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Woman Who Was Waiting For The Train Spotted Something Standing Near The Tracks

Woman Who Was Waiting For The Train Spotted Something Standing Near The Tracks

While standing on a platform waiting for her train in New York City, a woman named Kristine Malone heard something quite strange.

Little cries were echoing from the tracks below!

Looking closely at the rails and gravel, Kristine tried to figure out what was making that sound. At first, she didn’t see anything, but then she noticed a little, fuzzy orange ball tucked away between the stones of a stone wall.

Looking up at Kristine, the little furball let out a loud cry informing her that it needed help!

Rescue Mission

photo of train tracks
Source: John Debacker

Kristine tried to think of the best way to help the little animal stuck close to the track, so she made an emergency post on social media hoping it would reach somebody who knew what to do.

Luckily, the vice president of Long Island Cat/Kitten Solution, Inc., John Debacker, immediately saw the post and decided to step in and help.

Even though he knew this wasn’t going to be an easy rescue, when he arrived at the New York City train station, John ran into some unexpected issues.

“It was tricky getting to the kitten because he was down in the tracks. We were trying to figure out how to get to the kitten from street level, but we couldn’t do that without putting ourselves in danger,” John told The Dodo.

kitten on train tracks
Source: John Debacker

John knew he would need some help, so he found two Metro-North police officers and explained to them what was going on.

Luckily, being animal lovers themselves, the officers were more than happy to assist.

“They were animal lovers, too. They shut off the power and escorted us onto the tracks,” he said.

Once they were down there and they got close to the little fuzzy ball, they realized that it was actually a little kitten.

Trying not to scare the little guy, John and the rescue team worked as fast as they could, scooping up the cat into a rescue net and finally getting him to safety.

rescuer helping the kitten on the tracks
Source: John Debacker

The rescue mission was a success!

The proud rescue team made their way to the platform with the orange little kitten finally safe in their hands.

photo of rescuers and officers with kitten
Source: John Debacker

Being a full-time rescuer, John had a lot of experiences with stray cats, so as soon as he met this little baby, he could tell that he was different.

“He was very scared, but I’ve gotten many feral kittens, and he’s definitely not like one of those typical feral cats. He was really sweet almost instantly,” he stated.

New Life

Naming him Metro, John took the little kitten to a local New York shelter called Last Hope, Inc. in order to get him some temporary housing.

A couple of weeks later, Kristine Malone, the woman who heard Metro’s cries in the first place, decided to visit the little kitten and give him a loving home.

two woman and a kitten
Source: John Debacker

Metro is now living the best life ever with Kristine and her daughter, and he no longer has to worry about being in dangerous situations.

Even though he is glad how things turned out in the end, I’m pretty sure he will never approach a set of train tracks ever again.

“[Malone] and her daughter, Destiny, sing Metro’s praises and Metro is thoroughly enjoying his new life in his new home … like a feline fairy tale,” Last Hope, Inc. wrote in a Facebook post.