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Is A German Shepherd Right For Me: Benefits And Liabilities

Is A German Shepherd Right For Me: Benefits And Liabilities

How many times have you looked at the photo of this gorgeous puppy and asked yourself: ‘‘Is A German Shepherd right for me?’’ Well, our job today is to put this mystery to and end once and for all.

First of all – what your future pet looks like, and how it behaves and reacts is totally up to you. That’s right! Puppy behavior is subject to constant changes and adaptations, which is why you don’t have to be scared of owning a GSD puppy.

Second of all – all dogs have their pros and cons. Your part of the job is to encourage positive behavior, and impact their negative sides positively. Once you learn what makes your dog tick – you will learn how to deal with its downsides.

Now, let’s see what the benefits and liabilities are of owning a German Shepherd puppy.

Is A German Shepherd Right For Me: 5 Benefits

German Shepherd on the grass

Generally, a full-blooded GSD puppy is an excellent pet to have around. These medium to large canines cannot wait to please their owner, and they simply enjoy your company. Still, the breed needs a certain amount of socialization and obedience training.

In order to make a decent pet out of your GSD, you will need time, patience, and a lot of work.

On the other hand, people who don’t exactly enjoy the thrive of exhausting training should probably seek a less-demanding dog. You should bear in mind that these purebred pooches are everything but lazy!

Here are five beneficial facts to the question: ‘‘Is a German Shepherd right for me.’’

1. Excellent Guardians

These are not exactly the scariest dog breed in the world, but they are pretty close to joining the club! The German Shepherd dog is naturally a reliable guardian, which is why these canines make excellent dogs for livestock and property protection.

On the other hand, their high-energy character makes them extremely athletic, agile, and fast when it comes to performing demanding tasks. Therefore, the GSD breed of dog is a great choice if you want your home to be protected at all times.

2. Eager To Please

Joyful teens spend time together with lovely pet German Shepherd

One of the things that makes these canines join the club of the best family dogs in the world is their natural eagerness to please their owner. GSDs are social animals that crave human love, which makes them give love back.

If we assume that this is a great working dog – it is not strange to see a GSD attempting to do anything to make its owner proud and content. 

Sure, they will do things to entice a little extra dog food, but they also make dog ownership look easy due to their impeccable character.

That’s just who they are – loyal, affectionate, and loving pets that find their happiness around their owner.

3. Obedient And Loyal

If your GSD sleeps in your room, licks you, or wags its tail as soon as it notices you in the room – your puppy is showing its signs of affection! Their loyalty is probably one of their greatest traits

One thing is fur sure – they will never leave you hanging, even when the stakes are high.

On the other hand, their obedience makes them great service dogs. The German Shepherd rescues, protects, performs complex tasks, and, if necessary, enforces law! That’s how great they are.

However, if you want an impeccable bloodline of a GSD puppy, you need to make sure to get one from a reputable breeder. Otherwise, you may face potential fraud as not all GSD breeders are reliable.

In addition to their obedience, you are required to train them from early puppyhood. Even though these beauties are naturally well-mannered, they still need to be properly obedience trained.

4. Highly Intelligent

german shepherd dog jumps up in the air

Is a German Shepherd right for me, you ask? Well, here’s the fact that will make you want to buy a GSD puppy as soon as possible – these canines are highly intelligent! In fact, these canines qualify among the top 20 smartest dogs in the world.

Due to their high intelligence, GSDs have a broad span of purposes. They are police dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, and even military dogs. That’s right. This hardworking dog breed has great trainability potential, which is why it is one of the most used dogs in the world.

Their trainability reflects in excellent indoor adaptation. They will quickly figure out where to pee, poop, and sleep. It is a true joy working with them on the field, too.

GSDs are easily taught to walk by their owner off-leash, as well as to play interactive dog games with their loved ones.

5. Good With Kids

What makes GSDs such good family members is their excellent relationship with small children.

Properly trained canines of this breed are highly unlikely to attack their owner. That only happens as a result of some sort of trauma, improper parenting, or poor socialization.

In most cases, dog owners who have young kids in their home experience wonderful moments of affection, love, and parenting. 

These pooches have a natural parental instinct, which is why it is completely normal for your puppy to act protectively around the smallest family members.

Still, subjecting your dog to early socialization and obedience training is a must as some canines are usually unaware of their power and strength. They may unintentionally hurt children during playtime, so make sure their playtime is always supervised.

Is A German Shepherd Right For Me: 5 Liabilities

1. Prone To Shedding And Various Health Issues

Woman's hand with a tuft of wool German red shepherd during molting

GSD puppies have a medium-long, double coat that sheds all year round. If you don’t want to do daily vacuuming – the advice is to brush your dog at least two times a week. Otherwise, you may deal with a lot of cleaning and collecting fur balls all over the house.

Unfortunately, “German Shedders” are not allergy-friendly, which is why they are not recommended for people who suffer from severe dog allergies.

On the other hand, the reason why you may have second thoughts about having these canines as pets is their questionable health. Bloat, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, obesity, and eye problems are just some of the problems this breed is prone to.

2. Aggressive

The “NO” to your ‘‘Is a German Shepherd right for me’’ question lies in the fact that these pooches can be extremely aggressive. They display aggression when they are scared of everything or when they lack proper socialization.

This medium to large breed dog needs to undergo early socialization training as GSDs can face major traumas if not properly socialized.

Their guardian instinct makes them vigilant and on alert at all times, which is why it is highly encouraged to introduce them to as many people as possible during their puppyhood.

3. Easily Bored

german shepherd puppy lying outdoor

If you don’t want your German Shepherd puppy to be destructive, then as a reliable German Shepherd owner, you need to put a certain amount of time into their entertainment. These canines require a lot of exercise on a daily basis, but they also seek mental stimulation.

Bear in mind that GSDs are highly intelligent dogs that need to feel purposeful. Otherwise, you may notice whining in your GSD, restless behavior, self-destruction, or even aggression.

Dog games, such as hide and seek, treasure hunt, or dog puzzles are excellent ways to entertain your dog. You can also use some training tools, such as chew toys and healthy snacks.

4. Only For Active Families

Bear one thing in mind – this is not a lazy dog breed. Quite the contrary… these canines seek a lot of exercise during the day. That said, puppies that are not given enough exercise may be a lot to take for some owners.

The first thing that you need to consider when evaluating if this is the right dog for you is its exercise needs. If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment – don’t bother getting one.

These pooches love being included in family outings, various outside activities, road trips, long hikes, and daily walks. If you don’t feel the same way, then try finding a less demanding breed for yourself.

5. Clingy

German shepherd puppy lying in the falling leaves in autumn

If you’re wondering ‘’when do German Shepherds get less clingy’’, the answer is… they don’t! The reason why some GSDs are extremely anxious lies in the fact that these pooches don’t stand being alone for long periods of time.

Quite the contrary – separation from their owner affects their overall well-being, and makes them extremely depressed.

One of the things that make GSDs humans’ best friends is their affectionate behavior. If you have a way too busy schedule to be around your pet at all times, the advice is not to get one.

Separation anxiety in GSDs can trigger severe destruction and aggression.

The Takeaway

The ‘‘Is a German Shepherd right for me’’ dilemma has been out there for quite some time. In order to evaluate the possibility of having one in your home, you should start with the basics.

Compare your current lifestyle with the breed’s exercise needs, general behavior, and overall character.

This is the best way to see how good of a fit you are, and also what you would need to sacrifice for the future. GSDs are extremely good pets that are ready to be next to their owner at all times. But… are you?

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