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Construction Worker Was Distracted By A Noise Coming From A Dumpster So He Went To Check It Out

Construction Worker Was Distracted By A Noise Coming From A Dumpster So He Went To Check It Out

Seeing an abandoned or dumped dog is one of the most heartbreaking scenes a person can witness. Unfortunately, we are not all the same because there are bad people who are capable of doing such a thing.

While any such move is horrible, getting rid of newborn furry babies in a cruel way is something that surpasses all other misdeeds. Yet, from time to time, we are forced to read such stories as well and it is difficult to hold back the tears at that moment. 

If it is difficult to read, then you can only imagine how hard it is to see it with your own eyes. This is exactly what one construction worker witnessed while he was doing his job. 

However, he soon showed that there are still people with great hearts in this cruel world.

Poor Little Ones

When this construction worker came to work in Appomattox, Virginia, he couldn’t have dreamed what would happen to him there. 

After he already got tired from a difficult construction job, he suddenly heard tiny cries from a distance. When he recovered from the initial shock, this man soon realized that those heartbreaking sounds were coming from the nearby dumpster

However, his heart truly broke when he took a look inside. 

“He looked inside to find a dog food bag with four newborn brown and white puppies,” Appomattox Animal Shelter told The Dodo. “They were cold to the touch.”

This man had nothing to wait for, but immediately decided to call animal control. The officers quickly came to the “scene of the crime”, collected the puppies, and transferred them to the premises of Appomattox Animal Shelter. 

Safe And Sound

As soon as the puppies arrived, people from the shelter prepared them a warm bed and fed them well. According to them, the puppies were so young that their eyes and ears were still closed, with umbilical cords attached.

Soon after, they found out that the little ones were only 24 hours old, so it was a true miracle that they were OK. 

“Considering how young these puppies were and taken away from Mom so soon, they were in very good condition,” the shelter said. “They took right to bottle feeding and were able to be warmed up fairly quickly.”

The people who took care of them decided to name them Walter White, Gus Fring, Saul Goodman, and Jane Margolis, after the characters from the popular TV series, “Breaking Bad”.

Soon after that, these furry babies were transferred into the care of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, a nonprofit animal welfare organization located in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

They will stay in a foster family where they will be taken care of by big-hearted people who will certainly not betray them until they meet their happiest endings. 

We are sure that a bright future awaits them with these amazing people.