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Woman Comes Home After A Night Out To Find Completely Shocked By What Her Dog Had Done

Woman Comes Home After A Night Out To Find Completely Shocked By What Her Dog Had Done

There is no doubt that even the most loving and loyal dogs can occasionally get into mischief. It is, however, often when you least expect it. 

Presley Vanhorn, a resident of Phoenix, AZ, is accustomed to her two usually well-behaved dogs, always warmly welcoming her upon her return home.  

But, that certainly wasn’t the case the night she returned from an evening off with her friends.

As she opened the door of her apartment and stepped into her home, she was greeted by a scene that left her utterly astonished.  

An Unexpected Surprise 

Presley was completely horrified by what her dog, Ivy, had done while she was out with her friends. 

In a video that she posted on her TikTok, she can be seen completely shocked as she sobered up quite a bit at that moment. 

When she entered her home, Presley first noticed that her dog had chewed up two pieces of trash. 

She asked her dog, Ivy, “What is that?”, while she tried to pick up those two pieces of trash on the floor. In the meantime, Ivy was hiding behind her with a guilty expression on her face, knowing well that her mom was about to find out a much bigger mess. 

The tiny mess in the hallway was nothing compared to what was waiting for her in the kitchen. 

woman shocked with the house mess
Source: TikTok

When Presley looked at the kitchen floor, she was flabbergasted because her dog chewed much more than just two tiny pieces of trash. 

The whole kitchen was a complete mess and trash was all over the floor. 

She posted the hilarious clip on her TikTok account, saying, “when you come home drunk thinking your dog chewed up only 2 pieces of trash…”

It is safe to say that she wasn’t the only one that partied that night!

The video quickly went viral and was seen by millions of people. One person jokingly commented, “You both partied, I don’t see the problem”, while another said, “You stayed out too late mom this is your punishment 😂😅”.

Presley also confirmed in the comments that she was so shocked because it doesn’t happen so often, and her dogs are usually well-behaved. 

Why Do Dogs Misbehave? 

As many people have already mentioned in the comments, the most common reason why dogs do such things is separation anxiety. 

According to the ASPCA, dogs experience separation anxiety and become upset when they are separated from their guardians, the people they’re attached to. 

The dog might urinate, defecate, bark, whine, howl, pace around, or most commonly, destroy things around the house.  

Dogs are extremely social animals and if they are left alone for longer periods of time, they will express their discontent in their unique manner. 

If you need some tips on how to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety, I highly suggest reading this article, which provides comprehensive insights and tips.