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Woman Was Surprised To Hear A Weird Noise In Her House Only To Find A Strange Guest In Her Living Room

Woman Was Surprised To Hear A Weird Noise In Her House Only To Find A Strange Guest In Her Living Room

It’s quite normal for our dogs to socialize and find other friends wherever they can. After all, it’s one of their best traits.

Even now, they find a way to surprise me. They go to the park or the yard and somehow befriend any animal that is there. How they do it is beyond me.

I’m sure that every owner has been surprised by this at some point, and the same can be said for this girl from Minnesota. What happened to her is a story that can brighten anyone’s day.

A Mysterious Visitor

Luna is a very friendly dog who loves making friends whenever he can. After all, he was the only dog in the house, so it’s natural that she would enjoy socializing. 

On one ordinary day, Stella was minding her business when she suddenly heard a loud noise somewhere in the house.

She went downstairs to check what it was. When she got down, she was shocked to find an unexpected guest just staring at her.

Apparently, a large black god got into her house. He approached her and started wagging his tail. Stella realized that the front door of her house was open.

How could this happen? That’s when the realization hit her. She trained her dog to open and close the doors to the house.

She must have gone outside, made a new friend on the streets of Minnesota, and then brought him back for a little playdate. This new dog was excited to meet Stella.

However, at that moment, the only thing she wanted to know was if this pup had an owner. Was somebody looking for him?

She went to ask around and it was actually her neighbor’s dog. Now that she had this information, Stella decided to let them play until she had to go to work.

Before that, however, she posted a clip of the entire event on TikTok where it got a lot of positive attention.

Funny Reactions

After she realized that the video was blowing up, Stella wanted to update all of the people who were curious about Luna’s new friend.

The two will likely continue hanging out, and this is not a one-time thing. As for the entire video, she was glad to see it get so many views, likes, and comments.

One person commented: “Your dog has seen some crazy stuff cause he ain’t reacting. he’s just chilling like it’s another tuesday.

It seems that after a long day of playing, Luna just wanted to relax a bit while the new dog was so happy to meet her human mom.

Another person said: “I’d have to really hold on to my morals to not just steal him.

Yeah, the dog just looked like such a good boy, and I would also find it hard to resist the urge to adopt him myself.

Lastly, somebody commented: “Your dog gave the invite and let him in, now be a good host and break out the SCOOBY SNACKS.”

It seems like this is going to be a recurring thing for Luna. She and her new friends will probably have a lot of play dates from now on.

As for Stella, she found the whole situation hilarious and is happy that a lot of other people on the internet also found it funny.

@stellywellybellyfart Okay apparently we have a new addition to the family 😭😭😭 good morning! #dog #dogsoftiktok #foryou ♬ original sound – stella