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Woman Saw Something Had Run Into Her Garage So She Immediately Sprang Into Action

Woman Saw Something Had Run Into Her Garage So She Immediately Sprang Into Action

Jac Anderson, from Los Angeles, California, has always been an animal lover and fantasized about holding one in her lap and petting it. 

One day, when she left the house to go to work, she saw a tiny, fluffy thing running into her garage. 

Although Jac knew it was a small animal, at first she was a bit confused and therefore cautious, so she didn’t want to run into it.

However, when she saw which creature it was, Jac got excited and immediately sprang into action. 

Dream Come True

kitten in garage
Source: @jacanderson

When Jac realized that a cute tiny kitten was hiding inside her garage, she got so excited that she started to record everything. She waited a few moments for her partner to come from the house and then started a rescue mission in the garage. 

Jac slowly approached the spot behind one of the exercise machines where the kitten was hiding and brought a blanket with which she attempted to catch her. 

Of course, as soon as she got within a short distance, the frightened kitten jumped out of that place and started running around the garage, crashing into everything in her path. 

Yet, the persistent Jac eventually managed to catch this kitten and slowly calm her down in the blanket. 

woman and kitten
Source: @jacanderson

As soon as she started to examine her, Jac realized that this kitten had been left to fend for herself for a long time as she was very dirty. 

Because of that, this kind-hearted woman immediately set up a vet appointment for the kitten, after which she gently put her inside the crate on a warm, cozy blanket. 

sweet kitten
Source: @jacanderson

This kitten was finally safe, and some better days were ahead of her. 

Always In Her Lap

woman playing with kitten
Source: @jacanderson

As soon as Jac and her new fluffy friend returned from the veterinary clinic to her home in Los Angeles, California, this woman recorded a video in which she shared the news about the kitten’s health with her followers. 

First things first, she said that the tiny feline fellow was three months old and that she was definitely a female. After that, Jac stated that the examination showed that the kitten had fleas, respiratory infections, and an eye infection. 

Because of that, she provided her with all the necessary medications and gave her some space for much-needed rest and relaxation. 

Soon after Muffin, as Jac called her, started to feel better, this kitten showed her true colors. From the little terrified being, she emerged into a super cuddly and playful cat who was always in Jac’s lap. 

adorable kitten
Source: @jacanderson

Jac truly enjoyed the company of this cute little kitten and decided to provide her with a foster home until she found a forever one

Or maybe this will be her new home after all?

Jac’s biggest wish in life has always been to hold a sweet little being like Muffin in her lap. Now that her dreams have finally come true, that scenario is possible as well. 

It would definitely be the happiest ending to this beautiful story.