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Woman Rescued This Small Puppy Near Walmart And Then Rushed To Find Her Siblings

Woman Rescued This Small Puppy Near Walmart And Then Rushed To Find Her Siblings

The world is simply better with some humans around! With all their love and eagerness to help other living souls in need, who needs miracles?

Rose is definitely one of them!

When this giant-hearted animal lover and dog owner spotted a trio of tiny, abandoned puppies at a Walmart parking lot, she didn’t think twice. She immediately rushed into action to help the poor babies, but her mission was only partially successful.


A Heartwarming Rescue

wpman holding cute puppy in hands
Source: Rose Lynn Dunn

Rose was over the moon to save Sophie, the first puppy she managed to scoop up from the ground. 

“There was a commotion at the front of the Walmart, and as I got closer, I’ve seen three puppies. I acted quickly and was able to get one, but I didn’t know what happened to the other two,” Rose told The Dodo.

Sadly, the other two of her siblings were so fearful that she wasn’t able to catch them.

“I was happy I saved one, but I just couldn’t take the other two out of my mind. So I started reaching out to local rescues,” says Rose.

During the following days, Rose went above and beyond to reunite Sophie with her two remaining sisters. Sadly, all the rescues she called had a negative response…until – it finally happened!

women with police officer and puppies
Source: @roselynndunn

Rose got a heartwarming call from a local shelter that confirmed the best news ever! Anna and Elsa, Sophie’s sisters, were successfully rescued from that parking lot.

Now, the only question was – what will happen to them?

Luckily, Rose knew the answer!

She adopted both!

Here Comes The Sweetest Reunion


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The reunion between Sophie and her two sisters was just the sweetest thing ever.

Even though she already acclimated to Rose’s home and her new doggo (and cat) siblings, deep down, Sophie needed her siblings. And, when she finally saw them sitting in that little kennel – she was over the moon!

The three of them were finally together, in a loving home, far away from anything that reminded them of their old life.

Now, they no longer had to worry about finding food or shelter, as they had it all in one place – that they could call home!

Living Their Happily Ever After

woman with dogs
Source: @roselynndunn

Who would think that Sophie and her sisters would grow up to be such sweethearts? And that they’d grow up so fast?

When they were finally ready to live their lives independently, Rose got an amazing idea.

During her couple of visits to Melissa, her younger sister with a rare muscle disorder, she realized that Anna, one of the dogs, was really fond of her. That’s when she decided to match the two – for good!

That turned out to be the best idea ever, as Anna was a laid-back little lady, and she absolutely enjoyed being around Melissa.

puppies at home
Source: @roselynndunn

And, what’s even better is the fact that the two live only forty-five minutes away from Rose, Sophie, and Elsa.

“It’s beautiful. And the fact that they’re only 45 minutes away – it just all came together like it was meant to be,” says Rose.

They keep visiting each other regularly, and they couldn’t be happier. Today, these doggo sisters are big girls who absolutely enjoy their new lives, all because one hooman wouldn’t give up in what can only be described as the toughest of times.