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Are Green Beans Good For Dogs? Is This Veggie Approved For Dogs?

Are Green Beans Good For Dogs? Is This Veggie Approved For Dogs?

When it comes to dogs and their nutrition, there are various options that you can choose from. We, as dog owners, tend to give our pooches a lot of treats because we can not resist their puppy eyes. And, be careful… those puppy eyes are their ticket to getting away with anything, including a snack or two more than necessary.

Dogs can eat human foods, but you need to know that some are good for them while others are not so much. One of the questions that can arise when we are thinking about giving our dogs human foods is: Are green beans good for dogs?

If you want to know about green beans, and whether or not they are good for your pooch, you need to continue reading this article. There will be a lot of useful information presented that you need to know.

Are Green Beans Good For Dogs?

The short answer is yes, but a more detailed answer will be presented in this article. There are a couple of things that you will need to know about.

Foods like green beans are usually incorporated into a dog’s diet when the dog needs to lose some weight. We see nothing bad with this, but you need to know some things before you decide to start giving them your dog.

Whether you decide on giving them as a healthy treat or a full-on diet is up to you. If you can not decide, we will try to help you out with the decision-making process.

Are There Any Health Benefits From Green Beans?

green beans on wooden cutting board

It is a known fact that green beans are amazing for people’s health, but is that the case for dogs as well? Raw green beans are full of nutrients that are also beneficial for dogs.

Green beans can do wonders for your dog’s immune system, and they can also help them lose weight. We will list all the things that are in a green bean that can be beneficial for your dog.

Vitamin B6: This nutrient is also known as an essential vitamin. It helps a lot with the dog’s general immune system and nervous system as well.

Antioxidants: These nutrients are extremely important because they stop oxidative damage to cells. But, that is not all they do. They can stop cancers from developing, they can stop inflammations, and they can improve your dog’s immune system. Some of the antioxidants that you can find are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene. These antioxidants work with other nutrients so that they can complete their task in the body.

Minerals: These nutrients are amazing for bones, teeth, the growth of red blood cells, along with making sure that the immune system is working properly. These minerals are potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. All of these are found in a green bean, and with teamwork, they fulfill all the listed functions.

Vitamin K: This nutrient helps with problems connected to blood clots, and they make sure that the bone metabolism is right on track.

Water: Green beans are filled with water, and because of that, they are considered to be low-calorie. This is amazing for dogs that need to lose weight. They are also super hydrating, which can never be a bad thing.

Fiber: This nutrient makes sure that the bowel movement is correct, and that the digestive system is working as it is supposed to. This is only possible because these fibers are insoluble. The high fiber percentage will also make the dog feel full after a meal, and that fullness will hold them for quite some time.

As you can see, feeding green beans to a dog can have a lot of benefits, but you need to know that this also depends on the type of green beans that you decide to give to your dog. Don’t worry – we will list the good and the bad green beans in a minute.

Even though they are a low-calorie treat, you need to know that if you give a lot of green beans to your dog, it can develop some issues, like diarrhea, for example, and they can make a dog’s stomach upset.

Green Bean Nutritional Facts

We listed the things that are within a green bean, but we would also like to present you with the amount of those nutrients.

This can vary, of course, but you can use this as a guide. This is specifically for one cup of raw green beans.

sugar 3.7 g

fiber 2.7 g

protein 2.1 g

thiamin 0.1 g

vitamin K 43 mcg

vitamin B6 0.15 mg

niacin 0.7 mg

vitamin E 0.42 mg

iron 1.03 mg

calcium 37 mg

magnesium 26 mg

potassium 212 mg

phosphorous 38 mg

zinc 0.24 mg

A cup of raw green beans will have 31 calories.

You can see that this is one of the veggies that make amazing dog treats, and even additions to the dog’s diet, especially for dogs that are suffering from obesity. All of these nutrients have an important role in the dog’s health.

For example, fiber content is very important, and it has a lot of benefits for your dog’s well-being. Other nutrients play a big role in the weight loss of your dog, and also in keeping away all potential health conditions.

What Are The Safe Ways To Give Your Dog Green Beans?

green beans in a bowl on the wooden table

We saw that there are a lot of benefits of green beans, but you need to know that these benefits are only in certain ways that are good for your dog. This is not only for overweight dogs, but dogs in general.

Introducing new food to your dog can be tricky, and we, as dog owners, always try to find ways to make sure that they will love whatever we are introducing them to.

Here are some of the ways you can include green beans in your dog’s daily diet.

Cooked green beans: Microwaved, boiled, or steamed green beans are good for your dog. The most important thing is that the beans are cooled down after you have treated them with some sort of heat, and that you have not added any seasoning to them. You can give them to your dog as a treat or as a part of its daily meal.

Raw: You need to thoroughly wash raw green beans, and you can chop them into bite-sized pieces. When the dog eats them, he will sense the crunch, and that will make the beans more appealing.

Frozen: This might be strange for some people, but frozen treats like frozen green beans can be amazing for dogs. All the nutrients are kept, and the crunch of frozen green beans makes the treat even more interesting for the dog.

Dehydrated: This is an option only for people who have a dehydrator in their home. You can find dehydrated green beans in stores, but not in every store. If you own a dehydrator, you can always give your dog dehydrated green beans as treats or even mix them with the dog food.

Blended: It is known that we, as humans, love our smoothies, but are smoothies only reserved for us? The answer is no. You can also make smoothies for dogs. You need to make sure that all the ingredients are safe for your dog. You will include green beans, which you will mix with other safe fruits and vegetables. You can use this mixture to blend with the kibble that you are feeding your dog, or you can freeze it and give it to your dog as a sort of refreshing and healthy snack.

You always need to keep up with the regular diet that you are giving to your dog. If your dog is getting obese, you need to control the portions of its meals. Adding things like green beans can help your dog lose weight and maintain its health, but it can only help to a certain point.

Is There Such A Thing As A Green Bean Diet?

cooked green beans in a bowl

Yes, there is a green bean diet, and it attracts a lot of opinions. The green bean diet is used for dogs that have some additional weight that needs to be gone. The main thing about the green bean diet is that the dog’s daily diet will gradually be substituted with green beans until the dog loses weight.

At first, you will put in around 10% of green beans in measure of the whole meal that you are giving your dog. Over some time, you will increase the amount of the beans up to 50%.

This percentage will be held until the dog reaches the desired weight. When the dog reaches the weight goal, you will slowly reintroduce him to the food that he was eating prior to the green bean diet.

If you decide on this, it is important to give your dog small pieces of green beans at first, and gradually make the beans part of the meal. The important thing is to give your dog the safe types of green beans that will be free of pesticides, and that are either properly cooked or properly stored.

If the green beans are not given to your dog correctly, they can cause your dog some health issues. But, if they are given correctly, then they can help your dog with problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, hypothyroidism, etc.

To Sum It All Up

There are a lot of options that you can choose from when it comes to deciding on a dog’s diet. You can give them dry food like kibble, wet food that includes canned food and raw food – or most of the time, an effort-consuming type of diet, which is home-cooked.

When it comes to giving your dog foods that are mainly for people, there are a lot of questions. Some foods might not be safe for dogs while others are completely safe and even good for dogs. One of those foods is green beans.

We hope that we answered your question: Are green beans good for dogs?, and that you got all the information that you need.


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