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Woman Ugly Cries After Coming Across A Special Dog Treat Box On Her Walk

Woman Ugly Cries After Coming Across A Special Dog Treat Box On Her Walk

It was a regular early morning walk. Nothing seemed unusual, nor did it predict something so core-shaking would happen. Just a simple walk while Newport Beach and the rest of the world were waking up.

Dani noticed her dog was acting strangely. He seemed interested in a particular entryway and looked as if he smelled something.

And that’s when Dani saw the reason why her dog was behaving so unusual.

Placed on the entryway was a blue box, but what was inside of it?

When Dani peeked inside, she wasn’t prepared to see…

Oliver’s Treat Box Of Memories

a dog with sign
Source: TikTok

When Dani opened the box, it was filled with yummy doggy treats. Her dog confirmed it smelled delicious. But it wasn’t the treats that made Dani cry ugly tears that morning when everyone was still half-asleep. 

It was a photo of a dog, Oliver, in whose honor the box was set up. 

The good boy biscuit box was there to keep the memory of Oliver alive. Oliver was a sweet American Eskimo boy whose photo watches over the treat box, ensuring every pup gets a yummy treat. 

special dog box
Source: TikTok

Dani’s dog definitely felt something about that box. Could it be that Oliver’s spirit was watching over his family and the box they put up for his four-legged buddies?

I like to think that’s true. 

Still, Oliver’s not the only one watching over the treat box. Dani does it, too!

Now that her dog visits the box every morning on their first walk, Dani is determined to always keep it full for pups visiting it. 

After sharing the video on her TikTok, which went viral within a few days, Dani figured out she might as well start a GoFundMe campaign. 

And people were so happy about it!

Soon enough, Dani started receiving funds to keep the campaign alive. But even if there were no donors, Dani and her four-legged buddies from Newport Beach would always bring an extra bag of treats for Oliver’s box. 

This isn’t the first box of this kind. Lately, I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and it’s such a sweet move to keep your late pets furever alive. 

If you want to do a good deed and keep the memory of your pet alive, set up a treat box. It really doesn’t cost much, and think of the number of dogs walking by you’ll make happy… Oh, the world definitely needs a lot of good boy/girl treat boxes!

Oliver’s box will stay active because it at least has Dani and her dog to come, grab a treat, and wave at Oliver’s photo every morning. 


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