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You’d Never Believe What This Pup Swallowed

You’d Never Believe What This Pup Swallowed

Dogs try to eat everything they can. I believe that every dog owner in this whole wide world would agree with this statement.

I can’t even count how many times my pooches tried to eat things that are not food, just like the doggo from today’s article.

“What The Duck?!”

Although Dr. Shelby Baden’s caption is funny, it actually perfectly describes the situation that happened on the operating table in her office.

Dr. Baden is the owner of a video that was published by barstoolsports on TikTok, which shows a cute Spaniel laying on the operating table completely unaware of what it had done and what was going on.

On the other hand, the doctors around the doggo were doing everything they could to save the pup and get a strange object out of its belly.

The Florida vet included the dog’s X-ray in the video, which showed that there was something hiding in the pup’s belly.

Although she already knew what was hiding inside the doggo, Dr. Baden and the rest of the staff who performed a canine endoscopy were still quite surprised by the finding.

It turned out that there was a green rubber duckie hiding in the belly. Doctors managed to pull out the toy, which, who knows how, ended up in the dog’s stomach.

Moral Support

The owner, who brought the doggo to the vet’s office immediately after they realized what happened, seems to have a good sense of humor (or they really like their duckies).

Even though they were in a state of emergency, the owner remembered to take other ducks from the set (five of them) as moral support for their rubber brother, said Dr. Baden in an interview for Yahoo News Australia.

The veterinarians played along, which is why they washed the green duck after they took it out from the Spaniel, and “reunited” it with the other ducks on the table.

The Duckling Mystery

Some of the TikTok users seemed to be confused by the duckie’s support, considering that there’s no backstory included in the video.

One user wrote: “He ate the flock”, and a TikToker named Sofia asked:

Wait, did he eat all of them?

But, the comment that really made us laugh was:

Not the family photo at the end.

It’s All Fun And Games Until The Doggo Swallows The Duck

Although most people on social media who have seen the video find the situation funny, the main purpose of the video might not be to make people laugh.

Dr. Baden decided to film the process of removing the strange object from the doggie’s belly as a warning to all owners regarding toys and other common household objects that can be found near dogs.

According to the info I once came across on Growls And Howls Animal Rescue’s website, there are more than 200,000 cases of dog choking happening all over the United States. 

Thankfully, not all of them end up tragically, but it’s still sad enough to know that there’s at least one doggie that didn’t make it.

Therefore, even if your pooch has his favorite toy, which seems impossible to swallow at first, you should still keep an eye on him. Dogs will try to eat anything and won’t let go until they finally swallow the desired piece of food, toy, or whatever comes near them.