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Woman Was Shocked To Find A Mysterious Small Animal While Hiking With Her Dog

Woman Was Shocked To Find A Mysterious Small Animal While Hiking With Her Dog

When a Northern Virginia resident took her pup for a walk in the forest, she never imagined the surprise they were about to discover.

Both of them were enjoying their hike when all of a sudden, her dog stopped in its tracks. The woman realized that the canine was trying to tell her something. 

She immediately started sifting through the area where her dog was. Soon, the woman was left surprised when she came across a mystery animal who was barely the size of a leaf. 

The teeny-tiny animal was sleeping on the ground all alone.

Helping The Animal In Need 

Worried that the little baby would fall prey to predators in the woods, she knew she had to help him. She suspected that the tiny animal was a baby raccoon.

The little one soon started moving, and his eyes were still closed. He was defenseless.

The woman immediately reached out to FoxTales Wildlife Rehab, located in Fauquier County, Northern Virginia.  

Elizabeth Negron, the rehabilitator and founder of FoxTales, answered the call. The woman told Negron about the infant animal she and her dog stumbled upon. The rehabilitator confirmed that the helpless baby she found was an infant raccoon.

In order to determine what their next step would be, Negron asked the woman many questions about the infant’s condition. After hearing that the sweet baby was unharmed and that he was able to move, Negron made a plan.

The rehabilitator felt that the baby’s mom was still in the area. She told the woman to put on some gloves and put the infant into a box with blankets to keep him warm. Negron asked her to wait for some time, and then check whether the baby’s mom returned for him.

“Reuniting mom and baby is always [a] priority,” Negron told The Dodo.

The Happy Reunion

Several hours later, the woman came back to check if the baby was still there. She was happy when she saw that the box was empty. 

The precious baby was reunited with his mom. The woman contacted Negron, who was overjoyed to receive the good news.

“As much as I love having the babies in my care and taking care of them, because I truly do love what I do, it is always nice to know the mom is alive and healthy to be able to take her baby back,” Negron said.

According to Negron, infant raccoons depend on their mom and their siblings in the early stages of their development. Living with their family is essential to their happiness and well-being.

We’re over the moon that the little baby found his way back to his mom, who will shower him with love.

Huge thanks to the giant-hearted woman for contacting FoxTails Wildlife Rehab and for making efforts to reunite the tiny baby with his mom.