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This Woman Took In A Stray Dog And Only Later Learned Some Really Expensive News

This Woman Took In A Stray Dog And Only Later Learned Some Really Expensive News

Adopting a stray dog is one of the kindest things a person can do. It’s a life defining change that will give a new sense of purpose to your life in more ways than one.

However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Taking care of another pup can also have its difficulties especially if they already have pre-existing health problems.

Sometimes, we have to put extra effort in caring for our pups, especially in their time of need. For Madyson, things were pretty straightforward. 

She was just minding her business when she spotted an adorable stray dog on the street, so she decided to adopt him.. However, this decision would change her life in ways she did not expect.

Unexpected News

When their new life started, Madyson just couldn’t believe how sweet and loving her new dog was. His adorable eyes and floppy ears were enough to win her over.

Even so, she realized that bringing in a stray dog meant that she had to get him to a veterinarian clinic to see if he was healthy.

So, obviously, she did that and the vets shocked her with some bad news. Her new dog has a heartworm disease.

Diagnosing and treating it is pretty expensive and Madyson loved him so much that she agreed to whatever was necessary. 

The bill, which was $3,000, surprised her a bit, but she was ultimately just glad to learn that her new furry companion was going to be okay.

When the situation settled, she posted a clip on TikTok where she explained her dog’s situation and the vet visit.

She did not expect how quickly this video would blow up. It got many views and a lot of positive comments.

Heartwarming Reactions

When people saw the entire video, their reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Everyone praised Madyson for her kindness, while others gave insight into their own situations.

One person commented: “That head turn. That baby knows he’s got you wrapped around his finger (or paw).

If one thing is for sure, it’s that this adorable pup is now in safe hands with Madyson and she will cherish every moment with him.

Another person said: “My vet offered the slow kill treatment which is just putting them on a heartworm prevention pill for a year. If it didn’t work then we’d do the expensive stuff, but it did and she’s heartworm negative now, so def ask about that imo.

This information is crucial as it highlights the importance of being completely informed when deciding on how to help your pooch.

Lastly, one person said: “Poor baby just needs love, aww! I’m glad you’re taking care of him and not ditching him! I hear about that a lot unfortunately.

As was already stated by many people, including me, Madyson is really amazing for giving her dog this amazing chance to live his life.

It’s really heartwarming to see such kindness being given to a stray pup. I hope they go on many amazing adventures together and wish them all the best.

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