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Woman Stumbles Upon A Stellar Police Dog In Her Back Yard

Woman Stumbles Upon A Stellar Police Dog In Her Back Yard

We all would love to have a highly skilled and obedient dog companion, but training them sometimes is a bit tedious, and even then, if you are not an expert, you might not succeed.

Everyone would love to adopt a dog that is already trained in everything so that we wouldn’t have to struggle and train them ourselves.

What if I told you that a woman named Camryn found a highly-trained K-9 right in her back yard? 

Odin, A Smart Dog On The Loose

While on a FaceTime call with her uncle, a woman named Camryn Escoto noticed another dog in her back yard. 

What she didn’t know was that it was an infamous K-9 dog, a police dog that was trained to assist law enforcement officers, search and rescue, and the military.

This dog ran away from his handler’s home in Fresno at around 4 a.m. He was last seen climbing over the top of a 6-foot fence in a back yard.

Camryn kind of ignored the whole situation at first and went with her day.

german shepherd with sherif collar
Source: Facebook

After she arrived home and noticed that the dog hadn’t left, she was confused. She started taking her own dog for a walk, and surprisingly, the K-9 also tagged along instead of staying in the backyard as he was supposed to.

It seemed like he wanted to join the walk with his new friend. Escoto recalls that she didn’t dare stop him, but let him go along with them, unsure of how he would react. To her surprise, the K-9 was very obedient during his time with her.

She was also amazed by her own dog’s behavior, since he is typically aggressive around other dogs, but he got along perfectly with his new friend, Odin.

Emotional Reunion With The Owner

When people informed her that the new dog, Odin, was actually the missing K-9, Escoto immediately contacted the sheriff’s office. Their reunion was very emotional… Escoto says there were a lot of tears – a real happy ending to this fascinating story.

smiling girl with german shepherd
Source: Facebook

After they came to pick up Odin, the Sheriff expressed gratitude to the entire community for their help in the search for Odin.

We cannot thank Ms. Escoto enough for her swift response reporting Odin’s location,” Sheriff Tyson Pogue said.

Our community has proven once again what a truly tight-knit, compassionate, supportive place it is, and we are proud to serve each of you. We feel fortunate and grateful for this outcome, and once again, thank all of those who helped the extensive search efforts today.”