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Woman Saved A Dog Who Was Almost Euthanized And Gave Her A New Chance

Woman Saved A Dog Who Was Almost Euthanized And Gave Her A New Chance

Dogs are so much more than our pets. They are our family, our best friends, and our confidants. All we want is to make them immensely happy and give them the best life possible.

Knowing that some dog owners are capable of abandoning their pets makes me feel sad. They deprive them of the love and safety that they need in order to flourish into happy pups.

Our following story is about Lady – a delightful dog who was abandoned, too. Her family surrendered her to the shelter because they didn’t want her anymore.

Life In A Shelter

After she found herself in the shelter, Lady missed the only place she called home. She turned into a sad and fearful pup who kept hoping to see her owners once again.

Unfortunately, as time passed and Lady didn’t get adopted, her name ended up on the euthanasia list. She was two years old at the time.

Luckily, a woman named Shelly came to the shelter and met Lady. She saw that she was a delightful and happy pup. 

When she heard that Lady would be euthanized that day, she was shocked and she strongly opposed the idea.

She immediately called the rescue and asked them to save Lady. She was convinced that the dog would make somebody very happy.

Shelly saved Lady’s life and she became her foster mom.

Lady Finds Her Human

At the time, Amy and her roommate wanted to have a dog. They crossed paths with Lady in a parking lot. As soon as she saw them, she ran to meet them and covered their faces with kisses.

“Lady came running out of the car. She came right up to us and she jumped all over us and she was kissing our faces. She rolled over onto her back for belly rubs and she was just the sweetest girl. We just fell in love with her immediately,” Amy said.

They were enchanted with her, and they knew right away that she was the dog that they had been looking for.

Lady became Amy’s best friend, and they became inseparable. Amy felt like Lady understood her. She wasn’t like any other dog. Lady enjoyed her new home and she felt loved and cherished like never before.

Adopting Gus

Amy always wanted to have two pups, and when she heard about Gus, she had to meet him. The rescue said that Gus suffered from anxiety, and that he even jumped through a glass window once.

Amy was determined to help Gus overcome his traumas and become the dog he was always meant to be. He stole her heart as soon as she saw his loving eyes. 

She adopted him and took him home. At first, Gus didn’t like her and he didn’t want to hang out with Lady.

His mom gave him some time to decompress and relax. Gus’s anxiety triggers were cars and being alone. Amy was very patient with him and she helped him get rid of his fears.

The turning point in their relationship was Gus’s first thunderstorm. That night, Gus was panting and drooling. He was very anxious and he ran to his mom’s arms for comfort. That was the first time the sweet canine came to his mom.

Gus also cuddled with Lady and she made him feel calm and safe. His sister consoled him and licked his face, covering him in kisses. Gus was relieved. He wasn’t afraid anymore.

Their Happily-Ever-After

Amy feels lucky to have Lady and Gus in her life. They are her family and she can’t picture her life without them. Both Lady and Gus were surrendered to a shelter. They were rejected by the people they considered their family.

“Both of these dogs, they had families, they had people that they loved bring them to the shelter and say, I don’t want you anymore. And that broke both of their hearts. So the most important thing for me is to let them know that they’re here to stay. They’re my family and I love them. I’m never leaving them.”

Lady and Gus, along with their mom, Amy, like to share updates about their life on their Instagram account. The two siblings love taking walks and snuggling with their mom. They’re living their best life and they couldn’t be happier.