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Woman Saves A Pup From Having Her Ears Cut And Discovers Something Special About Her

Woman Saves A Pup From Having Her Ears Cut And Discovers Something Special About Her

Thora was a special puppy from the moment she was born, but it wasn’t until the right person came along that her uniqueness truly began to shine.

As the runt of the litter, she struggled a little bit in the beginning, but she managed to pull through. 

Now, Thora lives her best life, all thanks to a compassionate woman who saw her struggling and took action.

Without her intervention, this little girl’s life would have been vastly different. 

One Of The Odd Ones 

Thora initially had a different owner who didn’t exactly care for her well-being. He wanted to crop her ears and use her for breeding.

“That just broke my heart and I couldn’t let that happen. So I scooped her up immediately,” Erin, Thora’s forever owner, told GeoBeats Animals.

She couldn’t stand watching this sweet little pup suffer, so she rescued her, not knowing that there was also something else different about this pooch. 

Shortly after adopting Thora, Erin noticed that she didn’t respond to the sounds that dogs normally would respond to. 

Thora was completely unbothered by everything that was going on around her – even the bustling city noise. 

It dawned on Erin that Thora might be deaf, a truth she accepted without hesitation. However, that didn’t change the way she felt about this pup, and Erin was even more determined to give Thora the life she deserved.   

“I was just like I’m gonna give her the life that she deserves [and] get some really sound advice from dog behaviorists who specialize in deaf dogs because I wanted to help her the best I could to make her feel safe and to do all the right things,” Erin said. 

To her, Thora’s deafness is more like a superpower because she never responds to a barking dog, sirens, or fireworks – a blessing in disguise. 

“She’s A Piglet, Dinosaur, Alien”

Thora is completely unaware of all the sounds in her apartment building, which makes the perfect dog. 

Over the two years of living together, Thora and Erin learned to communicate via hand signs and body language. 

It took some time for both of them to get used to it, but over time, their bond only grew stronger. 

Thora’s unique appearance only adds to her list of special things about her. “She’s like a piglet, dinosaur, alien,” Erin said, but if she needed to be more specific, she would describe her like a cappuccino, “milk frothy on the top and just sort of mocha color on the bottom with a little like paintbrush tail.”

Whenever Thora walks, she has this huge smile on her face that always makes everyone smile. It’s simply impossible not to love her. 

Owning Thora made Erin realize that everyone is different and learns differently, just like her little deaf pooch. 

Thora might have special needs, but she’s still so special.