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Woman Shocked To See A Furry Figure Stranded On A Rooftop For Weeks

Woman Shocked To See A Furry Figure Stranded On A Rooftop For Weeks

Usually, when you go to your window to take a little peek at the nature outside, you don’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary.

However, when one woman decided to do just that, she saw something that left her puzzled.

Outside of her window, she noticed something strange and furry lying on top of a building that was next to her apartment.

After taking a closer look, she noticed that it was actually a little animal in need of help.

Help Is On The Way

skunk stuck on the roof
Source: Youtube

The woman immediately contacted her local wildlife center and informed them of the situation. As soon as they realized that it was an animal in need, they were on their way.

“[She] noticed a furry figure on top of a one-[story] garage beside her apartment building,” the wildlife center wrote in a Facebook post about the event.

When they arrived, they carefully got on top of the building and slowly approached the animal, trying not to startle it.

When they got close enough, they realized that the animal was actually a skunk.

furry skunk
Source: Youtube

The animal experts were quite worried about the skunk, considering that she was up there for a very long time.  

“So, it’s kind of a unique situation. She had fallen a half story, or less, onto a flat-roofed garage unit at an apartment complex. The fall wasn’t bad at all, I wasn’t worried about the fall. However, the information we had is that the skunk had been there for two weeks, which is a tremendous amount of time for an animal to be basically stranded,” wildlife rescue manager Andrew Wight said in a video posted to the Wildlife Centre’s YouTube channel.

But, Wight believed that somebody was throwing some food for the skunk to survive because when they got to her, she was pretty alert.

rescuer looking for skunk
Source: Youtube

Rescue Mission

At first, Wight and his partner hoped that this would be a pretty straightforward rescue.

They thought that if they put a kennel close to her, they could lure her inside. But, their plan didn’t end up working as the skunk walked past the kennel and started running to the edge of the building.

Luckily, the rescue team managed to catch her with a net and place her into the kennel before she seriously injured herself.

catching skunk
Source: Youtube

They then placed her into their car and took her straight to the rehabilitation center.

“I’m hopeful that she is just dehydrated because everything else to me looked fine. All the limbs and everything are working so we are going to get her back to the rehab and vet team, have them check her out,” Wight stated.

When they arrived, the medical team confirmed Wight’s suspicions and, after her hydration level was back to normal, the skunk was returned to the wild where she belonged.

cute skunk
Source: Youtube

Seeing her happily walk into nature warmed Wight’s heart and reminded him just how much he loved his job and how important it truly is!