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Woman Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes When She Realized Where Her Lost Wedding Ring Really Was

Woman Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes When She Realized Where Her Lost Wedding Ring Really Was

Rings are made of precious metals, so their price is not at all low. However, these small metal objects have a kind of symbolic value, especially when it comes to wedding rings.

Although this is easy to explain to most people, dogs unfortunately cannot understand it. A nice little object that sparkles beautifully will instinctively attract them and occasionally push them to do truly unique mischief. 

One woman experienced this in a painful way when her wedding ring suddenly disappeared from the place where it had been sitting for years. You can already guess who the main culprit was. 

Detector Revealed Unpleasant Truth

When Michaela got the call from her mother, she thought it would be a standard conversation, like “How are you?” and “What are you doing today?” However, she got an unpleasant surprise as her mom suddenly started sobbing and talking about her wedding ring. 

Michaela’s mom lost her precious ring, which, apart from costing a small fortune, also had sentimental value for her. She spent almost the entire day looking for her valuable metal object, and at some point, she began to lose hope that she would ever find it.

According to the video that Michaela shared on her TikTok profile (you can find it below), her mom feared the worst. However, that was until she saw the somewhat strange behavior of her dog. He was, so to speak, “acting funny.”

Although she could already guess what it was about, she still had to prepare herself for an unpleasant surprise. Michaela, on the other hand, immediately put two and two together, and that’s why she called her cousin to lend her a metal detector.

That day, her dad made their dog sit still with one hand while holding a metal detector in the other. First, he passed the detector over his neck where it beeped, registering the microchip. But, when he moved to the abdominal region, the detector simply lost control

Dad just giggled and shook his head, and someone in the background couldn’t control his laughter. As you will be able to see at the end of the video posted by Michaela, an X-ray examination confirmed that the dog had swallowed their wedding ring.


Nothing like getting a phone call from my mom sobbing that she can’t find her ring, only to confirm the freaking dog ate it 🤦🏻‍♀️ #dog #doodle #doodlesoftiktok #missingring #fyp #funny #crazy

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Numerous Reactions

As soon as Michaela shared this video with her TikTok followers, it attracted a lot of attention and even went viral. In the multitude of comments, there were many interesting reactions but also funny ones.

“You’re dads face when he says, “there’s the ring” has me dying laughing😂,” one user wrote. 

“This is the best and most practical use of a metal detector ever. 🥰😂,” another joked. 

And, the third quipped: “At least it’s in a safe place.”

Soon after releasing the first video that featured the finding of the ring, Michaela posted an update.

She informed her curious followers that the ring had been successfully retrieved and returned to its rightful owner. But, she showed that it wasn’t without consequences because “mom swears she cleaned it 100 times” as she wrote in the video. 

Maybe this wasn’t as hard a search for the ring as it was for Frodo, from Lord Of The Rings, but for Mom, it was a hell of a journey. 

Luckily, just like in the popular series, this story had its happy ending, and also a lesson for the mother to never again leave beautiful shiny objects at a height lower than that of her dog.