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Woman Rescues A Hairless Stray Dog Only To Learn That Her Puppies Are Still Out There

Woman Rescues A Hairless Stray Dog Only To Learn That Her Puppies Are Still Out There

Life is not particularly kind to stray dogs. Many times, they are either abused or outright ignored when they ask for help.

That is why many of them live recluse lives as far away from other humans as possible. This paints a very bleak picture about us, but it’s not always so bad.

Every once in a while, a kind person will come and give a stray pup a chance to start their life over.

For Wilma, it was Selina who helped change her life. She was just minding her business when this amazing rescuer approached her one day and decided to help her overcome her fears.

Wilma Is So Lucky

sad dog walking
Source: Youtube

When Selina first spotted Wilma just wandering around the streets, she realized just how malnourished she was.

To make matters worse, the pup was also hairless, likely due to some sort of skin disease. She really wanted to help, so she carefully approached her.

Wilma is very easily scared because she does not trust other humans. So, when someone showed her kindness by giving her some food, she was surprised.

The kind rescuer gave her some Pringles because it was the only thing she had, and the dog ate them right away.

woman looking at dog
Source: Youtube

Selina told The Dodo: “She kept running away from me. I asked my boyfriend to support me, so we drove back.

Obviously, she would run away again into the village, where it was quite remote, and there weren’t a lot of people.

Selina would throw her food because the dog wasn’t interested in getting any closer to her. This would eventually help ease her up a bit.

It was enough for Selina to put a leash around her neck. When she was finally successful, she took Wilma and placed her in a small kennel.

Surprising News For Everyone

hairless puppy
Source: Youtube

She and her boyfriend immediately drove her to a veterinarian clinic. They gave her an examination, which revealed something surprising to Selina.

Wilma had given birth to puppies. When asked if she had seen them, the rescuer told them no and immediately went back to look for them.

It was not an easy search by any means. Selina had looked for them for a long time and managed to eventually track them under some ruins.

hairy puppies
Source: Youtube

There were three of them and they were all hiding. She said: “So I put them in a little bag, and I just hang them on my scooter. I just drove very quickly and rushed them to the vet.

The vets started treating them right away. After they were out of the woods, they needed some time to just recover and rest. When it was finally safe, they were all reunited with Wilma.

Just as things were starting to turn up, something horrible happened. One of the puppies had unexpectedly passed away. There was nothing the veterinarians could do about it.

While it was heartbreaking for everyone, they had to focus on helping the puppies who were still there. Their mom nursed them right away and was happy to see them.

puppy in car
Source: Youtube

With enough time and care, all three of them made an absolutely amazing recovery. Wilma’s hair has grown back, and she is healthier than ever before.

Her puppies grew up in the clinic, and the whole family was then transported to a dog hotel where they will be waiting for their families.

Selina will do her best to make sure they all find wonderful homes with people who will give them the best possible care.