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Woman Was Surprised To See A Man Pushing A Cart Filled With Dogs So She Decided To Learn His Story

Woman Was Surprised To See A Man Pushing A Cart Filled With Dogs So She Decided To Learn His Story

When a woman named Alicia was driving home in Arkansas, she passed an old man riding his bike.

At first, she didn’t think much of it, but when she got closer, she was met with the sweetest surprise ever.

Unusual Scene

homeless man with a cart full of puppies
Source: Rio Vergini

As she approached the man who appeared to have a hard time peddling, she noticed that the man had a trailer attached full of pups!

Even though she passed him, she just couldn’t shake off the feeling that she should have done something.

So, pulling over her car, Alicia decided to call her father and tell him about the strange encounter she just had.

Even though they both thought that it was quite dangerous to approach a strange man, they agreed that she should approach the man and see if he needed some help.

puppies in a cart
Source: Rio Vergini

As Alicia approached and talked to the man, she learned that his name was Steve and that he was heading over to his friend, located in Indiana.

He also told her that he had been homeless, living on the streets since 2001, and that he spent the past 14 years dedicating his time to saving any stray dog he found along the way, sharing all of his resources with them.

Hearing this heartwarming news, Alicia knew she had to do something. As soon as she got home, she created a fundraiser and asked the local community for donations.

And, in no time, she managed to raise thousands of dollars to help support Steve’s cause.

Road Trip

puppies in a car
Source: Rio Vergini

When a woman by the name of Kelly Seaton saw the fundraiser and the story behind it, she knew she also had to help in some way.

Since Kelly also worked with an animal rescue, after seeing how dedicated Steve was to animals in need, she offered to drive him the rest of the way to Indiana.

Once she met up with Steve, she helped load all of his belongings, along with the dogs, into her car and set them up on their journey.

Even though it was a very long trip, Kelly enjoyed every second of it, knowing that she was helping a fellow rescuer in need.

man lying in car surrounded with puppies
Source: Rio Vergini

As the very pleasant road trip came to an end, everybody, especially the well-behaved pups, was in high spirits.

New Life

After reaching Indiana, Steve and his pups settled into a motel room, finally being in a warm room with a roof over their head.

They also connected with Angela, an animal welfare worker who offered to help Steve take care of his little pack.

puppies lying on a bed
Source: Rio Vergini

Thanks to the generous donations of people all around the world, Steve was not only able to provide food for the pups, but also shelter, as he bought a trailer big enough for the whole family.

Final Word

It is incredible to see not only the lengths a man is willing to go to in order to save animals in need, but also to see all the generous donations for humans supporting an inedible cause.

I am sure that Steven will lead a good and happy life surrounded by little furry faces giving him all the love and comfort one needs!