possibly destructive if they don’t work out. 

German Shepherds are not designed for sedentary or lonesome existence. As puppies, they need a significant amount of socialization, puppy training, a healthy diet, and routine grooming. But, practically speaking, that’s what every dog needs in a companion.

However, they don’t suffer from some health problems that would be costly, nor do they need to have some special dog foods or brushes or dog beds.

These dogs have been working dogs for centuries, and they are very adaptable to any kind of living condition, which makes them a part of the dog breeds that sit high on the low-maintenance dog breeds.

4. They Are One Of The Best Guard Dogs

​​German Shepherds are incredibly devoted and faithful. They will guard their owner, their loved ones, and their home. They are wonderful family companions, and outstanding security dogs that will unquestionably keep you protected. 

They will stand with you through everything because they are naturally devoted and have guardian attitudes towards their owner.

German Shepherds are often regarded as one of the greatest breeds of guard dogs, despite the fact that they also make wonderful family companions, thanks to their devoted and loving attitudes.

They don’t look like canines you’d want to tamper with in terms of appearance. German Shepherds are classified as large-sized canines, and they can reach heights of 24 to 26 inches, and weights of 62 to 100 lbs.

Only their teammates, the Rottweiler and the Pitbull, can match their extremely strong jaws and bite force. The GSD is a brave, fearless, and powerful dog — qualities that make it perfect for home security. 

They pick up commands quickly, and with the right training, they would step off if a pleasant guest enters the house.

5. They Are Loving!

Happy woman kissing her German shepherd dog on a stairs against sea

If there is one thing that German Shepherds love doing besides working, it would be showing affection, licking their owner from top to bottom, and cuddling with them!

I know that most people will get the picture of a German Shepherd being a dog breed that only knows how to be a good police dog, a good guard dog, search and rescue dog, or therapy dog, but these dogs are good cuddle buddies, too!

They are usually the type of dog that will form a strong bond with the whole family, especially children, and that one family member who spends the most time with them by feeding them and teaching them some new tricks.

They will naturally be more obedient towards the person who they see as the pack leader, and will therefore share more affection with them.

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They are extremely protective of their owner and the whole family that they live with, and trust me… if anything, I wouldn’t like to be an intruder in a home where a German Shepherd is the guard dog.

They have this innate patience, some people also call them dogs with old souls that understand everything, but they don’t talk our human language yet.

GSDs will show you their affection whenever they get the chance and opportunity to do so, and they will always be the type of dogs that enjoy belly rubs. Sometimes, they might even beg others to do that if you don’t!

6. They Are Adaptable To Any Living Condition

A dog with high intellect can adapt to many different circumstances. This is the canine equivalent of learning on one’s own. Full-blooded German Shepherds have excellent memory skills, and can tackle new challenges that are similar to those they have before encountered.

They also come by certain orders naturally. An illustration of this is when you inform your German Shepherd that it’s time for a bath. Naturally, they’ll get up and go to the bathroom.

These dogs were usually kept to be working around livestock, a.k.a., to be herding dogs. At that time, people didn’t have the resources and the commodities that they enjoy today; therefore, dogs were not enjoying the princess treatments that they enjoy today.

These dogs can, however, more easily adapt to harsh living conditions where they need to work from dusk till dawn rather than living in a small apartment with a low to moderate level of exercise and physical activity.

They do need a certain amount of space where they can freely run, move around, and explore. And, honestly… without the space to roam freely around, they might become frustrated.

7. They Are Great With Kids

beautiful little girl with a german shepherd playing on the lawn at the day time

I have already mentioned how this dog breed is extremely protective of its family. Well, I didn’t mention how they are head over heels protective of the smallest members of their family!

German Shepherds enjoy playtime, especially with children because children have a lot more energy and time to spend playing with them.

They see them sometimes as their own puppies, and they are often extremely careful whenever they are playing with them.

As much as they are a powerful working dog, they are as much as a gentle and loving being that has an infinite amount of unconditional love for children.

Feel free to leave your children unattended whenever they are playing with the German Shepherd in the back yard. They will protect them from any kind of harm and evil, and your children will have the time of their life while playing with these gentle giants.

8. They Are Athletic

The energetic breed of German Shepherds will motivate you to get off the couch. 

More exercise has been shown to enhance practically every aspect of your life, including weight management, cardiovascular health, stress management, increased energy, mobility, immunological strength, and many other things.

In general, German Shepherd owners are more prone to practicing regular exercise routines, which includes going outside in all types of weather. Compared to non-dog owners, dog owners are 35% more athletic, and spend 30 minutes of more time being active each day.

These German Shepherd dogs need to be exercised frequently. To maintain your GSD’s pleasure, experts advise exercising for at least two hours each day. 

GSDs are known for chewing furniture; therefore, lowering their energy levels may result in a more behaved dog at home. While having to devote to long walks may be a drawback for some dog owners, it may be a plus for those who have the spare time to lead an active lifestyle

If your work responsibilities prevent you from providing your GSD with the required exercise, you might want to think about hiring a dog walker.

9. They Are Loyal

german shepherd licking his owner face

They are known for being extremely devoted pets to their master and close household members. German Shepherds are known for being wonderful family dogs and for having a strong urge to defend. 

The amount of effort you put in throughout their puppyhood will determine how devoted they are. Your GSD pup can develop a deep bond with you by being ready to please and eager to obey your directions. This will increase their devotion to you. 

German Shepherd lovers who can take on the role of the authority figure in the family can develop a loving and respectful relationship with their dog.

Final Word

German Shepherd Dogs are an engaging and endearing canine breed. There is a wide range of benefits of having a German Shepherd dog; however, we have covered the most common and important ones.

The list goes on and on for this dog breed since they are dogs that have such a well-rounded personality that they can fit into any kind of family with almost any kind of surroundings.

Just make sure that you provide them with enough of your time and space to roam freely without a leash in order to burn off their extra energy if your dog is not employed as a working dog.

German Shepherds are fairly simple dogs to teach obedience and to get along with families. To ensure that they develop into healthy and quite well-mannered adult dogs, GSDs need a small amount of attention and care when it regards hygiene, activity, and anxiety issues.