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Woman Was Walking Her Dog When She Came Upon Tiny Fellow Staring At Her From A Ditch

Woman Was Walking Her Dog When She Came Upon Tiny Fellow Staring At Her From A Ditch

Walking a dog is one of the most wonderful experiences for the furry fellow and for the owner as well. While sounds, colors, and textures are the ultimate mental stimulation for a dog, for a human, there is no better way to relax and calm the mind.

However, there are often some surprises along the way that upset the original plans of these two. They can often be negative, but sometimes they are also positive.

A woman named Kayleigh Tonkins had just such an experience when, one day, while walking her dog, she bumped into a tiny fellow staring at her from a ditch. 

When she got a little closer, she couldn’t believe whom she found there.

Little Fellow

In a TikTok video she posted via her account, @kayleightonkins, it can be seen that the animal Tonkins ran into was a Shetland pony. She was stunned by his appearance.

“What are you doing there?” Tonkins said in a video. “Is this a real animal?”

The tiny fellow was also confused at first, but he soon came to Tonkins on his own. However, only then was this woman truly shocked. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so small,” she said.

After pulling him out of the ditch, Tonkins continued to marvel at his size for a few moments, especially when she realized he was even smaller than her dog.

Still, there wasn’t much time for being confused as she had to figure out what to do with this pony. Because she thought he was abandoned, Tonkins decided to bring him home with her where she would figure out what to do next.  

Beloved Family Member

Tonkins was truly proud and happy that she managed to help this poor animal and bring him home. However, she was still worried about his future because she didn’t know where he belonged. 

Luckily, this woman wasn’t willing to give up on him so easily. 

“After rescuing him from the forest, I went for a drive and knocked on doors in the area,” Tonkins wrote in her new TikTok video. 


Update for everyone concerned! His name is Tommy and I found him 2 miles from his home, after rescuing him from the forest I went for a drive and knocked on doors in the area and it turned out he was a very much loved pony with deformities from birth. #rescuemission #shetlandpony #shetland #rescuehorse #rescue #abandoned

♬ original sound – Kayleigh Tonkins

Her persistence soon paid off as she found out that this pony had an owner and that his name was Tommy. He was a beloved family member after all and that made Tonkins very happy, almost over the moon. 

This woman was a bit sad because she had to say “goodbye” to her cute little pony but she could not have dreamed how soon they would see each other again.

Heartwarming Reunion And A Pleasant Surprise

A few weeks after parting with Tommy, Tonkins decided to go for a walk in nature again, not knowing that deja vu would soon happen to her. 

As she passed by the forest, Tonkins heard some rustling, and when she looked a little closer, she saw that it was her old friend.

However, apart from the fact that this time, Tommy was not in the ditch, he wasn’t alone either, but brought his pal with him

Tonkins was again stunned by this pony’s appearance, but this time, her heart was filled with immense joy at seeing her old friend again.

She was also delighted to learn that a simple walk with a dog can lead to an unexpected, lasting friendship.

Animals are simply amazing.