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Woman Wakes Up In The Night, Only To Discover There Is Someone Staring At Her

Woman Wakes Up In The Night, Only To Discover There Is Someone Staring At Her

We all have our fears and phobias. Some people are afraid of heights while others have goosebumps when they see a dog. 

However, one of the most popular is the phobia of the dark, which probably stems from a deep fear that someone or something might sneak up on us while we can not see. 

Sometimes, it can be really terrible, but oftentimes, it is so bizarre that a funny story can be written about it.

Spooky Angel 

One evening, a woman lay down in her bed to get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s busy day. It was a night like any other, and there was no indication that any unforeseen situation would occur.

At one point in the night, she woke up. With a light step, tiptoeing, she went to the bathroom so as not to wake anyone up. While awake, she was only thinking about how to get hold of her soft pillow and sail again into the ocean of ​​dreams. 

But, when she turned her head from the bathroom door to the bed, she could barely contain herself without screaming. Two illuminated eyes on top of her bed were staring right at her like in some horror movie. 

Spooky dog
Source: @harami_0226

Fortunately, she managed to gather herself quickly and observe this “spooky mystery” more carefully. When she looked a little closer, everything was crystal clear to her, and she could breathe a sigh of relief.

Those were the eyes of her cute little dog, Harami, who was obviously following her mother’s every step. In a series of coincidences, this Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mix found herself in that position at that time of night.

Scary dog
Source: @harami_0226

“At the time, my phone was on my pillow,” Harami’s mom told The Dodo. “When I went to the bathroom, she climbed on my pillow and the phone lit up.”

So, in just a few seconds, from horror, this story took on a comic status, as well as romantic, because Harami and her mom are simply in love with each other, no matter what.

Cutest In The World

Very cute white dog
Source: @harami_0226

Although, at one point, she completely knocked her mom out of her shoes, mom simply could not blame Harami. Her little girl certainly had no intention of doing such a thing, and in the end, she even managed to give her mommy a good laugh.

“I found it so cute that I laughed,” Mom said. “Harami loves me and wags her tail happily when I laugh. She’s a treasure.”

And, even if, by any chance, she intended to do something like this, who could be angry with such a cute face and sweet personality? Certainly none of us could, and especially not mom. 

“For me, she’s my beloved child,” Harami’s mom said. “Harami always sleeps in bed with Mom and Dad.”

It will surely be the same in the future, and mom will no longer be afraid of the dark. Whenever she sees a face in the night, she’ll know it’s her little furry guardian angel.