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Woman Tries To Rescue An Abandoned Dog For Weeks But Then Her Husband Gets An Amazing Idea

Woman Tries To Rescue An Abandoned Dog For Weeks But Then Her Husband Gets An Amazing Idea

When Liberty was first dumped by her owner, she didn’t quite know what to do. She was lost and would spend a lot of her time wondering.

Eventually, she came across a construction yard where a lot of people were working on building brand-new houses.

They let her stay there because she didn’t have anywhere else to go and she wasn’t really bothering anyone.

Soon enough, Megan would notice her walking around, so she decided to try and rescue Liberty from the street life and give her a new home.

A Great Plan To Catch Liberty

a dog on the beach
Source: @mamaofwolfs

When Megan first tried to catch this sweet dog, she wasn’t particularly successful. She told GeoBeats Animals: “I tried for a couple of weeks bringing her food and water, trying to catch her, get her to trust me.

While Liberty did enjoy the food and water she was given, she wasn’t quite so sure about this new human who was giving it to her.

Megan ran out of ideas on how to get her to relax in her presence, so her husband thought of a plan.

a man with dog on the beach
Source: @mamaofwolfs

He told her to just stay home and he would go out for a walk with the dogs to see how Liberty would react to them.

Sure enough, she warmed up to the presence of other dogs and immediately approached them. They liked her, too, so they played for a bit.

When Megan’s husband realized that his plan was working, he thought that it would be a good idea to lead her home.

As he and his dogs were going away, Liberty was following them the whole time. This was good as it meant that his plan was working.

Liberty’s New Home

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Source: @mamaofwolfs

Eventually, they returned home, and Liberty pretty much walked in after them. At that moment, she understood that this was her new home.

Megan said: “And I was like, I cannot believe that I just spent weeks trying to catch you, and you wouldn’t even let me near you, and now you’re just wandering and sauntering into my house.

When they realized she was there for good, they went to make sure she was properly adopted and also to see if she belonged to anyone else.

They learned that Liberty was already 15 years old when they met her, and that was a huge surprise for them.

Despite her age, she is a very cheerful dog who still knows how to enjoy herself. Because her parents moved from Arizona to Washington D.C., she moved around a lot and got to go on many adventures.

Her Family Loves Her So Much

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Source: @mamaofwolfs

Liberty is very protective of her mom and the family as a whole. She loves her family so much. She was even there when the babies first came home.

She is always there for everyone and doesn’t like being away from her parents. When they leave her, she experiences anxiety, likely because of past trauma.

Because she is a senior dog, she has quite a few health problems and is also in hospice care. The vets offered her parents a lot of options that could maybe help Liberty for a while.

However, they decided against them and thought it would be best to give her the best time while she was still with them.

smiling woman with dog on the beach
Source: @mamaofwolfs

Megan said: “And just to give her a couple happy months, the kids wrote our bucket list of all these extra things to do with her.” 

Even though her problems are only gradually getting worse, Liberty is still a happy dog who just wants to make sure her family is okay.

Despite the heartbreak of knowing she is not going to be with them soon, her family is cherishing every moment they have and are doing their best to help her just enjoy her life.