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Woman Saw Pile Of Fur Under A Trailer And Then Realized What It Really Was

Woman Saw Pile Of Fur Under A Trailer And Then Realized What It Really Was

When a California resident, Hilary Klein, noticed a strange heap of fur under a parked trailer, she felt intrigued.

The woman decided to walk closer to the vehicle to check what it was. Suddenly, the fluffy pile started moving, and a pair of sad eyes stared back at her.

The kind-hearted woman was surprised when she discovered that the object under the parked vehicle was actually a canine who badly needed help.

The heavily matted dog had a dejected expression on his face. He seemed to have given up hope of being rescued.

A Call For Help

a dog under the truck
Source: Suzette Hall

Klein took a photo of the canine and sent it to Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy 29, a dog rescue in Irvine, California.

“He looked like he was just a pile of fur under a trailer. Thank goodness Hilary noticed him and reached out for help,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post.

Hall and her devoted team of volunteers rushed to the address to rescue the pup. 

Volunteer Mary Nakiso arrived first.

Nakiso observed the canine as he paced back and forth from his two favorite hiding spots: the parked trailer and the nearby bushes.

Hall came to the scene shortly afterward.

The two rescuers felt heartbroken after they found out that the severely matted pup was thrown out of a car weeks ago. 

Hall and Nakiso couldn’t wait to hold him in their arms and give him comfort and love.

Rescuing The Dog

something under the truck
Source: Suzette Hall

They came up with an infallible plan. The kind-hearted rescuers placed a humane trap with treats near the trailer. 

After Jersey smelled the food, he stood up and started walking toward the trap.

Just when the pooch was about to go in, one of the neighbors unintentionally startled him.

The canine started running. Unfortunately, the neighbor chased after him, trying to catch him. Jersey became more scared and desperate to get away.

hairy dog on the road
Source: Suzette Hall

“He literally scaled [an] 8-foot wall and ended up in a construction site. I was in shock — he is a small dog, and he scaled 8 [feet],” she wrote.

The rescuer peered over the wall and scanned the construction site, but she couldn’t see Jersey.

construction site
Source: Suzette Hall

Determined to rescue him, Hall and Nakiso went back to Jersey’s favorite spot. They spent the night waiting for him to return. 

When Hall saw him coming down the street the next morning, she quickly set another humane trap near his preferred thicket of bushes.

Since Hall didn’t want to scare Jersey away, she stayed out of sight and watched him from the park. The dog was walking toward the bushes.

A New Beginning

a dog in cage
Source: Suzette Hall

Being unable to resist the delicious hot dogs, the exhausted and hungry pup entered the crate. 

Both rescuers were over the moon because Jersey was finally safe.

Hall took the pup to Camino Pet Hospital

Jersey received a medical examination and a necessary makeover. The vet team shaved his matted fur and gave him a nice bath.

shaved dog laying
Source: Suzette Hall

The pooch started realizing that he was among good humans. He felt relaxed.

After the canine was medically cleared, he was ready to start searching for his forever home. Second Leash On Life, a rescue organization based in San Diego, took him under their care and helped him find his happily ever after.

“[L]ook who has been adopted, and his new mama is a professional soccer player. He is beyond LOVED, he is beyond SPOILED,” Hall shared in an update on Facebook.

smiling woman with dog in arms
Source: Suzette Hall

Jersey quickly settled into his forever home. His forever mom bought him many toys to play with and showered him with love.

With the help of good and compassionate people, Jersey turned his life around and put his sad past behind. Finally, the pup found the true love that he had searched all his life.