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Woman Had Her Golden Retriever Since Age 15 And Still Finds Ways To Include Him In Everything

Woman Had Her Golden Retriever Since Age 15 And Still Finds Ways To Include Him In Everything

A hooman-dog relationship is truly beautiful, and one that lasts a lifetime.

No matter when you get your first dog, you’ll always remember the first time you went on a walk, shared a hug, or received the nicest, warmest kiss from your furry friend.

For Makenzie, that soul dog is Rafeal – a Golden Retriever who has been by her side since high school. The two spent a wonderful thirteen years together in Florida, and even though he’s now a senior, they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

He’s Momma’s Soul Dog

woman and dog on a beach
Source: @makenziecann

The nicest thing about Makenzie and Raffi’s relationship is the fact that they know each other through almost all phases of their lives! This Golden boi has been with his momma through high school, college, and her adult life, sharing endless memories together.

When he finally turned thirteen, Raffi started to slow down and lose his pace. He was no longer able to go on walkies the way he used to back in the day, and he definitely didn’t have the strength to jump around the house and do zoomies.

And, that’s when Makenzie’s brilliant ideas came to life!

Woman and Golden Retriever
Source: @makenziecann

Instead of leaving him at home to “enjoy his retirement,” this giant-hearted dog mom decided not to leave her lifelong buddy high and dry.

Instead, she did everything to keep including Raffi in everything, like she used to. She got him a nice, blue wagon in which she regularly takes him on daily walks and trips together with her and her other dog, Benny.

That way, Raffi could still enjoy Saturday morning market runs, afternoon coffee shop trips, dog bakery trips, and all other things he loves so much!

And, the best part of her little “wagon idea” is that Benny loves it, too! Every time Makenzie starts preparing Raffi for a wagon trip, Benny gets so excited knowing that his older brother is going on an adventure, too!

black dog and brown dog
Source: @makenziecann

Aside from the wagon idea, Mackenzie also figured out a convenient way to help Raffi still get on the couch and on the bed safely. 

Couch and bed naps are definitely Raffi’s favorite, but now that he’s older, he doesn’t have the strength to climb on them independently. That’s why his momma built him two ramps to help him get there easily.

And, little by little, this smart boi figured out how to use them!

Even though it was so sad for Makenzie to see her Golden furball being unable to do his favorite jumps on the couch, it was still rewarding to help him in a way. 

“The first time Raff successfully used the ramp, I did get a little emotional because it is, in part, grieving. Change is hard, and watching someone you love a lot get old is hard, but we’re also celebrating that he has a way to get on the couch comfortably,” Mackenzie told The Dodo.

Every Moment Together Is Cherished

happy woman and dog
Source: @makenziecann

Knowing that Raffi is in the autumn of his life, Mackenzie wants to make every moment with her Golden boi memorable. 

Aside from having the best time at their Florida home, the two still love to sneak an occasional trip to a beach and watch the golden hour. 

During those precious moments, Mackenzie decided to use another idea that she saw online – to make Raffi a real Piccasso! 

She sometimes uses a canvas, puts it in a Ziploc bag with paint on it, and then puts peanut butter over it to let Raffi do the magic and paint the sweetest artwork that she’s gonna keep forever.

All of these things take a lot of time and patience, but Makenzie is so grateful for the opportunity to cherish them. 

Having Raffi next to her for this long is definitely a gift, and she wants to make sure to not miss out on it. After all, he’s her soul dog!

You can keep up with Makenzie, Raffi, and Benny’s daily adventures on their official Instagram!