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Woman Takes Her Dog Out For A Walk, Then Notices He Made The Most Unlikely Friend Ever

Woman Takes Her Dog Out For A Walk, Then Notices He Made The Most Unlikely Friend Ever

Get a dog and never, ever get the feeling of boredom again, they say. And, they are usually right!

When Edith and Rune’s mom first met her two Bull Terrier babies, never could she imagine that life with them would be so amusing! The trio has endless fun together, and they absolutely steal the show wherever they go.

Edith, who’s a master at making new friends, never stops amazing her momma with her social skills. But, one day, this hilarious girl made a little show of her own  by making the most unlikely friend ever!

Edith’s Hilarious Encounter

One of Edith’s favorite activities is going outside with her momma. But, even then, there is a certain set of rules that has to be followed!

“She loves walkies, if it isn’t too dark I mean, or too cold, or rainy, or wet outside. And yes you guessed right, she’s not a big fan of really good weather either,” her mom wrote on Instagram.

One afternoon met all of Edith’s requirements. She and her mom were on their regular walk along the canal with the sun hanging low when something unexpected happened.

Edith noticed what appeared to be a dog on the other side of the canal and immediately jumped into action!

She gave her “unlikely friend” an enthusiastic tail wag and started jumping and running. To her shock, her unusual counterpart on the other side evenly matched her and did the exact same things!

Edith was frantically running as if she was trying to race her buddy across the canal. But, what she didn’t realize was that she was actually racing with her own shadow!

Amused by her hilarious dog’s act, her momma took a video of this “encounter” and posted it on Instagram. In no time, Edith’s race made thousands of people laugh hard!

“Wanna race? Ill give you a race,” she wrote under the video.

The good thing was that Edith didn’t even try to cross the river, as she isn’t a fan of water or anything wet. 

Rocking Through Life

Edith making her mom laugh isn’t a one-time thing.

Together with her brother, Rune, she makes it her job to keep everyone in the family entertained – all the time! These two furry buddies always find their own creative ways to spice things up in the house, and their hoomans can’t resist them.

However, Edith’s social endeavors are not the only part of her charm. She has other quirks, too that make her hoomans roll in the aisles!

Did you know that Edith doesn’t allow anyone to touch her bed after 7 PM, or that she always demands her very own seat at the table?

That’s right – that’s Edith!

“Has a temper after 7pm (no other dogs ,that means Rune, are then allowed to share her bed) demands her own chair at the dinner table. Likes to talk, especially when she’s unhappy, wants something or just bored,” her mom wrote.

Life with Edith is always full of surprises, and her mom knows it. But, one thing’s for sure – she would definitely not have it any other way!

You can keep up with Edith and Rune’s daily activities on their official Instagram account!