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Kind Woman Who Rescued An Injured Dog Found A Surprise Waiting For Her The Other Morning

Kind Woman Who Rescued An Injured Dog Found A Surprise Waiting For Her The Other Morning

One thing that people don’t really understand when it comes to dogs is just how resilient and strong they can be.

Even though none of them deserve to go through the horrible mental trauma of having to live outside for most of their lives, they always persevere through it.

It’s something that is really amazing about them. In this story, we will talk about an injured dog who was found at a cemetery before she was rescued.

A Very Depressing Sight

When Eve was first found by her rescuer, Stacey Habecker, she was in an absolutely horrible state and was severely injured.

Without proper medical aid, she wouldn’t have made it much longer. It was only luck that her rescuer came when she did and noticed that she needed help.

Stacey didn’t waste any time. She realized just how much this poor dog was suffering and decided to take her to a veterinarian.

Just seeing her injuries is heartbreaking, I can’t even imagine what she went through while living as a stray dog.

After she decided, Stacey carried Eve for 20 minutes straight to the vet, and when they finally arrived, there was a lot of work to do.

Close examination revealed that Eve had scabies, which was deadly for her, and it’s also contagious for humans.

This had Stacey a bit worried, but even if something were to happen to her, there is one silver lining, and that is that scabies is treatable.

The vet also concluded that this sweet dog was a mom at some point, but likely lost her babies. This was heartbreaking for Stacey to hear.

A New Chapter For Eve

After some time at the vet, Eve was finally out of the woods and she got her first round of medication.

Even though she’s gonna have to keep taking medicine for a while, at least she is on a good path to recovery.

Stacey decided to take Eve to her own house, where she helped her settle in and brought her a lot of food.

Everything was going well, but then a giant surprise happened out of nowhere. On Christmas morning, Stacey woke up and saw that Eve had given birth to five beautiful puppies.

She was really surprised by this, but was also so happy to see that Eve became a mom. She named the puppies: Comet, Blitzen, Dasher, Vixen, and Bucket.

Even though Eve is still taking medication for her health problems, things turned for the better now because she has her babies with her.

And luckily, for her, she has Stacey who will help her recover until she and her puppies are healthy and grown enough for adoption.