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A Heartwarming MWD Retirement Turns Into Zeusz’s Adoption Day

A Heartwarming MWD Retirement Turns Into Zeusz’s Adoption Day

Service dogs are some of the most exceptional examples of canine loyalty and bravery out there.

They serve their term with determination and heart until it’s time to retire to a more peaceful life.

The usual service date is around 8 years, after which they get taken out of the program.

During this time they’ll often forge deep and unbreakable bonds with their handlers.

The Bond That Transcends Work

Such was the case with Zeusz and his handler, TikTokker sidney.gabower.

She had been the dog’s handler and best friend in the army for over 2 years of his service as an MWD (military working dog).

She had finished her own service a few months back and had to say goodbye to him, but had made the effort to come back to witness his retirement ceremony herself.

Sidney with Zeusz during active service
Source: TikTok

It was no small feat to get there either, a 12 hour drive, but this woman had formed such a strong connection with Zeusz that she made time for her best friend in the military.

Sidney with Zeusz when it was time to say goodbye
Source: TikTok

It was no surprise that the temporary reunion was a heartfelt one and the two immediately rushed toward one another when they met up again.

It was their first time seeing one another after 3 months, and to say it was emotional would be an understatement, especially since they both thought they wouldn’t be seeing one another for the rest of their lives after Zeusz’s graduation.

Zeusz’s graduation ceremony
Source: TikTok

Senior sergeant Sidney Brookman could barely hold back tears knowing this fact and made sure to spend as much time with her furry best friend as possible.

This allowed them to depart from one another on a high note.

One of the final graduation pictures with Sidney and Zeusz
Source: TikTok

A Sad Departure Gives Birth To A Happy New Beginning

However, this wouldn’t be the end of it as there was a big surprise in store for both of them.

Shortly after the retirement ceremony, the military had surprised her with the news that she was the household they were assigning Zeusz to, as they saw it as the best option to do so.

Her big boy was coming back to her and she couldn’t have been happier when she found out.

Zeusz on his way to his best friend’s house!
Source: TikTok

Zeusz on his way to his best friend’s house!

The two were inseparable in the army, and now they both got to continue that great friendship outside of it.

This brave military dog now reaps the fruits of his labor and lives a happy and fulfilling life together with Sidney.Zeusz chilling

Zeusz chilling
Source: TikTok

It’s always wonderful to come upon these heartwarming moments in other people’s lives as it shows that there’s more than a utilitarian bond between man and his best friend now.

It shows that humans can form bonds with their pets that run as deep as those with fellow humans, if not deeper.

Zeusz here even helped save Sidney at a point, an act that displays the lengths to which loyal dogs are willing to go to protect their friends.

Sidney and Zeusz together forever
Source: TikTok

Sidney was one of the lucky ones who managed to retire together with her service dog.

Here’s hoping more handlers get to do the same in the future so we can get more of these heart-warming moments.