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Woman Was Confused When She Saw Something Moving In Her Flowerbed Only To Realize What It Is

Woman Was Confused When She Saw Something Moving In Her Flowerbed Only To Realize What It Is

It’s never an easy sight to come across an abandoned dog, let alone the whole family! 

Without proper care and a shelter above their head for who knows how long, many doggos don’t make it on their own. And, the ones that do – they usually need a long, steady process of recovery afterwards!

One such furry family was struggling in a Southern Californian neighborhood. A woman who was randomly passing by heard high-pitched yelping from a raised flowerbed. When she came a little closer, she found five small, helpless furballs lying in it…

Dumped In Bushes, The Puppies Were Guarded By Their Mama

finding a mother dog and her five puppies
Source: Suzette Hall

She was absolutely shocked to see puppies in a flowerbed, as there was no way that they could have climbed in it on their own. They were evidently abandoned there by someone.

Fortunately, the puppies were in good shape. They were properly nurtured by their mama, who was also there guarding them and making sure no one came near.

The woman tried to help on her own, but the mama was just too protective! She was growling and barking at her, not letting her set foot any closer. 

When she realized that the rescue couldn’t be done easily, the woman contacted Suzette Hall, of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California.

It Was A Bit Of A Complicated Rescue

the dog is lying in the cage
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall immediately drove to the spot after she received a call about this doggo family. When she finally made it there, she was so devastated! It was hard for her to rationalize the logic behind abandoning such a pawdorable family!

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked up and saw them. Mama didn’t want me to go near them. The wind was blowing so bad, and I knew this little family was so cold,” said Hall.

The mom dog was still very aggressive, so Hall decided to take things slowly. One by one, she slowly put the puppies in a crate. When she made sure that all of them were safely captured, she resorted to saving the mama – but that was no piece of cake!

The mom was absolutely impossible to capture, so Hall decided to try a different approach. She set a humane trap with food in it and placed the crate of puppies right next to it.

Eventually, the mama took the bait and went in.

Finally In Good Hands

a mother dog takes care of her puppies
Source: Suzette

It took her a few moments to realize what happened, but when Hall put the mom right next to her puppies in the back of the car – she immediately calmed down!

“After I got her out of the trap, she was putty in my hands, exhausted. Finally, she didn’t have to be brave. She could just rest because she knew her little family was safe,” Suzette wrote on her Facebook.

It was just the sweetest reunion ever! First, she just looked at them, and then started sniffing them and showering every one of them with love.

Hall drove them to Camino Pet Hospital, in Irvine, California, for a checkup and further care, and they instantly became everyone’s favorite! 

They were just so thrilled to be together at a place where there was no potential danger anymore. After the initial shock, the whole family was so relaxed around their caregivers!

Waiting To Be Adopted

the puppy is sitting on the couch while the woman is stroking him with her hand
Source: Suzette Hall

The mom, which was later named Bambi, along with all five of her puppies, were later sent to a foster home. The babies are growing stronger every day, enthusiastically looking for the day when that special someone will knock on the door and take them to a furever home! 

And, as for Bambi – she’s just the sweetest dog ever! She’s not even a shadow of her old self anymore, especially after receiving so much love and attention from her foster parents! 

When the time is right, I really hope she gets what she deserved all this time – a loving family and owners who’ll know how to appreciate her for who she is!