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You Will Be Shaken To The Core After Watching This Abandoned German Shepherd Run After Her Owner’s Car

You Will Be Shaken To The Core After Watching This Abandoned German Shepherd Run After Her Owner’s Car

I can’t imagine what goes on in the minds of people who dump their dogs in empty parking lots, thinking they’ll figure it out on their own. I know my mind is a mess after seeing what happened to Phoenix.

This sweet German Shepherd puppy didn’t see it coming.

She was tossed on an empty parking lot in Fresno, North California, as if she was a piece of trash, someone unimportant. 

And, she was desperate. The poor pup kept jumping on her ex-owner’s car, believing it was only a game he was playing.

But, it wasn’t a game. It was cruel, and Phoenix soon realized that. 

The Heartbreaking Scene Of Abandonment

dog on road
Source: Daily Mail

A White Nissan Sentra. Phoenix will forever remember that car. It was the car that drove her into despair.

A security camera of Country Living Mobile Home Park in Fresno, California, caught on tape Phoenix being left in their parking lot. Her ex-owner clearly did not care about this gorgeous black German Shepherd puppy. 

He didn’t even give her a chance to show how magnificent this breed can be. He just drove from who knows where, opened the car door, and slammed it behind Phoenix. 

Did he turn back to see Phoenix lost, looking around her?


Did he stop for a second to see what she did?


The man just drove away, running from what he did.

She ran after him. She kept on jumping around the car, begging him to stop.

Chasing after the car that drove quickly down the street didn’t help. The man did not stop. 

It was heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, and simply horrible. 

Phoenix was abandoned. 

Take That, Ex-Owner!

black dog on a leash
Source: Daily Mail

Seeing that car leave was both the worst and the best thing that happened to Phoenix. Why? Because it opened her door to a whole new and better world. 

When she realized he wasn’t coming back, Phoenix ran toward the trailer houses where one of the workers there captured her inside until help arrived.

But, the scene of abandonment isn’t the worst thing here. 

According to Daily Mail, the owner was spotted earlier that day, wearing the same red sweatshirt and carrying a black GSD puppy with a pink collar. He was trying to leave her at the Fresno Animal Shelter, but it was closed that day. 

That man was trying to ditch Phoenix in every possible way, and then he decided to do what he did – the worst thing of all. 

“I obviously had no idea he was going to abandon it just minutes later. He told me he had found the dog, and that it wasn’t his. I didn’t believe him,” a shelter worker who took the photo of Phoenix and her owner visiting the shelter said. 

Apparently, the man tried lying to the shelter worker, claiming he’d just found the dog wandering. 

There’s no way a dog that doesn’t know the person he’s with would run after him like Phoenix did. That was a lie. 

Wasn’t there time to wait until the morning when the shelter opened?

Wasn’t there another shelter that would take Phoenix in? 

There’s no excuse for what the owner did to this poor, sweet soul. 

We all are pretty frustrated with what happened to Phoenix, but I feel like we shouldn’t shine any more light on him. We should focus on the good things that happened to Phoenix. 

This lovely black GSD is now in training, waiting to become a therapy dog. She’s got a loving foster family and a huge chance of having a terrific life. The road to it was quite bumpy and horrifying, but in the end, worth it.

Take that, ex-owner! Phoenix now has a better life than she’d ever have with you!

Therapy Dog In Training

sweet dog on a leash
Source: Daily Mail

The future is looking bright for Phoenix. 

Eventually, she ended up in Fresno’s Animal Shelter, after all. Thanks to Meredith Gintyig-Hayes and her organization, Regional Deployed K9 Inc. and Equine Rescue, Phoenix is in a foster program, looking for a furever home. 

Even if no one picks Phoenix (which is quite unlikely to happen), this pawdorable GSD will stay with Meredith. 

“Her true colors of being a wild child have begun to show through, she’s started to decompress from such a traumatic experience. Phoenix is fitting in well with the other dogs here and has begun to show confidence by beginning to explore our yard, which is about an acre, while the other fur babies are out playing,” said Meredith for Daily Mail.

As soon as Meredith decides Phoenix is ready, she will start her service dog training. This brilliant little pup has got some serious potential. There’s no doubt that Meredith will train Phoenix into the best service dog possible.

woman and man holding a dog
Source: Daily Mail

She’s emphatic. She’s sweet and understanding. And, she’s been through a lot. 

She knows exactly how someone with conditions like anxiety or PTSD feels.

Phoenix’s video crossed the globe and made everyone bawl their eyes out. It touched everyone to the core.

I know you guys will be happy to hear that now, she’s doing absolutely amazing.

Thank you, White Nissan Sentra driver, for ditching Phoenix. 

You will get the hefty fine you deserve. The world got to see a real canine gem now called Phoenix – the dog that rose above you and every person who thinks about abandoning a dog like this.