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A Wonderful Pit Bull Who Was Saved From A Backyard Breeder Showers Her Parents With Love

A Wonderful Pit Bull Who Was Saved From A Backyard Breeder Showers Her Parents With Love

Knowing that some dogs don’t receive the immense love and care that they need saddens me deeply.

Instead of being treated as treasure, some pups are used as means of getting profit. Backyard breeders neglect the lovely canines without giving them the chance to thrive and learn what happiness is.

Sequoia was one of the sweet dogs who lived a sad life with her owner who was a backyard breeder. She didn’t have a family who would give her the love that she needed. The pup became frightened and sad.

Learning What Freedom Was

Fortunately, the Pittie was rescued by I Stand With My Pack, a non-profit organization based in California that focuses on saving dogs and preventing animal cruelty. 

The rescuers brought the doggo to their shelter. The staff was left brokenhearted when they saw the canine’s beautiful eyes filled with sadness. She was shut down and needed love to start trusting humans again.

The staffers reassured the Pittie, later named Sequoia, that everything would be alright and that her life was about to change. 

A wonderful couple, Alon and Alyssa, decided to foster her. They wished to help Sequoia overcome her fear and shower her with love. 

Adapting To Foster Home

pitbull in the car
Source: The Dodo

After they took her home, the pup didn’t want to leave the car. She was too scared and unsure of everything. Alon picked her up and brought her inside. 

Everything was new for the pup. She felt confused and needed some time to adapt to her new life. 

pitbull came home
Source: The Dodo

When Alon and Alyssa turned on the TV, Sequoia seemed overstimulated. She ran, hid in the corner, and stared at the TV.

Sequoia was very underweight and tired. She spent a lot of time sleeping. She needed to regain her energy.

On her first day in her foster home, the Pittie didn’t want to lie next to her foster parents. Alyssa felt sad because she thought that Sequoia wouldn’t like cuddling with them.

Enjoying Life To The Fullest

pitbull came home
Source: The Dodo

The next day, Alyssa’s best friend came over and Sequoia did the most surprising thing. She rolled over on her back and asked for a belly rub. Alyssa couldn’t believe it.

Gradually, the gorgeous canine started trusting humans again and opening her heart to love. She loved meeting people and making friends.

When they took her to the beach, Sequoia was over the moon. She was running around, cuddling with her new friends, and enjoying life. 

A Loving Family She Always Needed

pitbull licking woman's neck
Source: The Dodo

Alyssa will always remember the moment when Sequoia came to her and laid her head on her chest. She wanted to cuddle with her. 

From that day on, the pup turned into a love bug. She loved snuggling with her foster parents and covering them in kisses.

Seeing Sequoia bond with Alon warmed Alyssa’s heart.

”The relationship they’ve developed, it’s been so awesome to see because when we met each other, a Pit Bull was not something he would have been okay with having. And now it’s like. Daddy’s little girl,“ Alyssa told The Dodo.

The sweet dog stole her foster dad’s heart and changed his opinion about Pit Bulls and the bully breed. Alon told Alyssa that they should keep Sequoia and give her a forever home.

Sequoia’s beauty attracts a lot of attention, and her parents often get many questions about her past. People want to know where she came from and how they got her.

“It’s just a conversation we like to have a lot, of like, it’s a big responsibility, and I just don’t ever wanna encourage anybody to just go buy one because of how they look,” she added.

The California beauty lives her dream life. She often posts updates about her everyday activities and new adventures on her Instagram account.

When she is not running outside and playing, she loves snuggling with her parents and soaking up their infinite love.